Testament - The Ritual Lyrics

Say hello again, my friends
I've got to go
The ritual calls to me
Silent insanity
You really thought you'd never
Be the one who bleeds
It's all so clear to me now
Why they can't see?
Revelations breaking through
The truth distorts
Untimely accident
Your precious mind is lost
Try to regain again my friend
Your sanity
The ritual calls to me
Melodic agony
You really never thought you would never
Be the one who bleeds
It's all so clear to me now
Why they can't see?
Free away your mind
Walk behind the blind
Kill yourself killing time
Oooh, what'cha gonna say
When you are on your way
On your darkest day
Hey Darkest day
say goodbye again, my friends
I'm coming home
The ritual calls to me
Distant reality
Unless images expose
What I can't see
The ritual call to me
Won't ever set me free
You really thought you'd never
Be the one who bleeds
It's all so clear to me now
Why they can't see?
Fry away your mind
Walk behind the blind
Kill yourself killing time

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Testament The Ritual Comments
  1. MC KFC

    The first time I dropped acid was the day this was released. I remember because my beloved idiot friend I rounded up to poison just bought it. This song always kind of reminds me of something. Hard thing to describe.

  2. marcelotigre79

    Me hace acordar mucho a mi amigo Ariel Quispe, lo dejé de contactar cuando se volvió macrista, una lástima

  3. Nabucodonosor

    Perfect song

  4. oui.

    4:26 to 4:41

  5. istanbul travel channel

    müzik değil,bildiğin terapi arkadaş

  6. Mark Strong

    underrated album - you hear many negative comments but they havent listened long enough

  7. rené schärer

    One of their best songs! I love the voice... Real metal!

  8. G L

    Δε θυμάμαι να έχω ακούσει πιο "βασανιστικό" κομμάτι από αυτό.
    Χμμ ίσως μετά έρχεται το commissar των Savatage.

  9. Dale

    That first lead where Skolnick opens up, just mind blowing. Never get tired of this. This whole song is a masterpiece.

  10. Zam Matt

    Only song that makes the Dark so inviting..

  11. 456tranding653 Grilling545

    It's really amazing song of the best songs with long solo parties.

  12. James LeClair

    My intro to Testament back in the day and boy did this song ever grab ahold of me. It still hasn't let go........

  13. Al SoCal

    April, 28 2009 - Today - April, 28 2019

  14. Tyrrell Hardy

    This song kicks so muck ass. Be the ONE who bleeds...

  15. Chris Skehan

    2:55 when someone says Metallica is better than Testament...

    KoolKid 101

    Wow. How original. |:(

    Chris Skehan

    @KoolKid 101 Wow how original. |:( lol

  16. tekubus

    wow. the big four was invented by Scott Ian to unjustly put himself in a league he doesn't belong. Testament arguably hold the number two spot in a true big four.

  17. Reccos 1990

    Too slow

  18. tiazen diogii

    da paura.

  19. Wesley Tozzi

    Skolnick é muito monstro

  20. Scott Bentley


  21. Xavier GOSTANIAN

    Super album !!!

  22. Xavier GOSTANIAN

    Super album !!!

  23. Michael Emanuele

    Not that the song isn't altogether phenomenal in every regard, but at around the 4:38 mark, that pinch harmonic guitar scream in the background gets me every time. Skolnick is truly a master at his craft.

  24. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    They deserve a place in Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

  25. King Diamond

    Much earlier, this feel pretty disappointment album but then when i listen this song,,mostly a whole album open to me, i love mostly a whole album, i think pearl album but quite best. This album win all newer albums clearly, the gathering album feel disappointment, the ritual is better, much! But i did like the gathering album too but after all it's not that good, what i thinking that now.

  26. Beer Hound's Beer Reviews!

    This song is Mind blowing.

  27. King Diamond

    My favorite song in album!

  28. Winter Queen

    I love this song so fucking much <3

  29. Samantha Leslie

    I really love this song so happy found it forgot the name of it

  30. Samantha Leslie

    My favorite testament song

  31. Isea Eisenhower

    Say goodbye again my friends
    I'm coming home
    The ritual calls to me
    Distilled reality

  32. Mike Salazar

    Alex is the man

  33. Jason Tarantino

    Those Skolnick licks around the 3:45 mark and on are so tasty and perfectly executed!

  34. Bebars Hosnie

    skolnick is the man

  35. George Kazanjian

    Its fucking criminal that Eric Peterson isn't more notarized as one of trash musics most prolific writers. He's written some of the most beautiful and aggressive thrash riffs of all time.. The man is in the same league as the greatest musician Mr Steve Harris!

  36. Harold’s Hell

    Back in 98 I always wanted a tour that consisted of Testament, Slayer, Pantera ..

  37. Manuel González

    Junto con Metallica y megadeth y Helloween, son los cuatro mejores grupos de trash metal .


    Helloween ? trash ? JAJAJAJAJA

  38. luis lobo maquetilandia

    si algun dia invoco a cthulhu utilizare esta musica,,,

  39. Megadeth 1

    Epic fuckin song...!..\,,/\,,/

  40. Ramiro Villalobos


  41. Marty Friedman

    2:55 when you're 12 years old and someone kills you on COD

  42. Liz

    I can relate to this song.

  43. Edgardo Penman

    I Have a teacher who says that testament is a cheap copy of Metallica! What do you guys think about it??😆

    Vito DiGiovanni


    Shekhar Sharma

    Edgardo Penman , , lock your fuckin teacher in a room, will woofers, playing Testament, at the loudest for 3/4 days and then ask your fuckin teacher, who is a copy....

    Edgardo Penman

    hahahhah, thats not a bad idea! thank you!

    ELiZaBETH Hope


  44. Patrick Mayer Sr

    Best firewood cutting music ever....😶...in the nineties! Back in the day......remember?

  45. marcelotigre79

    Saludos, Batata

  46. Shedim76

    Pure class.

  47. Ponyodown :3

    bandao da porra

  48. Daniel Collins

    this is definitely the best '90s song that decade period.

  49. Daniel Collins

    this is, hands down, my very favorite '90s song.

  50. Ziggy Rocka

    sign tribute the soul needs rest

  51. Ziggy Rocka

    I deleted much respect everybody

  52. Geyza

    amazing ! \m/

  53. Bruce Dickenson

    I first had this album back in 1992. Damn am I that fucken old now?

    zeb vanzandt

    yea but you got your own 747 dude, you're still kickin ass n gettin paid as long as you pay homage to the all seeing

  54. Ryan Columbretis

    One of Skolnick's masterpiece...

  55. Jeffry Devenyns

    Moody as FUCK

  56. jonathan Lindermann

    Holy fucking shit

    Shekhar Sharma

    jonathan Lindermann , fucking shit ???? Seriously !!! You fuck shit ???

  57. watcher

    The Ritual and Trail of Tears are my two favorite ballads.

    Marcelo Castro

    watcher the ritual no es una balada ...kill yuorself killing time......

  58. carlinfan4life

    Alex's solo is fucking eargasmic! Fucking A!! He is quite a master of the fretboard!

  59. Randolph Carter

    Hey darkerst day.

  60. Tony Houle

    This is a very inspirational song!

  61. Andrés Rivas


    Xavier GOSTANIAN


    Xavier GOSTANIAN

    Super, fantastique !!!

  62. Warrior Jim

    considero que la agrupación es una de las mejores bandas en su genero.

  63. Dave Shredder

    That solo goes from Clapton/SRV to Malmsteen/Satriani/Vai in a split second. There's no one like the mighty Skolnick!! One of my favorite solo EVER! FUCKING HAIL ALEX SKOLNICK!!!

    after shock

    +Dave Drake Damn right!..Alex is a fuckin true beast!

    Jeff Rogers

    +Dave Drake I have a magazine with an interview with Alex, and he stated that David Gilmour was the inspiration for the bluesy part of the solo. He said he wanted to sound like David without ripping him off...

    Randolph Carter



    Dave Drake he got it from Rory Gallagher....as did who you mentioned. even jimi called rory the best

  64. kevin venner

    Saw this concert tour! It was freaking fan f-cking tsstic"

  65. Tim Gilbert

    The interlude before the solo and the solo take me to my happy place!!

  66. Atesvebuz

    Dat solo!

  67. Jason Farmer

    This song is so epic! Can't wait to see them next month with Exodus! Thrashterpiece!

  68. Bill Vrabel

    Fenriz says this is a good fucking album, I've been saying that since this was released.

    Decespugliatore Nucleare

    There's a couple of good ones, but the rest is more or less shit. It ain't got NOTHING on First strike is deadly and so on - thank God they got back on track later on in their career (THE FUCKING GATHERING).

    Beer Hound's Beer Reviews!

    Shut the fuck up Punk!

  69. Hisham Saada

    Not thrash and slow but still EPIC 

  70. Remenissions1998

    This song definitely puts me in another dimension. Thats just how good this song is. A spectacular 7 minute and 33 second song. Listen to this at around 3 am and you may have the chills like I kind of am right now at 2:39 am.

  71. TrenchStormer

    My big 4:

    Nuclear Assault


    Demolition Hammer motherfuckers !!!

    Как это возможно

    ecodus is good


    Take slayer out and put overkill in

    Agris Alonderis

    Nuclear assault got less reckongnition than they earned

    Agris Alonderis

    But if honestly - thrash has more good bands than 4 and everyone of them earned place in some list - Heathen, Demolition Hammer, Xantrix (my choice), Scanner, mighty Coroner (especially Coroner), Sepultura, Asphyx, a lot of.

  72. zeb vanzandt

    so good....this song used to appear in my dreams waaay back in the early 90's....it's hypnotizing. Hear the message..it's beautiful.    Darkest Day..

  73. Jacob Wells

    Hey, TestAmentTtoons, you missed the lines "Screams twist in harmony," and "Blinding lights reveal thoughts that should not be" in your description

  74. GlassLegend#

    This will be my Funeral Song  Thanks


    The ritual calls to me  Scream twist in harmony   Blinding lights reveals those thoughts that should not be  The ritual calls to me  Silence insanity

    Shekhar Sharma

    GlassLegend# Amen brother 🙌🙌🙌


    Thanks, mine too. Amen

  75. artur żmijewski

    RELoad is good album..Just try "Carpe Diem Babe" or "Where The Wild Things Are" - are full of atmospheric groove from Stephen's King books..And the sound of Lars drums is fuckin' great!!

    Joshua Thornton

    I disagree. Load is better than reload and even load sucks. It sounds like a mix of rock and grunge (not good grunge like AIC either). A good album is and justice for all.

    alex gibbs

    @Joshua Thornton
    and you know what? i bet he disagrees with you, doesn't mean either of you have a valid point or are right/correct.


    Does this have anything to do with Testament's "The Ritual?" 

    brian branham

    No ...actually i don't think you should be able to ....considering Metallica invented this and without them this band or any of the other Bay Area Thrash shit wouldn't exist Well they may have existed but it's highly doubtful and without Metallica chances are they would have fucking sucked sucked shit through a straw. Just accept the fact that all of this shit you love so much wouldn't have amounted to DICK without the KIngs  of American Thrash.

    Ziggy Rocka

    are you kidding me,never has,band with a draw string

  76. assarhir yassine

    Testament rules !! 

  77. Shae Wood

    metallica is awesome . but they cant touch Testement.

    Alex Saucedo

    Amen to that

  78. Shae Wood

    HELLYEA. ELBrisho

  79. Shae Wood

    say hello my friends I've got to go. LUV this shit.

  80. Thanos

    4 pepole dont know true metal.....

  81. Splifford Doobois

    this song beckons for Halloween, with it's bony finGUH!

  82. Red Daniel

    I think this would fit in a dark dungeon in a videogame..for some strange reason

  83. mike titsucker

    yes, thats very true, but testament hs never really put out a bad album...

  84. BrentJohn

    That's a cheap shot. Metallica has MUCH better albums.


    Then Testament?

  85. ElBrisho

    I get high from listening to TestamenT ballads without even smoking anything. I love TestamenT


    ElBrisho this song is a badtrip of pure reality

    R Bess

    Been a fan while they were on rise... Playing techniques are highly formidable and their instrumentals I found flawless. Even when the band split... they were still on the path.

  86. overkillforever1

    Good joke.

  87. Hater666ism

    U wanna hear joke ? LOAD & RELOAD

    Shekhar Sharma

    Hater666ism , Metallica's much better albums, hahahaha !!!!


    Shekhar Sharma so you’re trying to say that load, reload, st angry, death magnetic and hardwired to self destruct are some how better albums than anything that testament have ever done. That quite hard to believe since I don’t recall testament selling out after their most successful album than their whole career going to shit

    Alex Saucedo

    Metallica's load and reload is a load of God awful shit. Just piss pour albums. Dont know what the fuck Metallica was thinking

    metal hammer

    Metallica shit away any credibility long ago.

  88. Juan Pablo Vargas Aroca Vargas Aroca

    you forgot Load and Reload, two examples of the shit thath Metallica maked with his music. Testament rules!!!
    they still doing really thrash

    James LeClair

    Juan Pablo Vargas Aroca Vargas Aroca sorry not everybody is locked into a small narrow minded box. Plenty of us liked both of them albums . I happen to enjoy variety and having a band come outwuth album after album that sounds the same is fucking BORING!

  89. Eric P

    Saw these guys when they toured for this album, supporting Maiden on their Fear Of The Dark tour. Awesome band \m/

    Odell Watchman

    I was at that show in Phoenix

  90. anonymousDerp

    Who care what you says?

  91. halavejus ciurkslys

    who cares what he says?!

  92. 95dank

    the eye...it just moved!...Oh shit, i forgot im high, lol

  93. overkillforever1

    St.Anger....need I say more.

  94. MusicJamin330

    Good one.

    Xavier GOSTANIAN

    Super album !

  95. MusicJamin330

    ...And you're just plain dumb. Testament crushes Metallica in every single way possible. Chuck is a much better vocalist and can do much more, The musicianship is top notch which is something Metallica lost long ago that Testament still has (Check out their new album Dark Roots Of Earth for proof). Not to mention that Alex Skolnick smokes Kirk Hammett at lead playing. Any Testament album you hear has really solid drumming as well. Can't say that for Metallica. Your argument is invalid.

    Shekhar Sharma

    MusicJamin330 , You are right brother man !!!

    James LeClair

    Hey everyone has an OPINION guess what else EVERYONE has, I'll give you a clue it STINKS and is usually full of SHIT.

    Drew Atkinson

    He's right though. You could put any past Testament drummer (Clemente, Bostaph, Lombardo, etc..). above Lars. Even Lars admitted that he not a great drummer. Same for guitar players too...James Murphy on his worst day is still a better player than Kirk Hammet on his best day.

    Testament will always chew Metallica up and spit them out in my opinion.

    Alex Saucedo

    @Drew Atkinson . WELL SAID. i so agree. At lease TESTAMENT sticks to THERE roots. Love me some TESTAMENT. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  96. derrek grapp

    This and the ballad are my two favorites from this band!

  97. Jarrod Nunn

    Metallica is so much better than this POSER METALLICA wannabe band. This is more like some "Alice in Chains Huffing Sparaypaint" album released only in Mexico. METALLICA!!!!!!

    KoolKid 101

    In my defense, both bands are awesome.

    metal hammer

    You are not a metalhead, Metallica invented poser thrash asshat get a clue.

    yo mama


  98. Charles Raziel

    Absolutely spot on. Skolnick was far and away the best lead guitarist of the big 4. continue on. lol


    Skolnick & Poland for me