Tha Joker - Why So Serious Lyrics

Why So Serious
Wh-why So Serious
(Why So Serious)
You Are Now listin to the coldest nigga period
Co-coldest nigga period
Co-coldest nigga period
(Why So Serious)
You Are Now listin to the coldest nigga period [x2]

I'm Probably somewhere next to god
I'm so fly when I speak
Just Look down at my feet
And you'll see nothing is beneath
Having 'em in one they could compete
Still I Don't know relaxin
Coldest rapper Period
Someone give me a maxim
My Buzz is getting massive
These haters feeling sour
You Nigga Artificial
Like undying flowers
These muthafuckas cowards
But they act like they ain't scary
These rappers got no balls
Like broken black berries
Bitch I feel like an exam
I got all the bitches checkin
My money got these hoes
Gettin' off like an exit
Got yo baby mama ridin'
You can here the saddle slapin'
Hittin' corners in that pussy
Swear my dick be cadilacin
Give me one more Drink
In the club straight actin'
New polo shirt
Ralf Lawrence
Straight champion (yeah)
I see you tote a gun
But I bet that you won't shoot it
If a nigga bug me
I'm a star ship troop
I'm the coldest ever done it
I am truely
If these haters had chance
To live my life they will do it
But the only thing in life
That is certain is a casket
So all I do is smoke
I think I blew my head gasket
They make a party song
Shoot a video or two
And watch the numbers fall
Like the wrong jenga move
So I'm sticking to the code
Got all the real niggas cheering
I wake up getting blunted
Call is morning rockateering
And haters never herd
So we just shoot them birds
And drop the hardest shit
So please listen to my turds
Please listen to my words
Hear the messages within
Oh no I don't gas them up
It's like my fans are hybrid
Never catch my eye lids
Because I grind more
That's why you can't see me
Like the ocean floor
Mississippi in the door
Feeling like the last hope
Tell them why so serious?
I know is because your broke

Why So Serious
Wh-why So Serious
(Why So Serious)
You Are Now listin to the coldest nigga period
Co-coldest nigga period
Co-coldest nigga period
(Why So Serious)
You Are Now listin to the coldest nigga period [x2]

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Tha Joker Why So Serious Comments
  1. liljared711

    2020 🔥

  2. Maj Or

    Why so serious 2020

  3. Courtney Baldwin

    2019 why so serious?

  4. Chad Conway

    2019 run it

  5. Kaleb Bryan


    Thank me later

  6. Jonathan Baumert

    Bro 2019 step up

  7. Jacob Oyong

    bro I remember I bought this off iTunes! Definitely a throw back

  8. IAM G

    Why so serious ?🃏

  9. Chase Watson

    I wish there was a hard core insane rap about the joker

  10. IAM G

    🗿➿ signed, 🃏

  11. Martrail Evans

    Why so serious

  12. Lil Will

    9 years later dis song still fire 🔥🔥.

  13. G THA Overlord HereForYoSoul

    This song old asf

  14. Maya Brownotter

    who still listening in 2019


    Too cold!

    Heart Storm Media

    Me! LoL

  15. kattdaddy93able

    This still my shit on god 2019!!!!

  16. Fredo Santana

    What happen to bro?


    I know right

  17. Randy Griffith

    You guys must be high on crack to think that this was fire... This was so pathetic. Real rappers like Ice Cube & Snoop Dogg would've murdered this.

  18. Beazy Brad

    Tha Joker a bum

  19. Shariah Page


  20. Bougie Joker


  21. Luke Hyman

    That dude said if a nigga bug me ima starship troop em Hahahah

  22. Starr Shakur

    I haven't heard this song in an ill minute💯💯 #NorthCarolinaShit

    N TruDeRs Of Jokes


  23. Cory And Carsons channel

    2018 Still goinggg

  24. Yomoma Smokeckrackrocks

    Why so serious? Why you not tho🤔 🧐 let’s put a smile on that face ...😬

  25. Star dumbest

    Why so serious because

  26. Tammy Doyle

    Still listening in 2018♥️😂🔫💀👻

  27. Arron M

    this is horrible..

  28. 何必這麼認真呢!

    Why so serious

  29. KaToya Harvey

    WhySoSerious3 this Halloween 2017


    still listening in 2017!

    Chris FLA 321

    Brittany Williams - That's right.. Me and u both 2017


    ofcourse this shit knocks


    Lacoka Nostra knocks. this is shit.

    Jose Pereira

    2019 😉

  31. Thierry Estiverne

    this song is fire and dope🔥

  32. Cueva TUBE

    this album still fire.

  33. Joker Ledger

    why so serious

    Beverly Marsh

    😍😍I love joker

    Tobey Parker

    Joker Ledger Who are you ?

  34. Joey Fry

    This the reason you never get tattoos telling you get to work peace

  35. Aaron Dowdy

    tu saves

  36. Brandon Reyes

    this beat goes hard as fuck

  37. Dakota Wright

    you got songs that gon go down in history man win or lose!! keep going and making history

  38. Cameron Kelley

    dope song

  39. Deric Herman

    I'm not your buddy, pal.

  40. Deric Herman

    I'm not your buddy, pal.

  41. kool dude

    why so serious

  42. kool dude

    why so serious

  43. SHINE beauty

    liked for the picture loooooool of nie dan nickske

  44. Michael Decker

    I dont get why all ya niggas are hating. wtf is wrong with Tha joker, nothing. People rap slow for fucking sakes get over it. He's fucking awsome. Some songs i admit are shit. He is a better raper than your ever will be.


    +Dustin Lehoe how is he a internet thug?all he did was address the hate tha joker gets...

    Matthew Chapman

    No songs are shit

    Michael Decker

    @Dustin Lehoe​ Hopefully we can joke about this now XD

    Matthew Chapman

    Michael Decker what do you mean we can joke now?

    Michael Decker

    Matthew Chapman wasnt ment for you. We didnt verbally fight lol

  45. Reynold Wrappin

    Ha some stupid shit over their names. Idk neither one is very relavent, but Tha Joker Too Cold is a fuckin G and he be gettin hella views on youtube. Too Cold got some bangers PERIOD!!

  46. Brandon mellick

    So ... i only heard of  "Tha Joker" cause i listen to "Jokerr" what the beef between them ? there both really good .. so i dont know what im missing .. lol

    Dustin Lehoe

    honestly man I respect jokerr but he tries to beef with who ever hot so he can get some views he's a decent rapper and their specific beef is nothing more then having the same name lol

    Brandon mellick

    +Dustin Lehoe all good , thanks for the reply !

    Dustin Lehoe

    No problem g

  47. erikvil45

    Why so generic?

  48. Hip Hop Junkie

    I like a few songs from him but a lot of his songs are wack in my opinon

    Shredderkid 211

    You Wack Bitch go listen to your corny ass yachty and Migos

    joseph cores

    I mean he was dope asf for the generation he was a part of any one from that generation will shit on mostly every mainstream rapper now a days theres a few exceptions here and there but this man was fire for his generation

    Lord Sativa

    @joseph cores Dude there was so many more rappers that were better than this around when he came out do I wouldn't say that. I remember there being a couple bars here I thought were fire even back then but this song hasn't aged well really. He never switched up the rhyme scheme and that's what kills this track for me. The chorus is catchy af though lmao

  49. Sklushe

    Keepin it fresh joker

  50. Indigenous James


  51. IMCHRIS13

    Coldest nigga period

  52. Richard Archey

    why so serious

  53. renata konjevich

    1:10 u welcome

  54. migueal leon

    Hahahahahahahahaha joker

  55. Darius Mull

    Joker go in own every song!

  56. Tony Guyton


  57. Launch Codes

    this guy isnt even cold he should try telling the truth he says he murders people in his other songs and shit
    this kid is a joke
    oh i get it: JOKEr

    Shredderkid 211

    Launch Codes STFU BITCHING are you a killer ? So why you listening then

  58. Tyler Hardwick

    Umm im trying to figure out what throwing a dictionary at his face would do? if he cant spell it how would he find it in a dictionary? And if you are just throwing it to throw it why not throw a brick or something?

  59. Alex Capone

    This song is 2Cold

  60. TexansToast

    Hahaha I can't stop laughing at this song!

  61. Sunny Dixon

    dam cant yall just shut the fuck you and listen to the music leave the judging up to god fuck ass bitches

  62. bryan russell

    eson is a hater lol

  63. A VB Content

    This song is for Heath Ledger

  64. eson capizzi

    i wanna throw my fist at your face

  65. BlondeMonster0

    R.I.P english

  66. Kaylaa Dawn

    Lol, get's tough over the internet. Pathetic.

  67. Dylan Stout

    actually it's from dark knight dumbass. learn somethin before u say somethin. bitch ass nigga

  68. EttieSpence

    What are you even talking about..?

  69. Jacob Kerr

    no hes straight, you're just on the wrong side of YouTube biyatch.

  70. jalen turner

    crazy ass shit

  71. Bondagebloodbabi87

    wow joker is the shit and im sorry but hopsin tries to sound exactly like fucking eminem hes a fucking poser

    Shredderkid 211

    Bondagebloodbabi87 So I'm guessing you only like white rappers? Fucking Racist

  72. jt18023

    thats funny you think you are hard for being shot 12 i know someone who got shot you know what they have to say about it nothing because he was shot in his throat and cant speak. if you were truelly shot 12 times you wouldn't be repping it like it was some awesome experience

  73. Keith hathaway

    The beginning is the joker off the dark knight rises

  74. Rickey Burris

    for 1, ur stupid for saying that they are real niggaz without knowing or witnessing what goes on their life but instead u judge them by what they say in their music in that case im a real nigga i been shot 12 times and grew up rough in the hood and everybody showed me love

    2nd ur gay for saying lil wayne is a real nigga when he kissed two niggas

  75. B.Bryant TrulyBlessed

    The first part was so unnecessary

    Yomoma Smokeckrackrocks

    B.Bryant TrulyBlessed called intro

  76. Bob Dylan

    You all think he is cold because he says it 50 god damn times this nigga is the coldest nigga on his period

  77. Treyvon Norris

    The beginning though

  78. jonathan satterlee

    jokers tight but hes no hopsin. lets be real

  79. Details

    yeh ice cube the realist nigga on disney lol

  80. Details

    the joker and hopsin are both good stop havin a competition with other peoples work jeez

  81. Michi

    This beat is nice tho

  82. jh299110

    wow! this is the worst!

  83. Andrew Henning

    2:05 Tha Joker goes in my nigga.

  84. Johan Sjogrell

    yea ur rite

  85. adm west

    y is he not signed but chief keef and soulja boy is?

  86. POP

    wrong hopsin is kinda cold,joker is 2 cold


    shouldnt have dropped it after batmans joker should have fused the shyt it would of bin sick as fuck but u dropped n killed it

  88. King JokerBoy

    My niqqa come back 2012

  89. vandad13

    ledgers probbly rolling in his grave

  90. EttieSpence

    I want to throw a dictionary at your face.

  91. Nick C

    Umad bro? Yeah umad.

  92. Swiisherr

    You troll like a dumbass but a dumbass would have a better comeback.

  93. Jessalyn Dimaggio

    62 people ar not serious

  94. Avery Hixson

    In English please?

  95. Robert Mck

    Why yall serious