Testament - Return To Serenity Lyrics

I'm gonna take you
To a place far from here
No one will see us
Watch the pain as it disappears
No time for anger
No time for despair
Won't you come with me
There's a room for us there
This innocent beauty
My words can't describe
This rebirth purity
Brings a sullen tear right to your eyes
No time for anger
No time for despair
Please let me take you
'cause I'm already there

I'm so alone
My head's my home
I'll return to serenity

Rhyme without reason is why children cry
They see through the system
That's breeding them just so they die
So please let me take you
And I'll show you the truth
Inside my reality
We shared in youth

I'm so alone
My head's my home
And I feel
So alone
You know
At last
I'll return to serenity

Now that I've taken you
To a place far from here
I really must go back
Close your eyes and we'll disappear
Won't you come with me
Salvation we'll share
Inside of my head now
There's a room for us there

I'm so alone
My head's my home
And I feel
So alone
You know
At last
I'll return to serenity

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Testament Return To Serenity Comments
  1. ᚨull ᛗoon

    still amazing!

  2. Dafyd Maddz

    Masterpiece right here.

  3. lend OP

    2020 ? 😜

  4. Matt Neri

    Brutal I remember listening to this on my sony Walkman at school looking across the street at the cemetery and the line breeding them just so they die and wow

  5. Skyclaw

    One of the best ballads ever. Amazing vocals by Chuck.\m/

  6. Zeed Deed

    This song reminds me of Felicity

  7. מדרגות- madregot mc Israel

    Thanks you testament by support my life and my soul in hard time life in the very long and cold past. Madregot m.c

  8. Delmy Alaya

    Testament !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ozlem Kocdemir

    🙌uzun aradan sonra tekrar ve tekrar

  10. Adrian Marchionni

    Christmas 2019?

  11. Victor Yanda

    Timeless classic

  12. morgoth bauglir

    I like the acoustic version better ....

  13. Michael Williams

    I love the soloing from Skolnick and the delay effects making his guitar sound like bagpipes!

  14. Satanic Panic

    Got a Hellyeah feel to it! Or vice versa!

  15. Rumen Bojkov

    The best

  16. axeman

    never a bad time to jam to this!!!!

  17. Dee A

    And, if you do not understand why...just listen to that solo. On top of excellent lyrics?
    Ffs. *Swoons*

  18. Dee A

    In the vacuum of space when "hair metal" died out, and grunge rock was still being birthed in the American Northwest, we were gifted this.
    Bow to it. Bow Deeply.

  19. LuisDaniel Diaz Maestre


  20. Steve Con

    One of the best songs ever. Nothing these days even comes close. Metal bands got it down. There will never be songs this good ever again.

  21. H -D Sportster Seventy-Two


  22. Duggs Metal Movie Jukebox

    Testament does the best metal ballads


    Won't you come with me
    Salvation we'll share
    Inside of my head now
    There's room for us there ✝️

  24. DettMetal

    Testament is one of my preferred metal bands. They really got it!

  25. Ninad Sakha

    Welcome To Nepal

  26. Herr HK Waldgeist

    People keep talking ´bout Dethallica and stuff... the big 4 without Testament is a hoax. Just sayin´
    Shout out to all those mothaföckers right here in the front!

  27. Eduardo Zamorano

    el meo colin si o no

  28. Bruce Banner

    Great song...

  29. Melissa Cooke

    I love you!

  30. Serenity Rountree

    Yes, return to me

  31. Anastasia Kendall

    This song makes me cry. I listened to this after my pet was euthanized. I love this song, but I hate that I have to be like this. The lyrics "I'm so alone, my head's my home," speak to me on a personal level as well.

  32. Parker Dow


  33. Jay Satori

    Yes brother !!!

  34. ComeTheDawn 64

    Such sad and emotive music, but enjoyable. The cover looks like the all-seeing eye in a hexagon, as opposed to the usual pyramid. Interesting.

  35. John Doe

    Nice legato work on the intro from Skolnick on the intro and yes he's very underrated........

  36. Nigel

    Skolnick is fucking God.

  37. Mehmet Ensar Ekin

    I love that intro !!

  38. Atle Iversen

    You know,people in Sweden thinks were to loud,so we have to sence down they say.

  39. Ruben Horacio Arias

    the best ,testament!!!

  40. Sebastian

    561 More Bloody Idiot Dislikes And Counting...

  41. Am I

    The most underrated metal band ever...

  42. Silvia Manini

    thank you TESTAMENT

  43. Bobby Miller

    Metalheads who shit on ballads are insecure fuckbois

  44. Armageddon4

    the solo kills me

  45. Bob Parteka

    There's 1,869 comments at the time of this posting. I don't have the time or inclination to sift through them all. But, has anyone noticed how the opening chord progression/chorus are a direct rip-off of Megadeth's "In My Darkest Hour"?

  46. Bhazulle

    Even after years of listening to this it still draws me right back in. Every time. Good stuff this.

  47. last vds

    this remindsme metallika

  48. Amas

    Alex skolnich is an underrated beast!

  49. Dude D haha Dinkli

    Dont shine soo mutsch in the middle ok rock on and live on more music

  50. Dude D haha Dinkli

    What the fuck i cant find the peddle😆rock on

  51. Dude D haha Dinkli

    Rock on and live on more music rock it i röck sounds amazing as Always the 90s

  52. Fintan Cook

    Probably the best metal ballad....

    ...and by probably I mean definitely.

  53. Joseph Schoemann

    To you all I’ve found help in songs like this not because of addiction but other shot in my life bless you all

  54. Jeremy Cubs

    Everyone's all about Alex's solo, what about that amazing bass lines?

    J Sant89

    Because that solo in the intro fuckin sets the mood. This is mood musik!

  55. Luis Salcedo

    That guitar is very amazing

  56. Dominic Scott

    Would you believe when I went to live in Miami in 1992 I bought this T-shirt even before hearing the album! Testament my favourite band!

  57. Wilman Imbachi

    Excellent hp

  58. Kyle Reese

    This is why metal will always be one of if not the most superior genre out there, so much emotion, talent, passion, ability.

  59. Geyza

    Awesome <3

  60. Wayne T

    Right in the feels.... That solo

  61. Pedro Gerreiro

    i love this album.

  62. shawndale jim

    For some reason this song reminds me of Simone

  63. Thom Macy


  64. Tatys Lugo

    Me encanta esta canción 👍

  65. Duggs Metal Movie Jukebox

    Would be kinda cool if they did something like this again

  66. Zenja Stephens

    Intro riff- buildup
    Anti drop- out of key riff- buildup-solo

  67. xD Geht dich n feuchten an

    I dont unterstand how there can be so many people out there which prefer all that crap music about this...

  68. Giovanni Joseph

    not sure why we have only 2 million plus like for a song that is one really hard song to copy or play. The guitar work is so stellar here. I know as I play it live at times. Its not easy. Great song Alex.

  69. Steven Merrick

    It's all in your head , rock on and behave rockers of the future.


    de que año es este tema ?

  71. Gaetan Landry


  72. Lilith 626 Lezcano de Barrios

    Lo acabo de escuchar es tranqui

  73. Nuno Hardy

    Pefect trackk from the best thash band in the world

  74. attilathehun0


  75. sugarbaby76jf

    real music not corporate

  76. longliveavalon12

    God grant me the

  77. Shawn Hellion

    This is true metal

  78. Sidartha Gaur

    This album gave me an insight into metal. Bought the cassette in 1992 and I still have it. Testament are one of the greatest thrash bands ever.

  79. Neil Fox

    Who here in September 2019? Timeless master piece 😜


    Neil Fox Dec. 2019

    TheMetalGuy Rokks

    Fuck off w these stupid questions. We've been listening this since it came out and will in future

  80. David Silver

    Most calming metal song ever

  81. N.Yassine Bel

    2019 anyone ?

    TheMetalGuy Rokks

    Yes idiot even in 2019....dumbfuck

  82. Just Passing

    Awesome solo

  83. Jerry Lopez

    I vote to change the "BIG 4" to the "BIG 5" with Testament being the nice addition!

    Patrick Duke

    'Dis is good dude. However, I prefer to vote with my feet.

    Dafyd Maddz

    My big 4 has always been Maiden, Priest, Savatage and Testament. Bollocks to the cliche bullshit.

  84. Jack Brent

    Best Power Ballade ever!!

  85. sPongebItch bObface

    And this is why i will never be able to tolerate palatable pop. Metal has spoiled me.

  86. Tobias Kappler

    War am Freitag bei Metallica in München. Testament wäre der beste Support gewesen!

  87. Shawn Hellion

    Damn I miss the days when metal was metal\m/

  88. Tomaso Prodi

    isn't it "We shared in my youth" ? awesome upload tho' ;-)

  89. Daniel C

    Truly what I needed to hear right now.

  90. Fat Molasses

    At last the ghosts return to serenity llm


    Oh my god I haven't listened to this in over a decade, yeeeeeeessss

  92. ჯუზეპე


  93. LunebachRose

    There Best Song...Love it....

  94. Paula Catlover

    A friend of mine just got me to like ONE metal song when he played this. Nice accidentals and offbeat notes by the guitar part, a minor key, and three or six beats. My favorites.

  95. Dewey Tucker

    I love you forever Testament. Thank you

  96. Dewey Tucker

    Testament, the masters of layers of sound. The ranks of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, get my point?

  97. William Bach

    I was never really into Testament, but this song played on one of my playlists, and it really got my attention. I can’t stop listening to it!