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  1. Vic Smith

    I need somebody to talk to
    But I pushed you away
    I need somebody who understands
    But it doesn't look like you're coming back

    My sins caught up to you
    I said my sins caught up to you
    I lost the best love that I've ever known
    And it doesn't look like you're coming home

    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You came through

    I hate, hate, hate this place
    I said I hate, hate, hate this place
    But your attraction is still and cold
    But I can feel the warmth of your grace
    Yeah, I can feel the warmth of your grace

    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You came through
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You came through

    I believe in miracles
    I believe in miracles
    I believe in miracles
    Yeah, I believe
    (I believe in miracles)
    I believe
    (I believe in miracles)
    I believe
    (I believe in miracles)

    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You came through, yeah
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You came through

    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    Even after all my mistakes
    You were true

  2. Kas1991ish

    This song reminds me of the book Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens.......which makes me ridiculously happy.

  3. Denise Gisel

    I need somebody to talk to...

  4. Giđεφn

    Why can't you argue with people you don't know? You see an OPINION that you don't agree with, you don't have to know that person to give your input, and if that means be it! J.s =]

  5. Irene Nicole

    sigh i miss him...

  6. Amy Almasri

    i need somebody to talk to

  7. Sami Corning

    my love turned into the biggest hate you could ever feel/

  8. Julia Hyden

    I swear the actually good religious songs are the ones you don't even realize are religious.

  9. icrissy123



  10. TheLonelyPixels

    awesome song

  11. Dillon Gibbs

    3 people are retarded...

  12. Kervin Tan

    Clicked "The New Favorite" button.

  13. Clinton Furey

    @kilakam09 P.S. I think you're Caps Lock key is broken.

  14. Arden Holocene

    ... and unfortunately history is entirely opinion ( especially when you have source documents that say different things and you have to make a decision based upon what you believe is more likely).
    Where are you from by the way?

  15. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday ... and that it is the most sustainable option for human development.
    I think that almost all the bad rep that Christianity has received has been due to those who don`t either desire to follow it truly or who don`t understand it.
    The Bible is actually really a lot more about the relationship with the creator and humanity, and humanity and humanity. It makes very few scientific arguments, and those that are contested are not scientific, but historic....

  16. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday So, now that I have fully read more of what you had to say ( again, I apologize), what are your beliefs? Why do you believe that way?
    I will start. I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ did walk the earth and that he did show humanity the best way of living ( kindness, compassion, helping others, and trying to find the best things and uphold them). I believe this way because I have found it to be the best way of dealing with human interaction...

  17. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday I actually wish to apologize, there is a large percentage of this conversation that I did not see, partially due to my inbox not updating, and partially due to misreading. Your arguments came off as a lot more trollish than they actually were, and I responded in a way that mirrored my misperception. I apologize for that.
    None of the `Western` religions state that you are above anyone else. Quite to the contrary, you`re supposed to be the servant of all.

  18. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Your view is incredibly narrow, judging from the fact that I have given you evidence and you neither listened, researched or attempted to actually reason with me. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them ignorant. I suggest reading more into the subject of religion, belief, scientific inquiry and debate.
    Creating a straw man, telling me it's bad, refusing to listen to the opposing point and then running when it's over your head is the coward's way out. Good day.

  19. Arden Holocene

    So, if you hold natural selection as supreme, and you believe that there is no higher power to restrict your behaviour and there is no rational reason why killing is wrong in this sense, then you can very well kill out of an atheistic motivation.
    However, I'm curious what's your rational for the belief that since the year 1800 natural selection stopped?

  20. Arden Holocene

    Anything that you hold in supreme importance and view as being above all things can become a religion of sorts, even silly things.
    I know a person who has a specific routine in his life for everything and actually holds the routine above his friends and family ( He doesn't keep girlfriends for long).That which in the end controls your behaviour and is a "guiding light" in any sense can be a religion.
    Like Communism in the communist countries controls their decisions for life.

  21. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Also, religion does not necessarily involve a God. Definition 4 on h ttp://w ww. google .ca/search?q=definition+of+religion&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=qtz&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&q=religion&tbs=dfn:1&tbo=u&sa=X&ei=OcvOTdLVN9PTgAfyj5y6DA&ved=0CCAQkQ4&fp=65d1d89e1695987d is "A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance"

  22. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Self replicating dna? How do you mean by that? Have we stopped reproducing sexually? Also, it seems your argument also ignores that healthcare is hardly universal,and even the places that have it, it is often not provided to everyone. People of lesser health still die, and people who are viewed as "Weak" don't reproduce ( heck, looking at the numbers barely anyone reproduces these days in the west), So 'Natural Selection' still plays a part.

  23. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Your arguments that an Atheist would never kill a person because of his beliefs, and that all wars are caused by 'Religion', and that it's the nature of the ' religion' not the exception. Also, your seeming belief that all wars are morally wrong, which is a very interesting belief,

  24. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Common knowledge means nothing!
    Common knowledge is merely a cop out to ignorance and laziness.
    What percentage of the brain is in use at any given point in time? If you answered 10%, you would be wrong.
    Common people in all the middle ages couldn't read, true or false? If you answered true, you would be wrong.
    Never excuse common knowledge for actual knowledge. Most common knowledge is a mixture of myths and insecurities perpetuated by people with old or pointless information.

  25. Arden Holocene

    And those ideas did not come from a 'higher entity'.
    However, I'm still waiting on your analysis. I'm trying to give you the chance to be recognized that you seem to crave, so take advantage of it.

  26. Arden Holocene

    Also, recognize that everyone has not had your embittering experience with 'religion', and that just because people have an experience you don't have doesn't make them liars.
    You may think I'm lying, but I have seen spirits and dark things come out and it wasn't a matter of opinion as I sat there and had a brown alert as the other people in my family saw these things. It wasn't a hallucination as it was seen just as clearly with the same attributes as others in my family.

  27. Arden Holocene

    Yes they did kill them.
    The Columbine Massacre was one of the most covered news stories in the nineties. I may have been young when they happened, but I still was aware of them.
    Which ideas came from a 'higher entity'?
    I am very aware of the differences between something that comes from my own head and something that comes from without, just the same as I can tell it is not I that I am having a debate with, but instead you.

  28. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Even adding to that, I have had atheists come up to me telling me that all christians should die, literally, because " You're all believing in some supernatural b.s., and the sooner we get rid of all the people believe the sooner we become super evolved" Quote unquote, so do not say to me that this doesn't happen.
    I have given an analysis ( though perhaps not the greatest one over the 6 some posts), now you give yours.

  29. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday My logic goes even deeper down to this level:
    We are created through natural processes of violence ( a la discovery channel) and natural selection, We are improved through natural selection, so use natural selection on those who are bringing down the species.
    That's my train of logic of why I think it is not unlikely for an unstable person who believes in atheism to kill people out of his or her belief.

  30. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday My logic is this:
    Belief influences behaviour, and when your beliefs are that those who think different than you are stupid, and that natural selection favours the intelligent, and that those who are unintelligent are "ruining the species" ( as an atheist friend of mine said), then I would reason that the natural course of action is to remove those who are "ruining the species", benefitting everyone.

  31. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday a historical fact). You stated that it cannot be that it was because of his atheist beliefs that he ordered such a violent event, but instead must be something else ( presumably because he is a person who liked killing people and ordering their deaths).
    So I gave the Columbine shootings as an example, which, from the information I have read is an excellent example of people who killed because they believed in natural selection to root " stupid people" (Christians) from society.

  32. Arden Holocene

    From what I have seen, you have definitely shown yourself to be at a Gr.2 logic level.
    However, I will reflect my logic, show me my error.
    You said that an atheist would never (as in not ever) kill out of a belief that there is no God, so I responded out of my knowledge that Stalin killed many in Soviet Russia for being Christian because he considered the belief in a God to be wrong ( as shown, in my opinion, by the fact that he killed many Christians and razed many churches,

  33. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Answer me this one question: why are you stating "assumptional (Assumptive) bullshit" while decrying myself on the very same point?
    Yes a believer can be completely open minded, I believe in one thing and am open to change it if it is shown to be a better way. A scientist would not tell you any different about their method of life. However, I will not do so unless evidence is provided.
    You assume it's my last way out, and I feel as if you are trying to take a cowards way out.

  34. Arden Holocene

    No by no means, what I had written originally was that those who are selfless are the very rare exception, though they are more common in religious crowds.
    Though,to be brutally honest, from every single one of your posts you have shown yourself to be an ignorant, uneducated, unintelligent, unkind, uncultured person, and unworthy to engage in any intellectual discussion. However, I am open to a change of opinion about you.
    Prove yourself.
    Make an effort.

  35. Arden Holocene

    In my opinion from reading the Limbardo experiment and other such experiments on human nature (shock experiment for example), humanity will degenerate into a violent mess the moment you think there will be zero recourse from your actions, the moment that you realize that if you hurt and harm someone that nothing will come back to you. People want themselves to feel better, and those who are selfless and so on are the very rare exception, more common in religious crowds.

  36. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday And you have shown zero evidence, merely a belief based on populous ideas.
    I have had at different times in my life had atheists express a distinct desire to kill all Christians because " They were polluting the planet and ruining science". I have had much hate, distrust, and anger placed upon me by atheists.
    What, do you think people will be inherently good?
    W R O N G.
    Limbardo experiment my friend"
    ht tp://w ww. prisonexp. org/

  37. Arden Holocene

    Dylan: “What would J-sus do? What the f**k would I do..?” (he acts like he’s shooting the camera with his hand, with sound)
    Eric: “I would shoot you in the mo****f***ing head! Go Romans! Thank G-d they crucified that a****le.”
    ht tp :// w ww. acolumbinesite . com/ quotes1. ht ml

  38. Arden Holocene

    Perhaps you have missed what I have said but I intended to give the evidence at a later time ( now).
    How about the Columbine shootings?
    " people that only know
    stu*id facts that aren’t important should be shot
    what f***ing use are they. NATURAL SELECTION.
    Kill all ret*rds…"
    [page 85]
    ht tp:// denver.rockymountainnews. com/pdf/900columbinedocs.pdf

  39. Arden Holocene

    The problem I now have is that you have rejected my major evidence without properly hearing me out ( though this may be different in your opinion, please feel free to correct me). There are other pieces of evidence but I will need to double check to make sure it's accurate.
    I really strongly hope that you are able to look at my evidence as evidence, instead of as an emotional attack on your sensibilities, as you seem to have done - though I am not sure.
    Have a good night/morning.

  40. Arden Holocene

    Another example would be if you believe that the ultimate source of our life is through violence and fighting ( Survival of the fittest for example), and those who are weak must be exterminated. This was a national policy of the British Empire in the late 19th century ( entire groups of people were destroyed by this policy) on the basis of Eugenics, a pseudo science strongly propagated by the atheistic community in the early 20th century.

  41. Arden Holocene

    For example, if one were to believe in pure reason, and if one were to reason that people of a certain belief contrary to your own is stupid, and stupidity is useless to society, and we want to have a pure society, then therefore you would perhaps conclude that the only way to make a pure or perfect society would be to convince them all of this belief, and to get rid of ( deport, murder etc,) those who did not, A la Hitler.

  42. Arden Holocene

    The problem is that you are operating on what you think is what must be, and it doesn't work like that.
    I would say from reading the bible and the Quran that I would be surprised to see a Christian or a Muslim kill another for the sake of higher status seeing the lack of such codes in the Bible, and the absoluteness of the law against suicide in the Quran.
    Atheist: Belief that there is no God, not lack of belief. And a lack of God does not mean a lack of religion.

  43. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Also, a point I had not mentioned was the people I have known who came from under the Red Curtain. An acquaintance of mine had told me that " Once I was free of the soviet rule ( he had escaped through the Ukrainian border I believe), the first thing I did was go to church - the reason for this being that if you were caught as a Christian under Soviet rule you were either executed or taken to the Gulags. Now to have that freedom of belief, that was truly incredible."

  44. Arden Holocene

    @BleedingSunday Also, this book seems rather interesting. Me currently being in a French speaking province I am unable to read it, but I think that it's a good source, perhaps - E. Yaroslavsky, Landmarks in the Life of Stalin .

  45. Arden Holocene

    I try to be honest. You, sir, do me a great injustice.Having studied the USSR and it's founding roots I feel confident in saying that Stalin and the USSR were atheist in their nature. Especially during the Stalinist regime, where they razed churches and killed thousands from the clergy.
    However, I would be willing to learn from you if you were able to show me, through primary sources, the truth.
    Balls in your court, show me your evidence.
    Maybe we could both learn something.

  46. Arden Holocene

    I am afraid you really need to look at your history my friend.
    Starting with Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao. Peut-être Hitler aussi.
    War is an entirely different matter than the genocides put upon by these gentlemen, who were atheists.
    Also, all the things you have mentioned are from ignorance, both your own personal ignorance and the ignorance of those who did the actions you mentioned.
    Oh, and the stoning you mention were national laws - not arbitrary personal laws.

  47. Pphnx

    Is this a Christian band? D:

  48. Anastasia Mulcahy

    I like thiss song! :) Even after all my mistakes you came throughh <3

  49. Jaime Woods

    End this religion shit comments. This Providence and this song has nothing to do with that. comment on the SONG.

    amazing song and i freaking love you all dan, david, gavin and andaaay <33

  50. Keon HIll

    Is it me or do those four look like someone?
    brown hair on the left looks like the one on the right,black hair in the center looks like the other on the right....

  51. Itzel Marisa Medina

    herd their whole album and its amazing <333

  52. Lara


    jikes, risky statement:P

  53. SammieJF

    Haha. Gavin. :']

  54. Haaandyvandy

    they are all christians but they dont play christian music really they play in between mainstream and christian

  55. Emily Wolak

    my best friend, cindy loves this band.
    i really only knew one song by them,
    i know a lot more now, though .

  56. Alanah Chandler

    i'm absolutely in love with this song,
    && david blaise<33.

  57. mayberandom2u

    i luv this band soo much :)

  58. lauren0adams


  59. lauren0adams

    i wasnt insulting them. i dont really care if theyre a christian band cause listen to pretty much all their songs.

  60. lauren0adams

    obviously theyre a christian band, they talk about god in alot of there songs.

  61. XxdonohuexX

    thats cute sad... i like =)

  62. Hanna Boles

    love !.

  63. TheSockPuppeteer

    This song really conveys just the right emotion. I love it. They did such a good job. :]

  64. ironorkid76

    i just found these guys like a few weeks ago n they rock! im diggn on em fo sho:) if u ppl r n2 these guys then u'll dig on the band called parachute check em out!


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love this band and i just found about them a month or so ago.

  66. live Bee

    im glad they are FINALLY getting more recognition! :)
    they have been out for years! and they deserve everything!

  67. Dante Robinson

    wow...i mean just wow. i got this album when it first came out and listened over and over. so needless to say, after awhile i moved to a new band. well i recently met a girl who loves this bad as much as i do, so cause of her i started listening again. they truly are incredible...his voice is just amazing. he has suc ch a vocal influence on me. not many bands these days have new albums as good as their originals and i must say this may even top their last album. sorry for the length guys..

  68. Kayla Opperman

    seeing them saturday can't wait :]

  69. rachelistheowniest

    they were so cute back then. i actually got interested in them because i saw they were the featured artist on purevolume. i thought "hey they're pretty hot" turns out they had great music too. im so glad i got into them.

  70. Eshna Mahjabeen Kabir

    The song's pretty good
    Awesome pic :D!