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Third Day Give Love Comments
  1. Elza Silva

    I love it

  2. Melissa Kandler

    I love the song it is so wonderful😘😘😍

  3. Aryane Mayara

    Amo essa música❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Richard Kamerling


  5. Richard Kamerling

    god is goed

  6. Melissa Diaz

    Susurra suavemente... Te lo daré a ti, creo en cada palabra.

  7. Stas Ethridge

    I love this song and God :)

  8. Bruno Brito

    I really love this song. Today´s my birthday and I can´t stop listening to this amazing song.
    I´m feeling so happy today. Thank God for every breath, for the wonderful family you gave me, awesome friends and the happiness to live for you!
    I´ll be forever grateful…and even the eternity will not be enough to thank you!

  9. Michael Hrnicek

    The way to defeat evil is by standing up and doing good. The enemy is active, so we must also be. God has much help to offer our neighbors through those of us who follow Jesus. Do not sit on the sidelines--you're in the battle whether or not you admit it.

  10. 44Dirkman

    @Blue007ish Do not worry friend for He has already taken it from you. You call to Him, and therefore, have since the beginning. Whatever it is that you suffer here, He suffered it too. Journey on Child of God, knowing that your Father has taken great care with you. God speed.

  11. Blue

    Take it all cuz I can't take it any longer, all I have, I can't make it on my own, take the first, take the last, take the good and take the rest, here I am, ALL I HAVE, TAKE IT ALL.... take it all Jesus, take it cuz this life isn't worth living anymore....

  12. perrin81

    Liked this band since their first time at Sonshine in Willmar, MN. (1998?) But there is something special about this CD. Fantastic songs. Great music. Still think "This is Who I Am" is the best song on this CD :)

  13. Glopesfire1

    u meant the lyrics?..

  14. EllieLhJH

    You can send me a message, then I will answer you and perhaps give you my e-mail or something on wich you can send it...

  15. EllieLhJH

    Does someone have the sheet music to this one? I am planning on singing it at my final examns in a month, so I am in a hurry.. My friends need to learn the song by then.. ? Please help me someone.. And you are very welcome to pray for me at the 19th of june 2009.. :)

    God bless...

    Truls Henriksson

    Almost nine years later, how did it go? Just being curious 😋

  16. Jared Ortega

    i love the tone of this song wish i knew the banjo

  17. 1001Characters

    I luv this song... Has a Beattles vibe.

  18. melody w

    just ignore the world and what it does....this song has such powerful lyrics...god is good=)