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Third Day Follow Me There Comments
  1. Councilman Les Wynan

    This song has such a 90’s vibe

  2. Char Louw

    i just love you 3th day

  3. Timothy Kuring

    There's the sweet spot.
    You can't pin down the resurrection.
    Look me there and I'm already gone.
    Don't waste any time looking in the empty grave.
    The road beckons.

  4. Rae Sunshine

    praise GOD! This. ia beautiful😇

  5. timothy landgren

    I heard this sang on a soccer video I loved it right away 🤗😝😘

  6. timothy landgren

    Love it

  7. timothy landgren

    Love it so much

  8. Karen Cox


  9. pelley 4560

    Sarah Palin's Alaska TLC

    bet say

    I love that show

  10. Adam Harris

    Love this!   Amen

  11. PewdiepieBiggestfan

    Beautiful :)

  12. Grand Duchess SH

    This was my friend's wedding dance song! <3

  13. Sarah Yatsko

    I heard this song from a video about U.S Women's National Team and I liked it right away.  This song might be my favorite song.

  14. Susan Ganey

    Wonderful praise and worship song.

  15. Franciele Lopes

    muito linda essa musica

  16. Corvette D.

    This song makes me happy

  17. Jake Garman

    Sarah Palin!

  18. Don Taylor

    Another awesome song by my favorite Christian Music Band. I didn't know exactly what drew me to Third Day at first, but later on found out that the lead singer's favorite band was one of my own favorites...Lynyrd Skynyrd. Now, I know. God bless Third Day, keep up the God work, and follow Him there!!!

  19. adena539

    third day is a Christian rock band :)

  20. kmw1189

    This song is amazing!

  21. JesseSchultz813

    i love this song it has so much meaning to Christianity

  22. RunningAWOL411

    i never new that but this song is a very good song and so true

  23. RunningAWOL411

    this song is so true it shows how much god luvs us and how much he is there

  24. Kiersten Hay

    This song really speaks to my heart. It defiantly shows and tells gods creation. This song makes me cry every time I hear it. I really feel like this is god singing it to me! Follow me there.

  25. HellrizerPLble

    I'm not christian, but i like this song!

  26. Sean Pendleton

    I love the clouds in the slideshow, beautiful

  27. HockeyandCupcakes

    LOVE IT! Definitly and truly inspirational! I burnt my choco-chip walnut cookie's just to hear this entire song, but, im not gonna cry over that!! lol :)

  28. Werner Giannechini

    really really great song, it inspires me! Loved Jesus!!! Candy Presence!

  29. haveouimette

    I need to learn the lyrics to this song for a play. Sarah Palin can suck it.

  30. SummerInTahoe

    Don't retreat, just Reload!

  31. Susan Seybold

    Poor are we who cannot lean on God when we are Over Burdened by the Chaos of the world. When we try to lean on ourselves we are alone and misguided, stressed, and we shall never find/feel true Joy & Peace inside our souls. God who created all things & us; knows what it is that will fill us and content us, but we look the other ways and are taken away from his Perfect Love. He is Majestic & Beautiful. He gave us Free Will to chose him once we learned of his Beauty.
    Love, Sister Susan

  32. Ethan Welker

    @godzilla0083 how is hearing a good song on a tv show justify my friends? you have no room to talk about MY or any others friends, when you dont know us?

  33. Steve S

    @godzilla0083 There is no reason why God couldn't use Sarah Palin as a tool.

  34. Kayley Schnare

    @fashionistachica1 Awh thanks :) God Bless you too :P

  35. Alivia Schafer

    i'm nawt gonna lie, Sarah Palin's show intro brought me here...... i absolutely loved this song when i heard it, and i still do:) thumbs up if this happened to you!!! :D

  36. bobby7771117

    Lord, We love you, and need to follow you, here, there and everywhere! Help us to follow every place that you would have us go! I long for the day we can hug each other and look into your face of Love! In Christ's precious Agape Love, BobbyK I hope The Lord lifts all of your burens, and eases every care! One day, I'll see you all there: With Abba Father, Lord Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit!

  37. Norkeiber

    @shooterb12 Well said :)

  38. Patrick Crook

    i just saw them tenth ave north and trevor morgan last night in johnson city tn

  39. lookyloos

    I love this song because it is so inspirational. It reminds me of Alaska. If you've never been, you should try to visit at least once in your lifetime. The song lyrics are beautiful. Who doesn't want peace, love, joy and hope? This song could be a message for anyone regardless of religion or politics. I like to think of the song as one that promotes Alaska. Alaska is a sanctuary. ( I should be getting paid by the state of Alaska right now for this Ad). Hahaha! :p

  40. Norkeiber

    @AuH2O I'm sorry but I love and follow Jesus as much as you do. I love others and respect that we are all different. God wouldn't send someone to hell on music preference! It's not what comes into your ears, its what comes out of your mouth that he cares about. Plus, where does it say in the bible, "Thou shalt not listen to anything other than country and gospel." ?

  41. AuH2O

    @MastaChefSteve Only a troglodyte would compare this to Mozart.

  42. AuH2O

    I wish some musicians would understand it doesn't get any better just because you punch in a thousand different audio tracks into a song to get it as crammed as possible. One each of fiddle, steel, guitar, bass and drums is all it takes. Anything beyond that is just excess, and all you thumpers should know the Lord don't take a likin' to that! But I guess the worse a musician you are, the more cranked-up instrumentation you need to cover up the void in your artistry.

  43. 3rdDayRocker

    Excellent song and awesome video! Great job!

  44. thrcrossandgun

    pickleoomer ,unfourtunatly?why ya say that?

  45. Mason Mokdad

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It touches ur heart. Vote up for this if your heart has been touched.

  46. Mason Mokdad

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! It touches ur heart.

  47. stacy simmon

    i love this song and i love sara palines alasken advenuers u are the best i love the part when u say we love like where a river flows peace like u never no joy never ending is

  48. JesseSchultz813

    @JakeSD19 Are you a christian?

  49. pickleoomer

    Unfortunate they allowed it to be used for Sarah's show. I still love it for its true message

  50. thrcrossandgun

    i like country ,but i love this song,and sarah palins show,and sarah palin!so its all good lol

  51. Smiley2000

    I Love this song and Bristol... : ). She is a woman I would Love to find for a wife..

  52. firemen34

    Good song. It was a good choice for the Sarah Palin's Alaska too.

  53. Jordan Pack

    i dont see how you would dislike it... perfect lyrics, perfect meaning, perfect voices

  54. vinniteel3

    people dont know the meaining of a good song

  55. Olivia Boucher

    thumb's up is sarah palin's alaska brought you here!

  56. Olivia Boucher

    my favorite part is : where love like a rivers flows peace like you've never known joy never ending is"

  57. musicgirl792

    @Thorion0 You're welcome! I think...? haha

  58. musicgirl792

    @Thorion0 I completely agree with you! You are totally right

  59. canadacatalyst

    i really like this song!

  60. Jacob Trexler

    @JakeSD19 Thanks for your video!

  61. musicgirl792

    @JakeSD19 I am officially addicted to this song! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for posting it!!! :)

  62. Erin Lee

    love this song and her show-also starting to like palin more than I did

  63. Yahannee Yahanne

    5 stars and thumbs up if you changed your mind about Sarah!

  64. DARKWOLF304

    @jLpr0xURhood475 you are a very inspiring example to those who havn't yet come to christ.

  65. Kayley Schnare

    @DARKWOLF304 Same here! :)

  66. Kayley Schnare

    vote up if jesus brought you here!

  67. Yahannee Yahanne

    I love this song and would have never been known to many people including me if it weren't for Sarah Palin's Alaska. At the beginning I didn't like her, but now I really like her and how truly strong and determied she is! Whether or not this song is about God or not, it doesn't matter!

  68. Yahannee Yahanne

    It's a great song and does apply to the true beauty of the world, beauty doesn't have to be sun and sand it can just be the little things around us that we don't take in account. So stop all your wining and bitching, it's a great song and we can all agree on that!

  69. DARKWOLF304

    Jesus is my savior, and i am a christian. i like this song for that reason, but i also liked seeing it featured on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

  70. DARKWOLF304

    this song was perfect for Sarah Palin's Alaska

  71. forsquizzlealyssa

    | Jesus brought me here. :D

  72. Tara Moseder

    This is a beautiful moving song whether or not you like Sarah Palin (I don't), and whether or not you are a christian (I'm not)

  73. clisw

    @littlegirldown Sorry you hate Sarah Palin!!!

  74. Harper-Greer Mangini

    Love this song! I had no idea it was a song associated with Sarah Palin's Alaska. However, that is neither here nor there. This song isn't about her, nor is a statement about her character or values. THIS song is about our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and grace, forgiveness and salvation for mankind. I give props to Mrs. Palin's production crew for choosing a beautiful song as an intro to her show. We need more music like this on the airwaves. LOVE IT!

  75. allissa lozano

    Such an amazing song! Just as amazing as SARAH!! <3

  76. Tammy Brookover

    @americangirlpixar Even religious songs can be flipping awesome. You need to hear the song....I Can Only Imagine. One of those songs that makes you just wanna move.....move move and never stop moving.

  77. Tammy Brookover

    Whether you agree or disagree with Sarah's must give her credit for speaking what she believes and living what she believes. No flip flopping....she takes her stand.....and stands firm. Luckily, I agree with her stand...but even if I didn't...I would respect her trueness to herself and her country.

  78. CeridwenLynne

    I love this song. It makes me feel good each time I listen to it.

  79. Alaskan20

    @TheMRDrums I don't specifically think she has it, but look what we have right now. He is way over his head...and with less of a resume'.

  80. Firegirl1713

    This song brings such inspiration to my heart!

  81. fly78flap

    this makes me happy every Sunday night when I watch Sarah's show!

  82. Vance Lloyd

    One of the best show intro's ever!!!

  83. Brianna Graham

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Patty Brandon

    I wondered what this song was on Sarah Palin's show. I'm so glad I found it because we LOVE it!

  85. Patty Brandon

    I wondered what this song was on Sarah Palin's show. I'm so glad I found it because we LOVE it!

  86. Joshua John Mills

    Sarab Palin is a great person, but I don't think she has what It takes to run America that's just my opinion

  87. Marcia Veldman

    I can't believe Third Day let themselves be pimped out by Sarah Palin. Damn.

  88. Norman Involved

    This is my joint now because My Hero is Palin. And Im an Atheist.

  89. kerosoldier

    @savannaharr hehe ya think lol

  90. Lauren L

    I'm downloading this song only because of Sarah Palin's Alaska made me love this song!!!

  91. Alex Benning

    like if u like sara pailins alaska and u found out about this song because of sara

  92. Austin Park

    @immacrunchypinecone I just watched that episode. Stupid blonde bitch gets everything handed to her. She goes out camping for 2 hour while its sprinkling and she throws a fucking fit. Suck it up bitch.

  93. forsquizzlealyssa

    sarah palin! :P

  94. Gabriel

    Not a big fan of Sarah Palin, but I saw her show and Kate Gosselin was on and man Palin's an adventurous one! Like this song to btw.

  95. Jimmy Lamb

    Great Tune!!!!!

  96. Megan loves Makeup

    @immacrunchypinecone me too also i love this song too!!!

  97. Cristina I

    Love this song, hear it on the Sarah Palin's Alaska!!!

  98. Kayley Schnare

    Wow...last week only 2.387 people were watching this...that is awesome!

  99. RioMadeira

    No fan of Sarah Palin or her show, but this song does kick ass.