Thomas, B.J. - Don't Worry Lyrics

Don't worry 'bout me, it's all over now
Though I may be blue, I'll manage somehow
Love can't be explained, can't be controlled
One day it's warm, next day it's cold.

Don't pity me, 'cause I'm feelin' blue
Don't be ashamed, it might have been you
Oh, oh, oh, oh, love, kiss me one time, then go, love
I'll understand, don't worry 'bout me.

Sweet, sweet, sweet love; I want you to be
As happy as I, when you loved me
I'll never forget you, your sweet memory
It's all over now, don't worry 'bout me.

When one heart tells, one heart, one heart good-bye
One heart is free, one heart will cry
Oh, oh, oh, oh, sweet, sweet baby sweet, baby sweet
It's alright, don't worry 'bout me

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Thomas, B.J. Don't Worry Comments
  1. Gail Parker


  2. Gail Parker


  3. Melinda Pemberton


  4. Dylan Parsons

    0:04 this is how he responds when someone called him Blow Job Thomas

  5. Glenn Weeks

    I love this song....never gets old..

  6. Lawrence Weinzimer

    September '77, love this song as much now as then.

  7. Tablature Butler

    Love the lyric change in the second verse - an actual improvement on the car race silliness - not often one can improve on Brian Wilson!

    Huawei is a criminal organization.

    Yeah, it was just a marketing gimmick. Didn't know BJ covered this ... unfortunately it has an Engelbert Humperdinck lounge singer groove to it ....

  8. jhon sanchez

    Finalmente la encontre'.Esta es la version que estaba buscando.Gra de B.j Thomas!!!

  9. Pedro Jenking Ortega

    beautiful Beach Boys cover.

  10. Wulfdane

    I love this song, whether it’s The Beach Boys or B.J. Thomas singing it - each one with their own unique style. I have Brian Wilson to thank for one of my favorite songs.

  11. whatisit

    Another mini movie in a song. It is perfect.

  12. The LassKicker

    he was the greatest

  13. Sergio Rivera

    B.J. Thomas
    "Don't Worry Baby"

  14. Allan Baxter

    amazing as usual b miss ya my friend when are you coming sandiego calif to do a show

  15. stela menezes

    B.J Thomas .... Don't Worry Baby (Wonderful Song )

  16. Maria Beatriz

    Excelente canción del recuerdo. Inolvidable.

  17. Deborah Smith

    One of my go to songs by this wonderful male singer!

  18. Daniel Raphael

    Charming cover of the original. It’s more 70’s than 60’s but there we are . His voice has a lovely quality .

  19. Debi Van Cleave

    Love B.J. Thomas!

  20. Michael Re

    The oldies radio stations ignore this classic song, too. BJ Thomas did a great rendition of this Beach Boys classic.

  21. Ron Berg

    I’ll never forget listening to this great song in 1974 while looking down at the ocean, flying with anticipation to Maui to meet up with my girlfriend Mel, the absolute love of my life. A few years later she left me but I still think of her with great memories.

  22. Charles Te Huia

    Awesome singer alright

  23. Mr5083

    Feb 14 , 2019
    Im 60 years old now , I remember hearing this song in the 70's along with all the other greats of that time , does anyone remember where or what they were doing the first time hearing B J sing this song ?

  24. Douglas Ghiz

    B.J. Thomas is always #1 in everyone's heart.

  25. Cindy Summers


  26. Victor Alvarez

    summer of 1977. what a summer.

  27. Daniel Duran

    B J is one of a kind.
    From Puerto Rico our admiration to an Outstanding singer.
    Tank you for your dedication.

  28. Ross Egan Jr

    A great singer and movie star

  29. Covenant Industries

    I didn't know he covered this song. Saw him live...not performed. Great job!

  30. VSP Pollitt

    Saw BJ Thomas tonight in The Villages, FL Performing Arts Center. His big hits sounded exactly like the originals as we remember them. Amazing. Just wanted to ask him about Just Keep Believing...was that written for Wendy Stir in the 60s? She told me it was. Special friend of mine.

  31. Al Buffone

    very unique voice - beautiful


    Oh BJ Thomas😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🍾🍓🥂♥️♥️♥️💕💕💕

  33. jman 0807

    Is it weird that I actually prefer this over The Beach Boys' version?

  34. Stella Ercolani

    What a beautiful song...makes me melt...

  35. Carlos de Lima

    ARaven with blue eyes ! dear lord !

  36. Glenn Weeks

    this song was on top of the charts in 1977...that summer I lost a brother and two other friends in a horrible car crash...this song stirs up some very tough Jimbo, Tiny and Robbie...

  37. Dale Harapat

    BJ has a voice as pure as angels singing from some high place...He has one of the prettiest and sweetest voices to ever sing....He is right up there with Roy Orbison, but BJ has the heart and the sincerity in every word he sings. I plan to see him in New Mexico in August, 2018.

  38. acorn sucks

    Great cover!!

  39. Larry Paulsen

    Bj was there...he had grace and so I had found...

  40. don't break the oath


  41. Raianne Oliveira

    A música do meu casamento. Hahaha ❤

  42. Andreas C.

    Well, he ruined this song. Sometimes too much is too much. No need to add all the vocalization stuff on almost every word.

  43. Tooley Hughes

    B.J's biggest fans were other famous singers. He was Elvis Presley's favorite singer. A singers singer. His voice is a timeless classic to the baby boomers.

  44. William Kirkham

    Who rewrote the lyrics and why? Anyone know?

  45. Janice Mundy

    I believe this song was written by the Beach Boys. B.J. Thomas changes the lyrics, but I like his lyrics better. The Beach Boys version is about a stupid car race.

  46. Brooke Mathers

    A great song, a great singer and a great band! And I like this rendition the best.

  47. kate kay

    my big crush....gorgeous,talented,married to his wife for 46 years...good man....he is now 75 years old and still HOT......I love him...always will...

  48. Allan Baxter

    I love you b.j you have truly been my insoiration in life thank you from the bottom of my heart where are you gigging at these days would love to catch up the 70s were great weren:t they lol email me my friend [email protected] hope all is well with you brother god bless :-)

  49. WillemRM

    Glad to have found this as I like the track but not the Beach Boys' lead and backing vocals on the original.

  50. anónimo2323

    I clearly remember listening to this song when I was young and I though I was going to have a girlfriend. The dream never came true, much to my deep sadness, but this song is beautiful and brings me back to a time, when I had the hope, May Jesus bless you all who have or had a woman in their lives.

  51. Fernando Valdes

    Strong and swett



  53. Budi Rahardjo

    this is actually my fav. BJ Thomas' song. like ... forever :)

  54. annie482000

    Good cover of a Beach Boys track. Nice one.

  55. jimu57

    Where did the 2nd verse come from? That isnt Brian Wilson's.

  56. Twaddles McGee

    There is a recent vid on here of BJ singing this with nothing but a guy playing guitar and he sounds just as good as he did 40 years ago.

  57. Andre Matos

    Música linda

  58. Cristina Letechipía

    Que linda voz y muy buen cover de The Beach boys.

  59. Michael Towle

    BJ put a gentle, forthright voice to this song. Gotta' love it.

  60. James Holz

    I think he did the Beach Boys one better on this one.

  61. juguetes de Becky

    tiempos que nunca volveran ..........,!!!!!!

  62. Norberto Sison

    BJ's version and that of the Beach Boys differ significantly because the 2nd & 3rd verses have different lyrics. In the Beach Boys, they're talking about a street racer whereas in BJ's version, he just talks about how his love interest makes him feel.

    Timothy Bowers

    Norberto Sison you are correct! The verses were re written for BJ. This song was released to AC radio and and was a number 1!

  63. Mike Vizcarra

    I agree. most underrated singer of the 70-80's

  64. ParkerPlaza

    TLF, don't worry.

  65. Etholina Johnson

    Love His Christian Songs!!! I didn't know He Had Any Till Recently!!! So Glad I Found Them!!!!

  66. Bill Locke

    Written by ROGER CHRISTIAN......

  67. Davidbeautiful Perez

    I love this song so much,it gives me a nice romantic feeling inside.

  68. Mart french

    thanks B.j love you ,many memory

  69. jona bell

    I love BJ Thomas and his voice and his heart, and his music. XOXOXO

  70. Roberta Archuleta

    i love this man and his music its like he is talkibg to my heart Bobby Jo love you

  71. Christopher Soren

    If you want to believe in a higher power, listen to the voice of B.J.Thomas

    Thomas Norman

    BJ got power?

  72. Angela Farfan

    Hermosa voz, todas sus canciones son bellas

  73. TheNatural1

    Does this guy sing the growing pains theme song? Sounds like the same voice ha

    Timothy Bowers

    Yes BJ sang the theme every year it was on!

  74. Teresinha Machado

    Bom demais.

  75. Mart french

    bj that best

  76. Dragan Milenkovic

    Bay City Rollers? Ive always thought it was their song...


    +Dragan Milenkovic It's a Beach Boys song from 1964....

    Todd Jetter

    Bay City Rollers song? Oh that's hilarious! Not you Dragan, but I mean just the way a great song can go through so many incarnations, and sometimes end up being associated with another artist who may have nailed a great cover of it! I love that... No this song could have only come from the musical-genius mind of Brian Wilson, and was of course recorded by the Beach Boys originally. I love what B.J. Thomas did with it here as well...

  77. mike heil

    Phil brought me here

  78. Rosario De Jesus

    Beautiful cover ♡♡♡

    Rosario De Jesus

    Maybe Wikipedia did give a wrong information, but they said that song its from their album shut Down Volume 2 - 1964 and belongs to The Beach Boys.

    Southern Doomsday

    +Yvan Novoa You could get sued for saying such nonsense. Brian Wilson wrote this song at 1964 and it's featured on the "Shut Down Vol.2" album.

    Rosario De Jesus

    The Beach Boys were-the first one to performed this song, didn't know who wrote it anyway.


    Southern Doomsday

    @Rosario De Jesus Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys wrote it.

    colkid Glen

    Brian Wilson actually wrote this song. This is a great version, also
    Lorrie Morgan's version with the Beach Boys Backing her.


    Esta musica me leva aos maravilhosos anos 1970...como fomos felizes...

    Vinícius Veloso

    Verdade meu amigo

  80. Cronos Academia de Música

    Excelente canción, magnífica interpretación, ya no hay artistas así.

  81. Kenyon Ledford

    stupid lyric changes

  82. Wagner Cabrerisso

    Classic B.J. Thomas. Great musician, great person.

  83. raulantonio65

    Great song

  84. Joaquin Guzman Loera

    elisa si estas escuchando esta cancion me recuerdas de el gato

  85. rodney brown

    I missed his performance in Schulenburg, TX last week, $15 tickets! I really really want to go but my wife had other plans made.

  86. Joaquin Guzman Loera

    un saludo a toda la generacion 75 78 de la secundaria 4 miguel aleman

  87. Joe G

    I can't believe people here are saying BJ owns this song. He does a nice version but this is owned by Brian Wilson of the beach boys who wrote this song. This song was covered by so many artists like Elvis Presley, Ronnie Specter, Billy Joel to name a few. Check out Billy Joel's live version of this song on youtube. It was a tribute to Brian Wilson and boy did Billy sound awesome singing this song.

    Darling Harbour Massage

    +Joe G BJ all the way...

    Alex Delarge

    +openmind1966 Swinging your voice around wildly is not really emotion. Skilled and good singing, yes, but not emotional. Brian Wilson's actual vulnerability and emotion that he put into this song is the real emotion to me.

    Mark Simko

    B. J. owns the song because of his talent/rendition/singing of it. He is awesome....and without the backup/harmony. No one/group approaches B. J.'s version.

    John Hansard

    Joe G Elvis NEVER sang this song!

    VHS or Beta

    Billy Hoel is an awful singer. That "yow yow yow" sound he has is grating and overdone. I cannot understand why he gets the airplay that he does. Google "billy joel awful", it's not just me.

  88. Licha Tuñez

    Me gusta mas la version original, de Brian Wilson en los beach boys!.

  89. austin teutsch

    In the sixties there was three great voices on pop radio.  Jay Black, Gary Puckett, and B.J. Thomas. He was from Houston, Texas.  Another great Texas star!

    Alex Delarge

    What about Brian Wilson?

    Paul Bisset

    austin teutsch

    henry tesoroni

    Don't forget Bobby Hatfield.


    Yes! He went to Lamar High School, and I did, too :) Several famous stars went there: movie star Paula Prentiss, Jaclyn Smith of "Charlie's Angels", and Broadway dancer, Tommy Tune.

    Huawei is a criminal organization.

    @Alex Delarge ... and Karl and Dennis and Mike, etc. And Ruffin ... and Elvis ... and Ray Charles ... and Percy Sledge ... for God's sake Sinatra and Sam Cooke. Sheesh, I there were one heck of a lot more than three and many better ...

  90. Colin Sanders

    entered Cashbox July 9, 1977

  91. 24jimmyg

    There are few if any who have ever been better. Soul defines his voice.

  92. Putdepuck Indenet

    I think, in some way, this was B.J. giving back to the Beach Boys--who I believe provided backing vocals on Rock and Roll Lullaby.

  93. Felipe Cabanillas

    me trae bonitos recuerdos esta linda canción..

  94. jody lehman

    I have to hear be thomas EVERYDAY the warmth of his music gets me thru another day

  95. Mitchell Steven

    Taking nothing from Elvis nothing from Tom Jones, or Englebird, but BJ had the sweetest voice out of all the male singers of that era. BJ could just sing you to another world..He was the best....

    Jefte Souza

    Englebird? No! Englebert? No! Correct: Engelbert Humperdinck.

    Ange Ortiz Felix


    Phil Lecompte

    His real name is Arnold George Dorsey ,he was born in India.

    Julian Guidry


    Brian DiVincenzo

    Brian Wilson in his prime could outsing BJ... Not to mention he wrote this song...and the masterpiece Pet Sounds.

  96. Kay Boyer

    B. J. Thomas has a lot of great songs.

  97. David constanza

    Una gran canción; un gran cantante

  98. openmind1966

    I often feel that this was one of the songs of the 70's that really was underrated.  BJ Thomas and his great voice makes this song, even better than the Beach Boys arrangement.  Not saying the Beach Boys weren't great, but this song was tailor made for BJ Thomas. 


    +Jerry nope It's one thing to do it with a group like the Beach Boys, but this was literally one person, back ups, and backup instrumental. The Beach Boys version was good, it didn't have type of romanticism. I've heard the Beach Boys version, and it really didn't take me away. I can listen to this version by BJ, and be taken into this arrangement. To each his own, but in my opinion, while Brian Wilson did this arrangement, my judgement for the time period, it was perfect. Brian's was a 1960's pop feel....BJ's took it into another decade.


    +openmind1966 I support this comment. In the same form that an innovator can take an invention and make it better, good musicians can take an original song and come up with improvements. Covers never take the ownership and glory from the writer, they are more like tributes for the better.
    I can think of other examples: "She's not there" (Zombies original) with Santana, "Light my fire" (Doors) with Jose Feliciano, "Fool if you think it's over" (Chris Rhea) with Elkie Brooks, "I will always love you" (Dolly Parton)(This one you know who made it better)...

    Southern Doomsday

    +openmind1966 Brian's music is never-ending and you can always listen to it. He isn't merely a 60's pop feel. He is the Bach of the 20th century.


    Brian was definetly the Bach of debate there...he wrote, recorded it, and as you can see left a legacy for others to bask in the glow. I was wrong about this being just Bj's song...

    Huawei is a criminal organization.

    Openmind when you said "he wrote, recorded it, and as you can see left a legacy for others to bask in the glow. I was wrong about this being just Bj's song..." that was very cool.

    I'd never heard this version before, it's just totally different. I'm glad I stumbled into it. I will say that Beach Boys also recorded this song together with Lorrie Morgan ... WOW! Exquisito'

    If you like these sort of totally different takes, I've got one that floored me. You are aware of the Jimmy Webb classic "Wichita Lineman" made famous by Glen Campbell's iconic performance. I heard another wonderful version by Denis Brown. Wow. Both terrific despite the radically different take on the same song.

    Listen to them back to them back if you can.
    Here is Glen, as an older man.

    and also Dennis Brown's version

    Same song ... but what a difference ... and yet, awesome.