Third Day - I'll Be Your Miracle Lyrics

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Third Day I'll Be Your Miracle Comments
  1. Cat Stevens


  2. Willie Williams

    It's what I needed.

  3. Diana Jaspers

    There is only One God and only one way to God; Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. Without Him we are nothing, have nothing. It's only by His grace that we live and have or being. I love you Lord. Praise your matchless name!

  4. Jordan Beltran

    It is miracle to have God in our life if not we will be lost in life

  5. 4amazinggrace

    Spot on to this moment in my life. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Daniel西山。

    I Like Third Day! What program did you use to make this video?

  7. Nicole Felty

    Great mix!

  8. aroura75

    @thersman1111 amen, brother. Keep the Faith, but not to yourself ;)

  9. thersman1111

    Usaly at the end of a song i will post my own little sermon about life and trials ext. but all i got to simply say is when your fallin god will be your miracle and the bible will be your light in the dark. just trust in jesus and god, keep going youll be alright

  10. kir3004

    muy bueno!gracias!!!!!!! Bendiciones !!!!!! ;D

  11. Ladylouwolf

    Thank you for posting!!!!!!! GBU

  12. Ladylouwolf

    Perfect! Needed this right now!!!!! Thank you and God bless you greatly!

  13. Sherry baby