Testament - As The Seasons Grey Lyrics

Take a look,what do you see
Image in the mirror
Yesterday is yesterday
You'll meet your marker
I know that time grows old
Can't stop the seasons
Shifting sands slip through your hands
Time is gone before it's begun...

A little more
A little more for every day
Lord why
Oh tell me why
Do the seasons slowly grey?

Days of blue just turn to grey
The picture slowly aging
Nothing left to the memory
Death will not forsake them
God fearing people say
They are not afraid of dying
So why do they turn to faith
When faith has no meaning in life?
Time worn,worn time
Say goodbye to yesterday
After life,life after
It's all the same
The golden years bring out the pain
Death rolls in like the seasons change
You've lost all hope but still you pray
Aging eyes that fail to see
The mirror has been shattered
Death's knocking on their door
A vision filled with laughter
I know that time grows old
Can't stop the seasons
And as the end draws near
The story's over before it's begun...

A little more
A little more for every day
Lord why
Oh tell me why
Do the seasons slowly grey?

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Testament As The Seasons Grey Comments
  1. Geoff Galt

    This kind of music rejuvenates my soul. This is my church. We need more heroes like Testament.

  2. Metal Power

    devastated album from reviewers in 1992! The Ritual is a wonderful work!

  3. lawrence tsosie

    Testament drought on reasons to mosh, party and piss of the whole neighborhood.

  4. John Platt

    One of my favorite road trip bands.

  5. MC KFC

    Return to the black from which all came and all shall return.

  6. lawrence tsosie

    Testament knows the true meaning of grey. Then you mosh your own ugly face off your skull. Hahaha!

  7. Asan Seil

    This song lights a fire under my ass larger than the core of the earth!

  8. Zam Matt

    Skolnick u r incredible

  9. James LeClair

    Fitting song, so far this spring has been gray, gray and more Fn gray!😤😤😤

  10. USNVA

    A song about our impending fate with aging and facing death..... I like it!

  11. Alex Saucedo

    My fifth favorite album. Love old school TESTAMENT alot. Cool song

  12. Sebastián

    00:16 - 00:29 is so sexy

  13. Dion Heckathorn

    ♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪=^-^=☠♎ KC3AGI =^-^= O.C. Rebel♎☠=^-^=♪♫♪♫♎☠\m/☠♎♫♪♫♪

  14. That Guitar Guy

    You’ve lost all hope, but still you pray.

  15. chrisiv1000

    Looks like they've never performed this one live. Too bad, it's a great song!

    Tim Crawley

    chrisiv1000 The lyrics to this song are so great,, easily one of my top five Testament songs!!🎸🔥🤘

  16. Patrick Mayer Sr

    Deffinative testament...........😶........100% metal

  17. Peter DELAROSA

    Kick ass

  18. Psychoburbian 2015

    25 years since i first heard this song...the seasons continue to grey...

  19. Love

    Énorme j'écoute ça depuis mes 13 ans. J'ai 24 et toujours cette absorption d'énergie en écoutent testament ❤

  20. Tom Davis

    Young pups won't like this type of music ..

    James LeClair

    Tom Davis bullshit my son of 8 loves this stuff along with death, amon amarth and others and cookie monster apparently is the lead singer in all death metal bands.

    Metal up your ass

    But can Cookie monster sing Bohemian Rhapsody?

    James LeClair

    https://www.youtube.com/user/JaimeWester here you go.

  21. Tom Davis

    Rock on testament... great band

  22. mw3fanatic

    "God fearing people say they're not afraid of dying. so why do they turn to faith, when faith has no meaning in life?" my favorite part. so telling and true.

    James LeClair

    Purpose, meaning. Why does it bother you what we believe. It doesn't effect you in any way.

  23. vennexx

    some compare this album to metallicas black album, and i can see that. they were rough but good. this is a great production. great rhythm and groove. slow enough yes still super crunchy to grab onto and get stuck in your brain. clean, tight and professional. had this album on replay for about a month now. still not burned out. how did i misss this stuff back then?!

    James LeClair

    Back then this album was their black album. The album did not get received well by fans, I don't know why, yeah they toned down the trash elements for this one but it's still great.

  24. Jay Wolbert

    one of their best!

  25. Jay Wolbert

    love it, love it, love it!!! This is Warner their best albums ever!!!! :) :)

  26. DarkRavenBest

    My favorite album.


    Same. :^)

    Metal up your ass

    Ура! Наши знают эту замечательную группу, я то думал металисты повымирали.

  27. Joel Uriarte

    beautiful solo


    +Joel Uriarte The Solo is one of it not THE best solo in Testament's career, honestly.


    +Xeo7 i love the solo from "Dead Man's Day" off the Souls of Black album.

    frankie saenz

    @carlinfan4life oh man hands down my favorite from skolnick, he was on fire during that album

  28. chipmunkboots

    Continuous jam...

  29. Lucky Strike

    This is something I use to consider slightly above average, but then I was there in the day buying this on cassette tape from a mall music store. Now it sounds awesome.

  30. Patrick Gifford

    As the seasons grey is a very strong song, true metal , no posing
    other asshole metal bands should learn a lesson from testament.

    Jay Wolbert

    Patrick Gifford well stated Patrick!! I agree 150 percent my brother!

    Tim Crawley

    Patrick Gifford Amen brother!!!!

  31. hopper11995

    That intro is fucking amazing...

    william cann

    Riding into battle cutting heads off your fuckin enemies in full charge!!!!!!

  32. mike titsucker

    i love this record, it has so many great songs! return to serenity is probably one of testament's best songs and has one of their best guitar solos, the ritual is an amazing eerie song, deadline is fucking kick ass, this is kick ass, the whole album is top notch. but ur right, not too many people like this album :/

  33. Abhraxxas

    You're not a poser if you don't listen to this album, although i kinda know what you mean, this is my favorite album with Testament :)

  34. Sonnie F

    when I'm angry I listen to this, then I'd feel better

  35. somethinburnin

    I'm Sober, it's Shifting!


    man this song really rocks \m/

  37. Eparygon Tiamat

    solo amazing!

  38. jimganjaman

    Am I having an acid flashback or is the artwork slightly shifting? (stare at white part )

  39. Chris Jouglard

    damn good track man, testament is the band to see live, i garuntee, you'll dig their show

  40. MaelSechlinn

    I think the OTHER Chuck started the Death Growl, since Death was out a little earlier, however Testament are kings of thrash and Skolnick is IMO the best guitarist out there.
    The other Chuck was a damn fine guitarist himself you know.

    Craig Weidner

    MaelSechlinn damn right!!!! chuck is a fucking awesome guitar player but my favorite thing about chuck is his persanality his so nice

  41. iceman67

    this album kicked ass..

  42. sodomyandlust91

    testaments experimental stuff beats there older albums by a lot.

  43. Stian Schei

    one of my alltime favourite solos by The man Skol, damn, didn't think anybody would point that out since it's one of their less known songs, goood shit

  44. Robert Christensen

    Not to worry - TESTAMENT is FOREVER - All this shit that is called Death growl - well Chuck started it -

  45. Fernanda Reyes

    u said pal, pretty closed minded folks we got here.

  46. Bushanie24

    outstanding song one of the most underrated bands

  47. purseonal2010

    @davyjones21121 Hell yeah, Eric is probably my favorite Rythym guitarists, next to Scott Ian. Both just don't stand there. They walk around stage, and get the crowd into it.

  48. purseonal2010

    This is one of of Alex's BEST solos ever! It's so tasty! You can cut it with a chainsaw!!

  49. João Vitor B. Vanazzi

    one guy was drunk

  50. luigi orso

    i just love this album... there's everything, great riffs, great solos (skolnick's best solos are here!), great lyrics and vocals!I

  51. DarthMohammed

    Another one of the coolest album covers ever, along with Souls of Black. ;)

  52. Hungry Guitar Student

    When this album came out, it was one of my favorite Testament albums. All my friends called it gay, now they're eating their words.

  53. Hungry Guitar Student

    @ 2:36: Now that's a fkin guitar solo ! One of my favorites from Alex !

  54. RandyVanHalen1

    Testament is the most talented band ever. and chuck's voice is pure orgasm.

  55. Niamorg1007

    Electric Crown, Return To Serenity, and this tune are some of my favourite songs ever, all in the same album!

  56. TheDevilclone

    @Fourtwnty420 I hit the dislike button accidentally. Stoned plus mouse is fkd. It was me. Mistake. Sorry guys!

  57. Eric Ebach

    One dislike? Really? For shame....

  58. utoob92

    a good tune to drive to in a lifted truck

  59. david Johnson

    1 of my faves. heavy as fuck.. and great lyrics.

  60. gawetertr


  61. Wolf Vrick

    one the best album!!....

  62. Misshapen Ape _

    This song, electric crown, and deadline. :)

  63. dinkaDPB

    like most testament songs. the intro is the only good part of the song

    Laurent Dupont-Gagnon


  64. MagicRoosterBlues

    Sweet mother of all that is sacred, this kicks too much ass. Hellyeah.

  65. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Another favorite song of mine from the album. Why the seasons slowly...GREY!!!!!!! Hail Testament.