Testament - So Many Lies Lyrics

I didn't mean to offend you
But you were way out of line
And I can't help the way I feel
Who said I feel fine?
I'll only give you one warning
Then you must realize
The day of judgement is closing in
your selfish ways bring your demise

He who lies
Evil pays
Who are you?
Who made you anyway?
Wrong or right
Who's to say
I wanna know
Who made you God today

Slave to the ways of the system
Soon to be crucified
I've seen into your darkest fears
The ones you cannot hide
I know where you go when
Your fears start showing
You run, You cannot hide
Will they respect you when
You ask of the world,
Forgive me for so many lies'?

He who lies
Evil pays
Who are you?
Who made you anyway?
Wrong or right
Who's to say
I wanna know
Who made you God today

Is there a need to pretend
To be a man, so divine
And even if I offended you
My truth you can't deny
I know where you go when
Your fears start showing
You run, You cannot hide
Will they respect you when
You ask of the world,
Forgive me for so many lies'?

He who lies
Evil pays
Who are you?
Who made you anyway?
Wrong or right
Who's to say
I wanna know
Who made you God today

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Testament So Many Lies Comments
  1. Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    if this album is Testament's "black album", I prefer it to the "original" "black album"...

  2. Alexis Montiel

    This reminds me to "A touch of evil" by Judas Priest.

  3. Case Lee

    Oooooh!!! Fuckin Aye

  4. Yuri Zopov

    After the first 2 albums, they took the commercial mainstream... But the first two Im still listening to. Cheerz!

  5. Bob Shy

    And the next song is...….LET GO OF MY WORLD!!!!!!

  6. Nps1016

    Such a good song, never getting tired of listening to this album, not a bad song on it.

  7. bloose73

    Favorite testament song! Kicks ass!

  8. 456tranding653 Grilling545

    He could leave a president's post, but he doesn't want, damned parasite, bastard! I'm living in Netherlands.

  9. 456tranding653 Grilling545

    Can be to devote*
    I'm sorry for my grammatical mistake...

  10. 456tranding653 Grilling545

    This song, in this moment, maybe to devote to Vladimir Putin, he's really many lies to their crowd


    This fits our current US president much better.

  11. Dan Garlock

    CRANK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brett Hale

    very rarely do you hear a song that's heavy as crap, has a killer groove, AND is packed full of so much melody. Hats off to Mr. Skolnic and the boys.

  13. Donn Orante

    Lock n lol child

  14. Vandal King

    Testament are awesome. Period.

  15. jon osborne

    3:20-3:58 one of the best solos in metal

    Jonathan Missael Hernandez Morales

    Ne, hay mejores en el mismo Alex. Para mi el mejor es practice what you preach

  16. Marrku 524

    The people that sit there and talk shit about Metallica and Testament in the comment section are some fake ass fucking metal heads enjoy all of the bands if you don’t like them that’s fine but don’t sit there and talk shit posers

  17. MC KFC

    These guys truly squash Slayer in musical ability

    James LeClair

    Comparing apples to oranges. They both maybe under the Trash genre but they have completely different sounds and styles of playing. Most of Testament's songs are more of a melodic sounding thrash while Slayer goes for the heavy riffing on crack/ crystal meth speeds. Moronic trying to compare the 2.

  18. Savatage Fan

    So many lies in our world!

  19. Steven Edmonds

    Testament>metallic a no comparison better musicians from top to bottom period!!!

  20. Pierluigi Lentini

    The song is very very Magic!!!

  21. Xavier GOSTANIAN

    Un super album !!!

  22. Pierluigi Lentini

    Dall'Italia un grande abbraccio a tutti i veri fans del Mitico e sano (TRASH METAL) dei primi anni 90...Questo è un grande pezzo dei grandi "TESTAMENT"..!

  23. bobeyejoe


  24. jon osborne

    Sickest solo

  25. King Diamond

    I think, this is one bests albums for sure, this song is my one favorites but my favorite is, the ritual definitely, also heaviest album ever! In then when i bought this cd, i don't quite surprises about this album, not so energy aggressive as testament is usually but pearlest anyway, all songs are very pearl, none bad songs in, how i like this.

  26. Rob A

    Alex has done SO many good things since this ..

  27. Scott munro

    Play this song when I broke up with my ex last year 😂

  28. King Diamond

    Good cd!

  29. King Diamond

    Great song, album win all newer albums brightly!

  30. Raymundo Aragon

    Testament makes my day every day 😎😎

  31. youtiuptore

    Sounds of an evergreen metal!

  32. kellilocks

    soooo glad i was a teen in the 80s and grew up with this stuff from the beginning :D man.. the shows back then, the scene. the thrash scene that is... i wouldn't trade those memories for nuttin'. and soooo glad i got to see Testament (my favorite thrash band) on their last tour through the Carolinas !!

  33. Dan Garlock

    Love this tune

  34. Daniel Collins

    My name is Daniel. in case that you forget, the meaning of my name is, 'god is my judge'. so if you pretend-god by judging me out of hypocrisy, then i will use a reflection field to brainwash you into killing yourself! and if you are so guilty of idolatry and self-righteous that you figure that i should cower in fear of you; then know that you will wish that you never had no such wish for any black soul. because any heart that is the root of all evil is incredibly efficient at transforming fear into both anger and hatred!

    Daniel Collins

    i am a soul of black. my brother in-the-spirit is also a soul of black. he is known as 'creeping death', even though most modern-day anthropologists deny him! i don't want you to fear me. i only desire your respect towards both myself and my rights as the post-modern demonic servant of god: the demon of truth and knowledge, the master of orion i am... through me: all freedom is new. i have plans already set into motion to use both guns and butter to end slavery of the gentiles. freedom shall conquer the galaxy as an unpredictable pathogen conquers it's host organism! long-live free-market capitalism including respect for private means. freedom calls persistently very loud!

  35. Daniel Collins

    honestly: this song closely approximates how i currently think about the human race! i don't have to believe a single word that any single stupid human has to say!!

    Daniel Collins

    and whosoever chose to make you god today also made the mistake of pissing me off! all that humanity has proven to me is the reason that humans are simply NOT ready for knowledge!

  36. mario azahuanche


  37. N a r b a r i o N

    T E S T A M E N T !!! Yeah !!! \m/

  38. Steven Edmonds

    cool way to send her off haha

  39. D C

    Seriously, the Metallica comparisons are done without any true knowledge of Testament. Much better band and a better Lead guitarist for damn sure! Alex smokes all over Kirk. Without question.

    Deadlydawn 17

    Even Chuck's Air guitar sounds better than that of Kirk

    Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτης

    Skolnick totally owns Hammett man!!! in fact Skonick is the best lead guitarist out there right now

  40. Norbert Janz

    Sounds like Metal Gods. "We've taken too much for granted" etc xd

  41. jacob slade

    Who the fuck needs djent when you got this massive fucking thrash to mosh to

  42. Deus Todo Poderoso

    Algum br ?

  43. Liz

    Underrated album. Applies to world events today.

  44. Patrick Mayer Sr

    Best woodcutting music,EVER...........😶..........remember?

  45. Rohit R

    Background music for cucking.

  46. Viewing Account

    Return to Apocalyptic City tempo should have been the album version's as well.

  47. J Sour

    TestAmenT is best thrash metal band hands down !!!!

    Rich Coulter

    Jonathan lindemann fuck yeah, chuck's vocals & Alex's riff's & solo's are untouchable.


    beg to differ, have you not heard of kreator and death angel?

  48. Juniore Guerra

    Screw metallica. They went POP or mainstream. Testament kept it real....... real Thrash meta, that is.
    This is one of those fucking heavy songs that just fucken rule. Love it.

  49. Big Daddy

    Why do people bring up Metallica under a Testament song?


    the very end of the lyrics sounds alot like James on the vocals, but only that.

    Arka \m/

    @Big Daddy Coz they are just a third tier imitator of them

    shawn 9k

    @Arka \m/ A third tier imitator that is far superior to Metallica.

    Arka \m/

    @shawn 9k Superior in sucking and writing 10 times inferior cloned songs and be a 3rd tier worthless dickrider whose existence is as worthless and irrelevant as the sun on a full moon night, I agree

    James LeClair

    @Arka \m/ YAY!!!! You have a fucking opinion, good for you. If you don't like Testament WHY the FUCK are you here? Just to be a dick I suppose, how surprising.

  50. MVP Dave

    whenever I listen to this song it always gets stuck in my skull. Testament sure are not as popular as the "other guys out there" but i gotta admit songs like this are top notch shit! One of my favorites by far.

  51. pfizzbones

    This is for the status quo and for Hillarys. Wake up people.


    And now this is the brazilians voting song.

  52. Desdenova


  53. Adaminaby Angler

    Holy fuck this is epic!!!!!!!!! So formidable!!!!!!

  54. Robert Cabrera

    song kicks nuts

  55. Slayer Dkuban

    TestamenT came in this album with a lots of ballads in mind,They are Huge

    Wynn Helm

    Ballads? Return to Serenity notwithstanding, it's just slower and heavier. More towards metal's blues roots- also waaaay ahead of it's time. Listening to the first 4 Mastodon records always makes me want to listen to The Ritual again :D

  56. Slayer Dkuban

    Metallica is a lame proved,Metallica is a lie a big lie

  57. Snake Man

    played this right after my divorce hearing ........ ex looked pissed ha ha ha

    Zach McMillan

    Snake Man Yeah baby,she made a so-called joke about taking MY dog back and I said;point-blank,"over my dead body you will!" She turned around,climbed her fat ass into her car and left! So much for honor among thieves!!!

    RealRobert Hours

    Snake Man update:this guy hung himself 18 months ago.

    RealRobert Hours

    Updateupdate: he still made my lunch for 2 bucks an hour tho.

  58. mario vohl

    this song reminds me whwn i was 12 years old..one of the first song i ever loved :)

  59. quazzie1

    To me, this is far and away the best Testament album. Next is Low.

    James LeClair

    My favorite but that probably is because this album was my intro to Testament. Other than that I love their entire catalog.

  60. Adriano Pires de Carvalho

    I used to dislike this song, but I can now realize it's awesome. I've never expected to come back to it and give it a new chance.

  61. Geoff Dunn

    testament rips metallica's pussy sell out bitch asses

  62. bloodcorer

    Metallica are better than Testament and Souls of Black is a bad album. Oh, so many lies!!!

    Julien Oro

    bloodcorer you can t understand What metal is!!!! The most stupid this i ve read

    Thrash Machine

    Julien Oro he said so many lies, because he thinks that Souls Of Black is a good album, and Testament is better than Metallica

  63. TheCorrectViews

    Here is another song that they will never do again. Just never.

  64. joshgriffin1976

    My favorite album after The Gathering!

  65. Splifford Doobois


  66. ronnie james Dio

     HE WORLD THAT WE LIVES IN TODAY HAVE................................................................................................

    Metal Former

    Has always been like that as far as i am concerned. Sometimes things get just uglier. I love looking back on these songs how many are still relevant today!

  67. Lukas Skully


  68. AgentFlea

    Walking Dead theme?

  69. radrcer

    this is the best testament song....look no further

  70. Splifford Doobois

    Crunchy Tune

  71. Jorge Gines

    Yes, that's why they have sold out the O2 Arena in London for the first weekend of August :D

  72. Bassist Atheist Ozz

    I'm 29 & I fucking LOVE Iron Maiden!!!!!

    jacob slade

    Bassist Atheist Ozz im 18 and i fucking love testament

  73. MajorPwnage96

    I went to see them August 18, 2012... I'm 16, are your sure about your statement? Excuse the "I'm X years old and love this kind of music" chatter.

  74. Uilson R

    Walking dead theme song sounds like the guitar solo prelude

  75. IndianaJoel93

    You're kidding right?

  76. ZygaFrojd

    Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, Metallica.

  77. dukehater

    Where the hell is Iron Maiden? They aren't even on the map anymore. I haven't heard their name in 20 years. They must be on tour with Suicidal Tendencies on the "Who the hell are these guys?" tour. Anyone under 40 has no idea who they are.

  78. dukehater

    Btw, Testament plays Metallica covers live from time to time. Which is paying the ultimate respect to a band that paved the way for the others that followed. Phillip Anselmo's band has opened for them many times. So go ahead throw Pantera on that list of followers as well. Funny how you say they are dead yet most of those other bands were playing in clubs and bars and tiny venues before metallica invited them on tour. You should be praising them for bringing the others back to life. Respect!

  79. dukehater

    Because Metallica influenced all of the bands associated with thrash dick. Funny how everybody says they are sell outs for changing their style of music, yet Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax all went to grab the money when they had the chance to tour with them. At least Metallica isn't riding the coat tails of someone else's music for the "money grab". I like all of those bands, but enough with the Metallica hating. Thrash would have died in somebody's garage without them.

  80. Chris Spicer

    they till and sow the dirt while others reap the harvest.

  81. CreatureFeature'87

    Great song..I can really relate to it. Best advice, listen with your eyes closed. If you like goosebumps.

  82. MelanicDisaster

    A little overrated, but still talented musicians.

  83. ZaganEngelseinSans

    you're right man.... agree with ya 100%.....

  84. 61third

    get the fuck out no one likes you here, go listen to your bieber bf

  85. Maidensfan1

    I pity your mother for giving birth to a piece of shit like you. By the way, Metallica fucking sucks...

  86. Bonedust

    This song goes to one of my fucked up cousin's.

  87. John Hamler

    Thrash Metal starts and ends with Testament. That's all I gotta say... Wait. Anthrax is pretty good too. Wrong or right, who's to say?

  88. kristdaoud

    kashmir ......metal version :D

  89. virgult

    You're missing the entire Tampa death metal act... :)

  90. insidethefall78

    terribly overlooked album, the songwriting on this one is superb.

  91. Patricia Amador

    Luv This Song...!! =0)

  92. bzymph

    chuck billy lived through cancer? holy fucking shit.


    Yes. There was no supporting tour for The Gathering. Same time we also lost the other Chuck...Schuldiner. they rallied for each other. But we lost Schuldiner.

  93. Lauritz Andersen

    I like both chucks new and old voice.
    If you cant appreciate both, i don't think you are a testament fan... - It's still Chuck, man.
    The guitar riffs are still kickass
    So are the bass riffs.
    And the drums is still heavy
    - I don't see why u don't like it.

  94. MaelSechlinn

    The best band of the Big 4 era, too bad they're not included...

  95. hailmetalforever

    @Disturbed4Life99 1990-Kreator coma of souls (classic)

  96. shadowfall1976

    @Disturbed4Life99 1991, Metal Church - The Human Factor