Testament - Troubled Dreams Lyrics

Troubled dreams
Of a wandering nomad
Damned to be all by myself I travelled far
Following bright stars
Through the endless desert sands
Starring off into the sky
Down on Myself
Loneliness brings my demise
Oh,what a nightmare
Here we go
Leave me be
Why must I please them
When I can't even please myself
Deep in thoughts
But I still feel so
Lost in endless despair
Starring off into the sky
Down on myself
Loneliness brings my demise
Oh,what a nightmare
Here we go
As you soon realize
The nights so black I feel blind
Should I keep wandering on
On and on and on
There's just one thing you should know
No I can't take it no more
Two wrongs don't make it right
Right or wrong I can't take it
And in the end you will find
Find me a peace of mind
Forever lost
Severing my thoughts
From the dream I must seek
Time to end
This aggravation
The nomad spirit lives in me


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Testament Troubled Dreams Comments
  1. Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    if this is Testament's "black album", it's better than the black album

  2. Rodolfo Corona

    Esto es una mierda un insulto al buen rock no mamen agan buena música como el rock progresivo hacen música para viola dores

  3. ᄀᄒᄀᄒᄀ


  4. James LeClair

    Hmm according to you tube comments every song ever made is underrated.🤔

  5. Cem Akkartal

    This song has amazing guitar riffs, very underrated.

  6. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪

  7. King Diamond

    Nowadays this album sound much better than earlier! Some unexpected album from testament, that was earlier and i did like it first about this, the ritual song and it's my favorite and still is. The ritual is my opinion best song in this.

  8. alexander ferus

    Excellent metal 🤘💀🤘🏻🎸☠️🎸

  9. Mike Salazar

    Testament sounds like testament

    James LeClair

    I think their ripping them off IMO.

  10. james

    Wow! What a fucking gem! Makes me feel like going out and punch a few random people in the face! Great fucking metal tune!

  11. Hitman1m1

    #Testament    THRASHTASTIC \m/
    #HeavyMetalHitman     face book

  12. Splifford Doobois


  13. Robert Simpkins

    Why is there a DMX song on a Testament album? DMX sucks! Testament Rules!

    TheUnholiness Within

    +Robert Simpkins What?

  14. Nycholas17

    A good closer to an otherwise kinda boring, uninspired album. This one has more of a grooving crunch to it. Testament rocks. 

    Alix Rendell

    +Nycholas17 "Agony" kicked some serious ass, though. Love that track.

  15. gReGsKi GmAiL

    and that was it from the mighty Louie Clemente, I loved his style of drummin' loved the studder step beats, they always sorta swung you and it wasn't just a blast beat after blast beat from him, ol' skool Thrash


    Isn'it magical?


    το γκαντεμιασες το θεμα!

  18. alex gibbs

    someone thumbed down when you said that,b ut mind you, there's only 31k views, so give it time. come back in a year ;D. not much might change cuz its not a popular video though

  19. lōrd_kaurin

    Testament Rocks \m/

  20. zac candelaria

    but we shouldn't be arguing we both love thrash it's a great genre let's just leave it at that

  21. zac candelaria

    '86 is when thrash was at its peak thrash was around before that

  22. zac candelaria

    i don't think so, legacy came out in '87, metallica had released 3 albums by that time, slayer 3, anthrax 3 and megadeth 2. while still good albums, the thrash movement was well underway by the time the legacy was released

  23. David Abernathy

    Although this is sounding badass to me....the comments I am reading seem to be coming from a younger generation who may not remember The Legacy or The New Order....these albums helped define the 80s thrash movement and sound totally different to the later albums. But there is still a place for this music, in the listeners ear!!!

  24. sbtoolman12123

    How in god's name did these guys NOT make it much bigger???Can anyone answer me that?I mean just listen to them!I have been a testament fan since souls...

    Rat zo

    Bad business deals, and inconsistency

    Wynn Helm

    Necrobump; but it's a marketability thing. Testament shows start with roadies lighting incense and a sortof group rallying/bonding ritual that puts the moshers in the right frame of mind; and the room or open air begins to steadily become teargassed in weed. Testament plays HEAVY, and have been very open about how weed is just part of their show. The stigma for it in the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s made them the best band that major labels wanted to avoid (and have their signed bands avoid touring with.) It's fucking tragic

  25. Chuloloc

    @MegadethAcdclover Interesting. To each opionator, their own.

  26. Fernanda Reyes

    maybe it was a some lil thrasher hating cuz his band cant make good awesome creative stuff other than repetitive things, or maybe cuz they suck at guitar :)
    So Many lies is an awesome song & this album is a masterpiece!

  27. Fernanda Reyes

    Once again who cares about Metallica or any other band, when this is Testament playing!!!
    Idk bout you people, but if they were in the beginning wave of thrash, they be on the top as well!!
    they have the best ballads, and when it comes to kicking ass Testament is here :D
    Appreciate the awesome talent, and that no other band sounds like this!! long live TESTAMENT!! They are 100xs better live!! <3

  28. Alex

    My whole childhood (Im 17) I thought he said "and in the end you will buy me a piece of pie."

  29. Yuda Ben

    powerful.... i dig it

  30. ShreddinThrash

    All these fucking comments about metallica on testament videos from inexperienced metalheads really annoy me. 'This sounds like hetfield, this sounds like metallicas tone/riff'. WTF!!! Have any of you ever noticed that metallica arent the only fuckin thrash metal band. Listen to most of the NWOBHM before them. Basically thrash riffing ffs. Sabbath done it with children of the grave and sympton of the universe. Heck, there were shitloads of bands like metallica around that time.

    alexander ferus

    ShreddinThrash Agreed


    Yeah, really. The black album is the only Metallica album this sounds like, and Ritual came out the same year (not later).

  31. bluefukingreene

    @packman402 its my opinion phella.ive heard every song theyve ever done.the first 4 records are great.i dont like the radio crap they did in the 80s at all.loves bites,parental guidance,turbo,hot rockin,livin after,another thing ect.weak shit.nostradamus was a rancid turd fest of over thought gluttony,enough slow riffs to fill 20 albums, terrible.the hidden and out right obvious homo overtones i dont like in my metal sorry.demonic isnt great but its not as bad as turbo,that album is a gay turd.

  32. packman402

    @bluefukingreene "Demonic" sucks.
    "priest in the 80s were laughable" ?
    1980-British Steel
    1981-Point of Entry
    1982-Screaming for Vengeance
    1984-Defenders of the Faith
    1986-Turbo (weakest)
    1988-Ram it Down

    all above, except where noted, are good if not great albums. 2 are bona-fide classics.
    learn some shit

  33. maria adamou

    Not one single dislike. now that i like

  34. whitedwarf13

    TESTAMENT THE RITUAL! Their cool album!!

  35. bluefukingreene

    @metalrulesforrever i mostly agree with you,however i scanned the entire priest catalog and after the first four records theres a real big drop off,littered with gay for the lack of a better words. however testament has no trash in their catalog.no bad albums front to back..priest in the 80s were laughable on many albums and flat out boring to boot.painkiller was the last grope for them boys.i like mercyful fate better than priest to be truthful.lots of gay overtones on many tracks for priest.

  36. Abdallah Madyan

    @inniallanotte and you are the most retarded person ever!

  37. bluefukingreene

    theres not 4 bands better than testament in the metal world.

  38. Ian Schouten

    When all else (Metallica) fails, turn to Testament.

  39. Zoey Warecki

    rediscovering testament and remembering how i used to rock out to these songs! hells yeah!!!

  40. jagermeister04

    @DerekPillers1 I agree!!! Gifted! not a bad vocalist to actually

  41. Mistah Taylah

    Getting into TestAmenT for the first time. This record, one of the best in all metal music.!

  42. pedjazoo

    @yngwie8 The lyrics are not blasphemous. Otherwise I wouldn't listen to the song. The lyrics of this song in fact dont make any sense at all but who cares, the music is absolutely brilliant and own all the garbage of contemporary music.

  43. Barry Rafferty

    @IMBACHABRI not at all, the ritual is an amazing album. Its just metallica only had 4 good albums.

    Vic Rattlehead

    If you take out Dave Mustaine songs, Metallica had 2 decent records. ouch

  44. Agoraphobic

    @wealldie12 In that case,testament sold out with ritual,which is very cool album ><

  45. Barry Rafferty

    @IMBACHABRI yeah but you see, Testament and Metallica are different. Because testament didnt sell out in '91 like metallica did with that black album bullshit.

  46. Agoraphobic

    For some reason riffs remind me of metallica.

  47. roderic winkel

    lol ad this is supposed to be their worst record hehe cool testament kicks ass even i their " worst" That is to say this album was to quickly made but I ain't complaining HAIL TESTAMENT!!!!!!!

  48. econgblues626


  49. Matt McGhee

    fuck em testament is the shit

  50. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Welcome to the land of...TROUBLED DREAMS!!!! Amazing album dispite a negative comment on the So Many Lies video about this album being boring. Thanks for posting the videos. Much appreciated. Hail Testament.