Testament - All I Could Bleed Lyrics

I like to dominate
I create your fate
Many years gone by
I rule society
You cannot be me
I am the master

Can't you hear me, breathing for you
Do not ignore
Reach out to me, put your knife through me
Watch me bleed for you... yeah... right

Try to retaliate
I release your hate
Why don't you bleed for me
What do you need to prove
I can see through you
You're not the master

Can't you see me, dying for you
Do not ignore
Reach out to me, put your knife through me
Watch me bleed for you... dying... dying...
All I could bleed

Can't you understand
Grab life by the hand
Where's democracy
I gave all I could bleed

Fuck government
Land is of the free
Don't take away
Your two bit society
Dying for your greed
Now watch them bleed...
Yeah... all I could bleed

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Testament All I Could Bleed Comments
  1. James LeClair

    Oh man want to like but the counts at 420🥳🥳

  2. King Diamond

    Specific, i like Chuck's growls but not really that death metal voice so much.

  3. King Diamond

    This clean voice is much better!

  4. King Diamond

    One great song in album, legendary album, nothing old school quite, too modern thrash metal but lastest best what i am like it this always, since this came out!

  5. GameN'Guitar

    Testament is always been one of those bands that NEVER got enough credit. They got heavier and heavier a true godfather of thrash. Same goes for Exodus.

    King Diamond

    GameN'Guitar they went more rock elements than heavier, old school Testament is much heavier than very newer albums. Newer albums are crap, Legacy is actually best Testament album ever and comes always be that best!

    James LeClair

    King diamond blow it out your ass they did get heavier just because they strayed from the pure thrash recipe doesn’t mean the albums aren’t heavier, matter of fact they started incorporating death style riffs into the music.

    gamer overload

    @King Diamond bruh you obviously havnt heard demonic

  6. llongone2

    That riff is so dirty; I love it!

  7. MyTony40

    One of Testaments best albums .. With John Tempesta playing drums .. U can't get any better .


    Can you believe he left after this cd to play for Rob Zombie?! What a waste of talent!!!

    gamer overload

    @goatbut29 don't disrespect rob


    @gamer overload Sorry to make it sound that way. I love Rob and his style but after playing THIS?! You know Rob's cd. The tracks are great, the beats beautiful, but nothing near as difficult as this masterpiece. That's all I meant.

    gamer overload

    @goatbut29 understandable

  8. Brunetto46

    classic album this one! with an oldschool vibe

  9. gringochucha

    I really don't understand why they never play songs from this album live.

  10. xramcam

    Chuck Billy is such a badass.

    Alex Ferus

    +xramcam yeah ,this metal Rocks!!\m/

  11. gReGsKi GmAiL

    What's a Testament unoriginal album?

  12. le0n80

    they 2 both are good but this one is more brutal and i like all the songs in

  13. Dimebag Darrel

    So no Practice What You Preach, or Souls Of Black

  14. Music That Matters channel

    I agree. From Testament original albums, this is the best!

    King Diamond

    Music That Matters channel bests, not best. Legacy album is best ever!

  15. James Messer

    this song rocks luv it testament rules

  16. Ogichida Ninda

    Alot of lyrics about our impending doom on mother earth.Can mankind alter the future with a wake upcall? I like to think so for my childrens sake.

  17. DarthMohammed

    @StaraBabaOK Saw them with Anthrax and Death Angel back in October '11 in Dallas. Sadly, they didn't do ANY songs from the "Low" album. Don't get me wrong... it was a totally kick-ass show. That was my only disappointment with Testament.

  18. TheIan1313

    well bestvids, u got it bkwards. He was drumming for White Zombie, and was asked too do this album with Testament

  19. emperor262626

    This song is soooooooooo goooood

  20. Yves Vc

    @IndyHelis just download via youtube.

  21. chupacabra

    so this is the song that i couldnt get out of my head

  22. IndyHelis

    anyone have a good quality mp3 of this they could share? frostwire only comes up with fake warning bullshit... [email protected] thanks..

  23. joeyjoejoe1967

    The more I listen.... the more I like. These guys seem to do that to me a whole lot.

  24. joeyjoejoe1967

    The more I listen, the more I like.

  25. devilive14

    This song shatters any fucking thing that comes on its way...Testament Rules Motherfuckers..\m/

  26. Russ W

    @le0n80 totally agree awesome album \m/ >< \m/

  27. Rados Milicevic

    LOW RULES !!!

  28. Pai3000

    Possibly mine too.

  29. morominaolenmina

    fucking rockss!!!

  30. Thrashlist Smith

    i dont know why people have given you thumbs down for saying it reminds you of rob zombie... i thought the same. and rob zombies awesome too

  31. Keith may

    Tempesta right?
    God i love this album!!!

  32. le0n80

    the best album of testament for me

    King Diamond

    le0n80 Legacy is best for me, this is very great lastest album, The gathering is some terrible, it's kinda ruined album, that voice is almost sucked.

  33. RockManZXFromHell

    Echo voice men...

  34. monkeymagoo47

    Good song, it reminds me of Rob Zombie for some reason...