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Third Day Ready Comments
  1. BlueSky MGGT


  2. Jimmy Southard

    Everyone needs to b ready

  3. joseph sturiale


  4. Cristiana Lobato


  5. Kimber

    I'm about to find out if I keep my job or lose it today. I'm ready either way #prayedup

  6. Ashley Yeoman

    going to a concert of theirs on Sunday of this week. So excited and thrilled to go watch them perform live!!

  7. Steve Pelkey

    Psalm 91 & 53

  8. Steve Pelkey

    beam me up LORD i'm ready to go home.

  9. Rosela1996

    I want the world to turn because of love, and mercy to find each of us doing what we can to just believe, I want the world to know that you're the one who fills me up and gives me hope and brings about this change that's in me!

  10. Lawrence Miracles


  11. delton davis

    These songs and videos truly minister to me!

  12. stordy97

    great videos, you just earned a new subscriber! :)

  13. kicksit1980

    I truly love this band and think they are enormously talented. That being said, does anyone else think that maybe the band has become a little stagnant stylistically? They still rock but I keep waiting to be surprised by more than one song here and there that doesn't sound like the last couple of albums. Sort of like the difference between Conspiracy #5 and Time. Know what I mean?

  14. daniel mendiola

    Saw these guys in Corpus Christi......Man their songs have been a blessing to me and remind me how God really does care about me.Thank God for guys out there that right words that can bless you and not tear you down..........Food for thought

  15. Sinbad2468

    haya chatham, you have posted on almost every song put out by a Christian band if you don't want to hear about god i would suggest not reading the comments, and seeing as your looking for a fight on a Christian bands song you fuck off. every one is entitled to there own opinion but you are just looking for a fight.

  16. lillian haigis

    i like the song and I know what it means, thank you GOD for Jesus amen

  17. William Baggins

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! one of the greatest songs I've EVER heard!!!

  18. PoisionedBlueFrog575

    ME 2 ;D

  19. PoisionedBlueFrog575

    I kno right? Good meaning too ;D

  20. PoisionedBlueFrog575

    Ty. Just remember what this song means. If you don't figure it out ;D

  21. PoisionedBlueFrog575

    Yes I do. I think people should figure out what songs like this means because it'll change their lives ;D

  22. maxyork

    love this song