Theatre Of Tragedy - Lament Of The Perishing Roses Lyrics

Where'er thou walkest, thou strewest roses
Thornless and deep reds are they
Onto a beauteous path harmony thou leadest
Where waterfalls sing their hymns of appraisal

Germinate into green the sterile earth
Equiponderat'd new life against decay

Wash the macrocosm with morning dew
Aurora of the waterfalls' encircling rainbows

In the horizon the appearance of a blackening empyrean
A furious whirling wind accompanied by skies of dusk

In the lead - The Pale Horse - pulling a cart of dead deities
The beautiful colors are drift'd away

Black Asphodels ascend from the overcloudéd livid blossom
Completely covering acherontic the land that was thought everlasting

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Theatre Of Tragedy Lament Of The Perishing Roses Comments
  1. Marcelo Fernandes


  2. Deivy ss


  3. Luisa Do

    Hermosura para los oídos ❤️

  4. Radle Grebdron

    Challenge: Can someone PROVE to me that this is Theatre of Tragedy? Wikipedia mentions the song, but they don't cite any source, and I can't find any mention from the band themselves.

    Tommy Lindal

    Well man, you can take my word for it, as I am playing here. Or you can also find it on the new sleeve edt release of our album Theatre of Tragedy :)

    Radle Grebdron

    Thank you! I love the albums you performed on! :) Doom riffs!!!

  5. LyingSecret

    Not sure if you are still active on youtube or not, but I would be interested to know where you got this track from? It doesn't appear to be a part of the original demo, nor does it appear on any of the re-issued version of the fist 3 albums (which did come with some of the demo tracks bonus tracks).


    @Tomtom Vadafk
    Hah wonderful information, thanks :D I never knew about the covers thing, thanks again for talking to me!

    Tommy Lindal

    @LyingSecret Cheers mate :)

    Coleciona Dor

    +Tomtom Vadafk Hello! In wikipedia page of Theatre of Tragedy, it is stated that this song was the first to be made up of the band.And you said that this track was recorded before the band recorded their debut album. In this case, "The Lament of Perish Roses" was recorded after Demo'1994? Thanks !!!

    Tommy Lindal

    +Lucas Dias Hello mate, as far as I remember this was the first (maybe 2nd song we made. I think we recorded it twice, one time by ourselfs and one time in a studio. When we recorded our demo we only had 5 songs ready. 3 made the demo and 2 did not, this is one of them recorded after the demo. The other song is called Hither to with blossom withstand the everlasting......... (and I dont remember the rest of the title, heheeh). Since its more than 20 years ago, I can not be sure of when we recorded, but I think we made a test recording for the Demo first, then decided we dident want it, then we recorded again some time after, and decided we still dont want to release it :) Hope this clears things up. Cheers

    Rabi Perdana

    I just want to say hi to the guitaris of Theater of Tragedy... one of my most favorite band... I just can't find other bands that can make great songs such as from the album Aegis, and other releases from Theater of Tragedy... Thanks for those great songs :)

  6. betocracks

    this is not of the demo isn't?

    Tommy Lindal

    @betocracks Nops

  7. Eduardo Rios

    hace como 12 años que escuche esta canción.... y aun me sorprende como la primera vez......

  8. Daniel Cardozo

    They started to do Industrial music 4 years before kicking out Liv...

  9. Eric Lanier

    it was real ''art''

  10. D RN

    The real tragedy here is how, after kicking out Liv Kristin, this formerly awesome band went to shit with the modern industrial rock genre. Seriously, listening to this just makes me want to cry. This song is just amazing.

  11. trisanosh

    @darklight076 yeah, I guess so, because she's one of the former members of Theatre of Tragedy...

  12. dt8118

    despite the odd sound, the song creates a unique atmosphere...

  13. 1313sleepwalker666





  14. DupencjoSatani

    I love old ToT! it was a great band. but later and now is good too :)

  15. Naze0

    Awesome song.