Therion - Feuer Overtüre / Prometheus Entfesselt Lyrics

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Therion Feuer Overtüre / Prometheus Entfesselt Comments
  1. Andrew Kang

    I know it gets mentioned a lot but I think Rammstein should cover this

  2. Gabriel Monteiro

    Ersteig' den höchsten Berg
    Trotze des Zeus Gesetz
    Stiehl die Feuerfackel
    Schenke sie die dem Menschengeschlecht

    Des Prometheus Funke
    Ward zur Menschenseele
    In Ketten schlug ihn Zeus
    An den Fels im Kaukasus

    Prometheus Fessel
    Sie sei gelöst!
    Prometheus Kette
    Erlöst den Gott eur' Seele
    Prometheus Fessel
    Sie sei gelöst!
    Prometheus steig' auf
    Dem Adler und Rauche gleich

    Zeus straft die Menscheit mit
    (Der) Büchse der Pandora
    Aber Herakles Kraft
    Entfesselt den Titanen

    Gewunden in Leid
    Doch fühlst es kaum
    Du stahlst der Sonne Feuer
    Erleuchtest der Menschen Nacht

    Prometheus Fessel
    Sie sei gelöst!
    Prometheus Kette
    Erlöst den Gott eur' Seele
    Prometheus Fessel
    Sie sei gelöst!
    Prometheus steig' auf
    Dem Adler und Rauche gleich

  3. Agnaldo Silva

    Bela music

  4. Chilean Saurius

    I imagine this song in a god of war game!!

  5. antoniusmetal

    This does sound a bit influenced by Rammstein, and no, not just because it's in German. It doesn't sound like a copy, though, which is really cool. Therion has heavy, doom, power, death, thrash, progressive, hard rock, and gothic songs, but they never sound like generic copies of something else. Therion is brilliant.

    Kristina uršič

    Actually by Leibach

  6. Harbinger


  7. Frank Barbarroja

    Excelente para tocar!
    Therion Rules!

  8. Noiselab Project

    excellent anthem

  9. Mape Aguilera

    Saludos al watajiu

  10. Boz Ajanovic

    It should actually be ENTFESSELN, since ENTFESSELT means to direct someone somewhere.


    I'm two months late to the party, but "entfesselt" is actually correct there. It's the past tense of entfesseln, as in "he has been liberated".

  11. Boz Ajanovic

    Fire Overture-Prometheus Unbound/Liberated.

  12. Boby Spark

    A mon gout le meilleur morceau de l'album Lemuria

  13. Rock Music Videos

    Very interesting concept.

  14. mark marrow

    Marke scheiße Bangkok jean Kunsthandel wo ist im Eimer anima Willis Stück Scheiße Nagelmodellagen in der Wohnung


    mark marrow was laberst du

    Max Sch

    Kloid ze di penussen, Spata schwingen die Nut

  15. Stormer248

    ...I should stop listening to these, even the youtube ads are starting to come in German now.

    Liberal Monk

    Stormer248 -
    😎 Sehr gut

  16. Pablo Cardenas

    del putas esa cancion

  17. Storm Madafaqas

    Que buenos que son

  18. PhantomOfTheOpera

    you are right, THIS is not death metal, but in the very early times, (mega-)therion was playing some kind of death wikipedia is , as usual :D, right ;)

  19. David Guerreiro

    Yap excelente!

  20. JoShY GonZaLeZ


  21. Gameswindows


    Josh Thompson

    No, you don't understand the symbolism it has nothing to do with that. The pyramid is pointing to the earth, representing an aversion to spirit and a focus on the physical and fleshly. Nothing to do with Illumimati. Much deeper.

    Ashura Draco

    Hymm, welcome brother... by accident im the incarnation of Prometheus and also a little hate this stone minded Illuminati, but hey you have right... you see, Prometheus like a symbol of "Illumination" is also a gnosis for the "christian"... "Satan".
    "Falling"... "Tower of Babel"... "Torch Bearer" and finaly also "He who Lost the Light" ;)

    Ashura Draco

    Yes, still here... old curse works, ehh no luck...

  22. David Guerreiro

    This is the information of Therion Wikipedia
    Therion genres, symphonic metal, gothic metal, death metal (early career) ... :)
    Is wrong?


    its true and its cool

    Diego ARDG Perpetva

    I've also read avantgarde metal

  23. David Guerreiro

    Are you sure of what it says? :)

  24. Alevolo5