Testament - Dog Faced Gods Lyrics

Of dog faced gods
Through the Nile sands whisper
Of ancient times, mayfly names
Flickered and gone
The blood and honey
Dripping from their jaws
Through the Nile sands whisper
Ancient times, fade into the dawn

Of dog faced gods
Manifest in the night
The sacred rights
Handed down through times of old
Dark words of power
Blood upon their tombs
Through incantations
Locusts fly, signaling doom

Confirm who I am
Contort all I can
Conceive sorcery
Corrodes disbelief

Of dog faced gods
Dead civilization
Through priests of power
Invoking life of the ancient one

The blood and honey
Dripping from their jaws
Through the Nile sands whisper
Travel through time to the land unknown

Confirm who I am
Contort all I can
Conceive sorcery
Corrodes disbelief

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Testament Dog Faced Gods Comments
  1. Frossen Vintersjel

    Eric Peterson's band "Dragonlord" fucking crushes!!! Anyone who hasn't heard them yet really should check it out. He's on vocals with that group.

  2. wira triputra julianto

    This album mix between Thrash and Death Metal after Alex and Loui gone from TESTAMENT after Ritual Album. Great fuckin album than Saint Anger By Metallica.


    I remember when they played this song last year, it caught me off guard! So glad they played it, I always thought this in particular was such an underrated song!

  4. Christian Caracciolo

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh revientooooo

  5. Charles Greenwood

    James Murphy really added a dynamic to this band during that era!

  6. Matthijs Jansen

    This is so 1994.yet so badass .

  7. goatbut29

    Tempesta with the fucking best beats for this monster!!

  8. King Diamond

    But only some songs Chuck's growls are greats, like Low song but dog faced gods is almost full death metal voice, so i mostly skip this song. Testament isn't death metal band, it's thrash metal.

  9. King Diamond

    But i don't like this death metal voice so much, only some bad in this.

  10. Thrash Machine

    I’m 14 and hate what people my age are listening to. This is real music 🤘🏻

    Gay Retard

    no one cares

    Thrash Machine

    Ashy Larry love you too


    I'm 11
    I freaking Love this band!

    Aftershoq Drummer

    Thrash Machine I’m 13 and am in a band

    richard irizarry

    Someone is doing good parenting! Keep up the good work.

  11. Avok Toln

    Holy shit, I just turned into Demon-Beast and started to eat the steel frame of my 1966 ford truck as i am Jamming to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...……..still remember my 1st cassette od theirs and THAT concert bk in 80s was awesome......LEGACY!!!!!!

  12. Dont call me Rudy

    hell yeah the lyrics are right this fu knows whats up

  13. goregod orthodox

    what a great album! I listen this for almost 15 years and still kicks!

  14. John Mcfayden

    Bang ur fkn hed!!!

  15. Locust Dawn

    Hands down my favorite Testament song.

  16. Drej 17

    this song was inspired by the movie Stargate

  17. OpnDoarPlcy

    Never forget that your god always watches. From the couch or the bed, the dogs see all.

  18. Eddie The Head

    Now Exodus can do God faced dogs

  19. Lamont Scott

    all testament Dogg faced gods kick ass all day and nite fav album all time stand high never low.

  20. Axl H.

    Man... that main riff is kinda scary... awesome tho

  21. Rock-Riista-Reissumies

    Brutal! This is THE Song for them who eat metal songs for breakfast.

  22. Boss Hogg

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

  23. Trisha Quinones

    Testament forever!!

  24. Zen Khan

    What an intro.. Amazing tune!

  25. Alex Ferus

    good thrash Metal !!!!!\m/

  26. Dolorosakil

    One of the best Testament songs, Billy's vokills on this track kill!

    King Diamond

    Dolorosakil no really.


    Chuck faced death metal

    Al SoCal

    Dolorosakil Falling Fast along with this one.

    Bryan MacLellan

    you know it

  27. damnyoumaggot

    James Murphy lives here in Polk County, FL . You'd think I'd run into him somewhere, but sadly I have not.

    Lamont Scott

    that sucks .

  28. MrKunt

    Heard this for the first time yesterday, and I don't think my neck will recover for a very long time. Fucking awesome track.

    Snake Plissken

    +MrBannystar Welcome to a much larger world.

    Lamont Scott

    that what this head banging ass kicking album suppose 2 do bro.

  29. nyhardcore18

    That solo though

    Hari Menon

    My brain just melted and it felt so fucking good!

  30. Adam Bliven

    Like energy

  31. GuitarPlusChannel


    Brian Namtar

    Oh I get it.... cause James Murphy!

  32. cesar zavaleta rivera

    Yeah!!!! Motherfuck!!

  33. Hitman1m1

    #Testament    badass \m/
    #HeavyMetalHitman    face book

  34. Shaun Hamilton

    Definitely underrated in the Testament catalog.

    Lamont Scott

    fuckin damn straight.

    Eddie The Head

    +Shaun Hamilton testament as a whole = underrated

    King Diamond

    Shaun Hamilton not really, why someones thought testament was underrated? not at all, not so popular only, not same thing really.

    Crebs Park

    Trump told me in a dream this is his favorite song.

  35. Kalyosa

    Fuckin Testament lml


    Heavy Metal Hitman Face Book \m/

  36. Andres Tipan

    De los mejores temas de Testament!

  37. Wild Bill

    This is my golf playing music. 

  38. Alex Moon

    What a great fucking intro! One of my best Testament song!

  39. NoneBuriedDeeper

    When they don't play this live I leave so fucking pissed off.....lol.


    not many at all, maiden came in 09 and metallica in 2010 but not much else 

    Keltke GK

    +NoneBuriedDeeper They played this song live in last Latin America tour along with Cannibal Corpse!!

    Captain Barrett Coldyron

    Yeah it's a rare gem these days. They did play it in 2010 when they opened for Megadeth and Slayer.

    Lamont Scott

    u wouldn't b the only one lol

    Eddie The Head

    Tour faced dogs

  40. McGARVEY

    quite a new fan of testament as only started listening to metal around 3 years ago,glad i did fucking awesome

    DrewGee 502

    YES!! My second favorite metal band behind only Megadeth 👍

  41. C Gilmore

    I met Eric Peterson in LA in Jan.
    Told him Testament was my fave band..
    He asked what album?..I said Low
    He Asked what song?..I said Dog Faced Gods
    His exact words were" I love playin that song its so Ferocious! !

    Lucas Gianoli

    I love that he actually asked "Which album... which song..." XD

    Hari Menon

    That's awesome in so many levels. And you gave the perfect answer...\m/.

  42. natewebs

    This is better than their new stuff.

  43. Bryan MacLellan

    ya i agree

  44. Tyler Ries

    7 people are dickwad whores

  45. brutaldmcccp

    Fuck, this is agression !!!! |m|

  46. Brian Reddish

    Yeah and,among other things,he also played brilliantly on Obituary's finest album,"Cause of Death".Everything he's played on is a classic.

  47. gReGsKi GmAiL

    interesting lyrical melodies, a bit outside the safe zone

  48. Tyler

    This was one of James Murphy's best projects. He was also awesome in the 'Spiritual Healing' album when he jammed with Chuck Schuldiner's band Death.

  49. Mao Templar Campofranco

    The fabolous "James Murphy's influence"


    Nope. It is all Eric Peterson. Murphy just filled in for the brief solo part.


    2:25 .. i came

  51. John Akyuz

    Cats are the Guardians of the Under World

  52. Mike Mohn

    They just thought Testament referred to a bible lesson.

  53. Andrew Anton

    I used to have the tablature book for this album and i remember this song in particular being really fuckin' hard to play.

  54. Mart Arbenflart

    fuck they spawned...there are 7 of those little pigs now

  55. Arnie Smith

    Na. 7 people just don't know great music when they here it

  56. Andrew Drash

    7 people are ass faced gods

  57. Edmond Themeli

    7 people got piranha faces....

  58. Dan D

    You are so hardcore.

  59. enigmamachine

    Brutal track, love Chuck Billy using 'the growl' but definitley glad he doesn't use it all the time

  60. Hunter Gill

    testament RULES

  61. 78jpeg

    the government is dog face gods

  62. OfficialDyer

    Such a great song

  63. The_Slayer

    5 people are dog faced humans

    Lamont Scott

    lol. p.s. love the slayer logo another kick ass trash band.

  64. Crowbar Justice

    @AngelicStorm1 Anubis...

  65. TheHeavyMetalStew

    5 people are ass-clown gods

  66. MrMrjaymz

    Plz stop disliking so ppl will stop making stupid puns. thnks

  67. Andy Jones

    Made my drum cover of this. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  68. Andy Jones

    I love this song. I think I want to do a drum cover video of it. \m/

  69. Crowbar Justice

    @marinegrunt0341 Bastet isn't that bad

  70. Slade McKiller

    4 people are fuck faced gods

  71. Logan Brown

    4 people........just suck!

  72. BladedVaults

    4 people are just plain dog faced.

  73. bossblackbear

    John Tempesta made this album GREAT. Period.


    bossblackbear totally fuckin agree!!!!

  74. CrawlingSludgeFish Magee

    @inhuman96 You're insane.

  75. Diego Jimenez

    i think testament is good...but honestly some of there stuff bores me....they need to have more songs like that first riff...that one kicks ass

  76. Garen King

    I can honestly say that I don't like this... I'm more about their Thrasher years, this sounds like Death Metal to me.


    Practice and souls suck from their thrash years

  77. Peter Amaral

    I remember around 1997, after the Demonic album, Testament was having a contract dispute with their record company, they were considering changing their name to "Dog Faced Gods"

  78. philold09

    awesomness.....NO. BADASSNESS

  79. Brian Moore

    Ear porn, this song fucked my ear!!!!!


    Meg Griffin should be informed about this song

  80. Skippy Deluxe

    @marinegrunt0341 hahahhahaha gayest comment EVER bro!

  81. mat lynch

    The Snare at the start gets me everytime. Legendary!

  82. robinzhooded

    I usually don't like testament, but this album is really good.

    Arka \m/

    The Legacy is their best album

    maxime chenevoy

    @Arka \m/ The gathering is their best

  83. MindFury

    Great Album.

  84. breakneckcrash

    It's sad...this album has really awesome songs like the one above, but the others suck.


    I almost named my band after this song. haha

  86. Mauricio Contreras

    the best of chuck billy

  87. metali10


  88. bloodcorer

    underated album

  89. blessyou

    great song

  90. TheMIKE263

    awesome solo

  91. RageCage64

    @theGDbatman8686 totally! exodus should be in there to. it should be the big six!

  92. Awel Enriquez

    very smart band...

  93. Eugene Bakman

    @thsterrain Gotcha! Thanx.

  94. thsterrain

    @king666nothing "Dog Faced Gods" refers to the gods of ancient Egypt, depicted as human bodies with the heads/faces of jackyls.

  95. Christkiller Chris

    Dog faced Gods...DEAD CIVILIZATIONS through priests of POWER invoking life of the ANCIENT ONE!!!

  96. Eugene Bakman

    I never understood - is this song about gods who have dog faces? Or is it about one time when some dog met gods? ))) So weird.
    But balls-out amazing song nonetheless.

  97. Ben S

    Testament should be considered in the top four.