Testament - Chasing Fear Lyrics

And never coming back
Even when your eyes are open
Everything turns to black
Soon forgotten senses
Incubates the soul
Hiding from the light fantastic
Waiting for the show

Reality starts to fade
Creeping stare behind dead eyes
As the minutes burn the day
Inactive wandering
Still can't get a grip
Can God hear your cry
Before you start to slip

Chasing fear
Human mind unglued
That fear is chasing you

Endless waiting
For nothing to appear
Even when your eyes are shut
The visions are so clear
Harmonious dissidence
Obscure reckoning
Did you hear that final note
Of silent suffering

Chasing fear
Human mind unglued
The sickness inside of you
Chasing fear
Nothing you can do
That fear is chasing you

Loss of function
Withering of the will
Condemned to a state of nothing
Moving in for the kill
Brain cells slowly boil
With memories intertwined
Listening to that empty space
Atrophy of the mind

Chasing fear
Human mind unglued
The sickness inside of you
Chasing fear
Nothing you can do
That fear is chasing you

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Testament Chasing Fear Comments
  1. Joe Dazey

    Alex is Skolnick is one of my fave guitarists period. With that said, ex Death (Notably) guitarist James Murphy killed it on Low!

  2. James LeClair

    1 of the most OVERUSED words especially when it comes to the Metal genre” Underrated”, apparently the base of metal fans are completely ignorant and have NO CLUE as to the meaning of that word, not a surprise though people don’t seem to know the meanings of a lot of words.

  3. Chris Hagy

    This is Testament's most powerful album; a mixture of Death, Thrash, Groove, and straightforward metal.

  4. Deep Flu

    year 1994... my friend came with this song to me... he said, you should listen to this... after 44 seconds, I stopped the tape and  I said, wtf you bring it to me! I immediately went and bought the album.... never disappointed...

  5. altuğ şener

    They needed to make an official video for this song from this album. Not the Low.

  6. redgreenblue12356


  7. Ryan S.

    Great tune.

  8. David Vazquez

    So much truth to this song

  9. alexander ferus

    \m/ >.< \m/

  10. alexander ferus

    excellent Thrash Metal !! fuck the 4 idiots that don't like it

  11. jh2090

    I know a lot of people didn't like this album but I have a lot of respect for it

    Lech Kowal

    I don't get it. It's one of my favourites. What is not to like here....

    frankie saenz

    too bad,theyre missing out

  12. José Carvajal

    I love the Intro of this song, just amazing lml

  13. Alex Ferus

    \m/>.<\m/ awesome Metal

  14. Mitja yoman

    great song-underrated.

    Marshall Law

    +Matthew Gasparic This is my song!
    I always chase fear but find that in the end fear is chasing me!

  15. Pedro Maidana

    tremendo tema de una Inmensa Banda!!!

  16. Hudson Lucena

    Vocals sounds like Mudvayne

    Joey Lummox

    Hudson Lucena no

    Marshall Law

    you mean Mudvayne sounds like this! This was before Mudvayne!

  17. athathoth01

    All I hear Is genius, creativity. You choose to hear cults. They meant for you to hear that. Dumbasses. Testament are not the DEVIANTS that you aspire to be. Like Steven King, they write books, only in musical form.


    So well said my friend.

  18. Hitman1m1

    #Testament   KILLER!
    Need More Metal?  HMH On facebook

  19. theanonymousjondoe

    The quintessential best metal intro of all time, bar none!

  20. Christopher Walrath

    that opening growl from Chuck "Fear" is the sickest thing in metal period.

  21. Christopher Walrath

    By far my favorite Testament song!!! they never play it life though wish they did...

  22. gReGsKi GmAiL

    I swear Chucks distinct voice is up there with the likes of Ozzy, Dio (R.I.P.), Dickinson, and Halford

    Crebs Park

    as long as there's no second voicer like fear factory, its all good. that stupid bitch ruins every song.. especially their latest album.. smh

  23. SinisterManiac

    I saw them back on the American Carnage tour in 2010 and they played "Dog Faced Gods"!! Shit was badass!

  24. G'eZz(Gaston)

    the metal is the best genre of music, i've ever heard, greetings from Argentina.

    alexander ferus

    indeed \m/

  25. marioandluigi012345

    On "Low"-Chasing Fear.
    Later, on "The Formation of Damnation"-F.E.A.R.

  26. carlomagno rodriguez

    0.28 the orgasm starts!

  27. robmlisanti

    This song destroys!!

  28. miracleofsound

    It's panned to the middle of the speakers, it has the lower frequencies scooped out and it has a mild delay on it to make it sound 'distant' :)

  29. Steve Leclair

    hmmmm.....saw these guys live some years ago. They DO NOT disappoint.

  30. sodomyandlust91

    YES YES, why couldnt testament play stuff from this album live.

  31. fuu fu

    @ChuckSchuldinerRIP0 what a shame

  32. Fluffguden

    One of the best songs ever made on one of the best albums ever created..

  33. Chad

    @saw3456 This is the most underrated song in metal, period. Lyrically the strongest song on quite possibly the best metal album ever. Possibly better than Anthrax, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, and Lamb of God....


    So true , actually can say that about most of TESTAMENT's catalog.

  34. purseonal2010

    The beginning of this song is so killer! I love this! One of their most underrated tunes.

  35. Maestro Geppetto

    @mystikrhythms61 yeah there comeing out with a new album

  36. fuu fu

    @AncientBarbaricEvil what is is with you and 666?

  37. Kollin Horn

    No Lie...just got a cramp from headbanging.

    David Vazquez

    So much truth to this song

  38. schlitzg


  39. Destia1

    this is .... unbelievable

  40. TheRokkis

    @HellSpawnJellodude I'm too tired person for that. You'll figure it out someday yourself, or it might be that I'm wrong. Either way it would be pointless, since the important thing is to just listen whatever we both want to. It was stupid act from me even comment the music, now when I think about it.

  41. TheRokkis

    @HellSpawnJellodude There are other ways to do that, than make half-assed copies of one song and stuck them in.

  42. Jeremy Fisher

    if i had to choose their best album id be flippin a coin for "the new order" and "practice what you preach"


    Practice sucks ass, The Legacy and The New order are their best

  43. TheRokkis

    Every song sound same through the whole album =(

  44. Christkiller Chris

    TESTAMENT!!! Chasing Fear...This song FUCKING RULES but then again EVERYTHING from TESTAMENT FUCKING RULES!!! 616...666...616

  45. Christkiller Chris

    CHASING FEAR is one of the best songs off LOW!!! 666

  46. Christkiller Chris

    Chasing Fear!!! Great song and it also has an Arabian feel in it!!!666

  47. Christkiller Chris

    All I have to say is...TESTAMENT!!!

  48. Christkiller Chris

    Testament are and have become the NEW METALLICA...They still live up to the old Metallica slogan...BANG THE HEAD THAT DOESN'T BANG!!!

  49. matt kotsoros

    @asocietyred lol

  50. peterabelard


  51. WoopyJR77

    Good album. Testament is prolly the heaviest band i have ever heard.

  52. asocietyred

    damnit i thought we were the only band with a song called chasing fear