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Third Day Caught Up In Yourself Comments
  1. Erik Johnson

    Maybe the best song y'all have done. Love this.

  2. angeles ballesteros


  3. Attila Horváth

    This is not nice,this is VERY VERY Nice! :)

  4. TheMetalHeaD256

    in one of my desperate prayers of agony, i got a Third Day song stuck in my head... my mother used to listen to them a lot so i searched for the song. before, God would just not answer me or give me a hint that He was there... and i've always been good at finding Him but he just wasn't there... i listened to the song and i found him again. and as i listen to this album, it reads me like a book. for the first time in a month i feel like everything might be alright again soon. Thank you Jesus.

  5. TheMetalHeaD256

    I just went through a major breakup. it's now been 2 and a half weeks of utter Hell for me. I questioned whether God was truly there, whether I should be confirmed as a Catholic in 2 months or not, and whether I even have a place in this world at all. I was trapped under ice, living in a nightmare, in complete contrast to the heaven i was in 3 months ago. about a week ago I started praying to God to end all this... i didn't think i could take it... i've been deprived of everything concrete.

  6. TheMetalHeaD256

    @Way2inToit i agree completely, everyone has their own chance to see God in an image he chooses for them. Every Christian has the right to be open-minded, and i can always see a link between worldly ideas and what's said in the bible. many times, the two converge and one ends up being a metaphor for another. it is a different viewpoint but they end up at the same end of the road. you aren't alone in your view. it is important to be as open-minded as possible.

  7. stordy97

    thumbs up for jesus!

  8. stordy97

    @Way2inToit its either your for god or the devil. it says in the bible that you cannot be a two sided man. you cant believe in god and not be religious. God wants you to not jsut believe in him, but love him for eternity! He paid the price for you to make the choice to go to heaven and praise him for eternity, or burn in hell. Its your choice, but go with the right one!

  9. Way2inToit

    I am not very religious, but I believe in God. Why can't people find God in their own ways? Why can people not accept each other as who they are, and live peacefully with those people who don't happen to be religious. Many things in the bible offer similar views. I don't expect my comment to radically change the way people think, but need to learn and accept each other. People need to look at things from other people's perspectives as well.

  10. Wes Rodriguez

    I AM MAKING A CHALLENGE. For one day, on the internet or in your community, show an act of kindness. After one day, go for two days, 3, 4, maybe even more. Now don't take this challenge if your not willing to do it. Copy and post this on other videos.

  11. Steve Flemming

    Awesome song, Epic album <3 THANK GOD FOR MERCY, THANK GOD FOR HIS GRACE 1!!!! <3 <3<3<3

  12. Harper-Greer Mangini

    This album is a must have. I'm SO inspired and renewed by this music. Thank you, Third Day!

  13. BAD45

    Christianity is nothing more than a large cult. Nothing more nothing less.

  14. grintock

    Just something in between of this whole discussion. You claim to have been a Christian. For your information, Christianity is not something you 'try'. It's a choice you make, and you stick with it for the rest of your life. If you don't, I'll judge the tree by its fruit and judge you as never having been a sincere Christian, in a relationship with God.

  15. 44Dirkman

    @relliklaires And I quote, "It is better to remain silent and appear stupid, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." Mark Twain

  16. Jack H

    @JasonWestenra : correction - Nietzsche (I misspelled his name, whoops).

  17. Jack H

    @relliklaires : Yes, I'm like Nietzches said - someone too weak to stand on their own. Better to have God as a crutch to lean on than fall down all by myself...

  18. NadaHollywood

    Love it!

  19. emily elizabeth

    This song makes me stop and think, and I realize I am caught up in myself but God helps me know I'm loved. This Song is magic :)

  20. Lily Corcair

    the point was that you're not going to listen,,,which, why are you here? You know you're not going to change anyone, and these songs aren't going to affect you.

  21. Lily Corcair

    and since I ran away from God, whom you say is not real, how could I have run from reality in that perspective?...and yes, I admit that I am too weak to make it on my own. That's what being a Christian means: that I depend upon God and not myself. If I'm proud of anything in this world, it's that decision. I can't make you believe it; I won't cast pearls before swine. But I'll still love you...

  22. Lily Corcair

    you seem bitter...

  23. Lily Corcair

    I called myself a Christian for many years, but fell away from it. Two years later I realized that I'd been such a fool for running away. I pray that you may open your eyes, as I have.

  24. Acegikmo95

    You cant focus on youself, you have to focus on God.

  25. Flabernat

    This is my favorite song on this album. .. it's SO true, how selfish we can be sometimes. . .

  26. Koriand'r Johnson

    Its my new favorite song.
    its really good.

    Thank God for mercy
    Thank God for His grace
    Thank God for everything youve got
    Before its too late.