Thomas, B.J. - Broken Toys Lyrics

Such a pretty little face,
With a heart that's been torn.
Living in a borrowed space,
From the moment she was born.
How many times shes cried,
But never tears of joy.
Someones taken a little girl, and made a broken toy.

Two sad little eyes,
Painted heartbreak blue.
The simplest of his dreams,
Never will come true.
Someone elses pain,
Fell on this little boy.
Someones taken a soldier,
And made a broken toy.

Broken toys,
Who will mend these broken toys?
For everyone one we break,
A broken life takes its place.

That one day will break toys of its own.
Oh Lord, we've got to mend these broken toys.
And let them be children again,
Give back the innocence stolen from them.

Broken toys,
Who will mend these broken toys?
For everyone we break,
A broken life takes its place.
That one day will break toys of its own.
Oh Lord, we've got to mend these broken toys.

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Thomas, B.J. Broken Toys Comments
  1. Eric Sossen

    My father founded a privately funded home for abused children in central Oklahoma in the mid-1980s called the Genesis project.This beautiful song was written and received many accolades. I'm now 39 years old and a musician. I remember BJ coming by The Genesis Project as a kid. I still have photos of us together. I was inspired by him. I remember traveling to Odessa Texas to see BJ Thomas and TG Shepherd at a benefit concert for The Genesis Project. It is and always will be one of the Fondest Memories I have of spending time with my late father Ed Sossen. I'm a Daddy now myself.Thank you BJ Thomas.

  2. 7959225

    This could certainly be me...I have never gotten over it....

  3. Joan Morris

    Another good Song for BJ Thomas😇😇😇

  4. mark graham

    It is also Track 5 on his Throwin' Rocks at the Moon album from 1985.  Thanks for posting.  Great song.

  5. Marlaina Gaboriault

    Beautiful song, but very sad. Too many broken toys. I sure wish people would learn from mistakes and make the change. Might not be able to fix all broken toys but we can nurture them and help them heal. Hard to listen to this song and harder once I saw the video. God bless the defenseless ones, Human or otherwise.

  6. Martha Mack

    I'm a fellow abuse survivor. Those who wish to take action are urged to contact THE EXCHANGE CLUB closest to you. This organization comprised of professional men & women (similar to Lions, Rotary, Jaycees) designated CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION as their main cause back in 1989. They operate parenting classes and support services for stressed parents. BJ Thomas is an abuse survivor himself and this wonderful tune to raise awareness is APPRECIATED.

  7. Barbara Osborn

    Thank you bj for such a wonderful song. I pray everyone will hear this song and do something about abuse of our children. I had daycare for 25 years and I loved all the children in my care. Most are now married with their own kids now.

  8. Chuck Albright

    I was, am am still a "Broken Toy", tho God is mending me...

    Eden Charles

    Chuck Albright I know the feeling.

  9. Donna Dunn

    BLESS the Child....

  10. laura brown

    A MASTERPIECE!!! Most all of BJ's songs are straight-to-the-heart... I've been a fan for 35 yrs.

  11. Mary Nolan

    I was a broken toy for 18 years but Praise God, I knew He was there at the age of 10 and He has never left my side.... He gave me two precious toys (my beloved children) of my own and they WILL NEVER be broken and nor will their children... They are 30 & 35 and have never had anything but a whole, complete, loving parents...yes we made/make mistakes but they are "NEVER" broken by act, deed, or word....TODAY NEITHER AM I praise God!

  12. Susan Robinson

    Don't ever forget or turn a blind eye!

  13. Stanley Udall

    @SouthernBelleSmiles Did his wife write this song? As a poet I get lost in these lyrics and can't listen to the song without getting emotional.

  14. JustAnnie51

    DEAR GOD -
    LOVE, ANNIE :(

  15. Pamela Wright

    I lost my copy of this song many years ago. I am so glad to find it hear with a video. I cried so many times over this song. Such powerful words. I know many "broken toys" Only God can heal them. I never knew his wrote this until tonight.
    Praises to God, may he heal these broken toys.

  16. SouthernBelleSmiles

    As a social worker, I can truly appreciate this song. It should be a them song for all to hear. I didnt know BJ's wife was a songwriter!

  17. beefycajun

    BJ's wife, Gloria, is one of the writers of this song

  18. cafugett

    You did an excellant job on this video. We all need to be reminded of the effects of abuse and that there are real broken people behind the statitics.

  19. delkolover

    A child life should be chasing butterflies and grasshopers, and making mud piesin the backyard. Not being hit or hurt. everyones childhood should be fun not painful.

  20. delkolover

    This song is os true my niece was physically abused it was reported but the state of Illinios would not do any thing until her mother almost killed her little sister with bioling hot water, she know almost 18 and she's in foster care this happen back in people should never become parents

  21. Shepardswatch

    Well said Neil I agree , where is the love in our hearts God gave us hearts to love how can so many things be so cruel My Prayer is no more hurt no more pain dont break any more toys , lets heal them smile and love someone today tomorrow may be to late ,

  22. NeilThompson30

    I love BJ. If everyone had a bit of BJ in their lives - the world would be a better place

  23. jeff werner

    Very stirring! Anyone who can do this to a child, should be punished severely. And I'm sure that one day they will be. I can only hope they may too suffer in some way.
    It's an eye opener that should be seen by everyone..particularly those that are guilty and that in may stick with them eternally.

  24. Jace Carlton

    I've been looking for a way to quietly make a difference.

    This video tore me to shreds, awakening me to take SOME kind of action.

    I prayed about it, and two days later I met a young lady who said she works at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital here in Nashville, TN. There are NO coincidences in this life!

    We talked about the needs of the children and she's connecting me with the Director this week so I can join their staff of volunteers.

    ALL children need love, and nothing less!!!