Theatre Of Tragedy - Forever Is The World Lyrics

Into a different kind of view
Not meant for human eyes
Everything's dark and fades away
This moment just opened my eyes, now I say
I never knew anything felt like this
It has just begun

Please be aware of the change in your mind
Everyone's telling lies
Somewhere between every now and then
Harmoniously facing the truth of your past
I know by now, every night has its dawn
Be aware and see
I know by now, every night has its dawn
Be aware and see

And as your last day draws to an end
Take my last good smile
All I can do now is watch as you fall
Bid my last good bye

There's an exception to every rule
Don't trust the yellow light
Constantly searching to find your way home
The beauty's been lying right here all along
Only Man ends. But forever's the world
Just don't fall asleep
So here we sway at the edge of the world
Holding hands
Clutching at straws, keep each other awake
World will not end at this shift
I never knew anything felt like this
It has just begun...

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Theatre Of Tragedy Forever Is The World Comments

    Hmmm-it's ok-but i heard T.o.T.from the first hour and must say:the female voice was better in old times!!

  2. Jeremiah Shalda

    I think Theatre of tradedy started off amazing and then ended amazing very rare for a band.

  3. Tears of Finality

    This album is actually really good. I never gave it a decent listening until I watched their Last Curtain Call concert. Now I really like this album.

  4. Manolin Elrond Fahrenberg


  5. Edvaldo Silva

    It's much better than storm album! But nothing like the fourth albuns! I miss ToT so much ;(

  6. Harald Obst


  7. marcin rychlewski


  8. Anderson Cardoso

    Hide and Seek - 0:00
    A Nine Days Wonder - 5:23
    Revolution - 10:41
    Transition - 14:46
    Hollow - 19:45
    Astray - 25:57
    Frozen - 29:39
    Illusions - 34:59
    Deadland - 39:44
    Forever is the world - 44:25

  9. Adeathson


  10. Max Moritz

    is not the Gotic like the masterpiece "velvet darkness they fear"

  11. Ahmed Hassan

    theatre of tragedy love you to the bones
    you take us to the world that we wanna live in

  12. José luis Martinez mayo

    En México se les extraña teatro de la tragedia , saludos

  13. Simon Gallup


  14. kort£s

    One da best Bands ever...!

  15. radiance

    T.o.t was great band. Since they begin their career as T.O.T, till the end of it, they left a very good taste of music and a selective attitude to the ears of a complete generation who listens them. These listeners always used to listen quality music and they cant stand mediocre works. I feel proud to be a part of this generation.


    Well said. I feel exactly the same.

  16. Leo Mendez

    My favorite album!! A Masterpiece!! A jewel!! :3 lml <3

  17. Nara Garcia

    Liv and Raymond perfomed together in december of 2015. Did they performe this year?

  18. Jarek Kulczak

    Just...thanx for this.

  19. Gilbertdu62

    Even sadder when you know it's their last one before they split up

    Aidan Atreides

    You make it sound as if they are still together and going to split up, got me confused there for a second.


    Aidan Atreides I was using the preterit for "split"


    Not really, there's still Addenda and the last concert.