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Third Day Sound Of Your Voice Comments
  1. Charlie Plutnicki

    yes I am still married to Lisa
    relationship is so strong
    she is my angel I love it when
    she's still so sweetie pie 👼 Happy
    happy together and forever
    meant to be perfectly honest
    with a match MADE BIGGEST?
    I'm Libra and Lisa IN scorpion?
    two years apart from
    Charlie plutnicki age is 44 LISA mattrese plutnicki age is 46
    being 19 years together and married in May 19/2012 and
    both have the same thing in relationship with happy couples.

  2. Sandy Aldridge

    Such a sweet song for JESUS 💕

  3. Hannah Arnold

    "I Wanna Hear 'God/Jesus/Sarayus' Voice!"

  4. Terry jackson

    I love this song I wot to now u more my saver my lord he loves

  5. Hannah Arnold

    I Love This SONG!

  6. Tinkle Bell

    Love this song he still waited for me when i was out there doing me he never gave up on me thats why i love him