Temptations, The - Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) Lyrics

Running away sure, ain't gonna help you

Oh girl, why won't you talk to me on the phone?
Every time I call, you disguise your voice
And tell me you're not at home

And girl this cold shoulder you're giving me
I don't understand
Could it be that you've already got yourself a man
If not

Running away sure, ain't gonna help you
I'm gonna get you girl, I'm gonna get now
Running away sure, ain't gonna help you
I'm gonna get you girl, I'm gonna get

Could it be, could it be
That you're afraid of me?
If so I never recall giving you a reason
You know how much I love you

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Temptations, The Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) Comments
  1. Tyrone norfleet Norfleet

    Paul was a BAD MAN,RIP

  2. Bettie Blakey

    One of a kind The Temptations! Sing it Paul! I ove you guys! My Temptations! Always with that great HARMONY!! R.I.P. Eddie, David, Paul, Melvin and Dennis you are truly missed! God Bless you Otis!

  3. Jean Francis


  4. renaissanceman165

    This song has a nice bluesy, country feel to it, with the arrangement, and Paul's delivery. Makes me think of sitting out in a rural backyard, barefoot, sipping iced tea, or lemonade. Check it out! Ciao!!!

  5. Ivan Stax

    Most underrated vocal , so sad the way ended .

  6. AlvinVan JohnsonSr.

    The Temptations were a very special group. Okay Okay David was on drugs. But I would have kept him in the group “ singing “ until he died. The man was a “hit” maker.
    Like Mr. Charlie Wilson. So what he smoked crack . SO ! That was his personal life.
    Like Jesse Jackson had a baby out of wedlock So !
    Mr. Wilson delivered on his songs. And Jesse would help anyone who needed help, and you know this is true. Trayvon Martin , Sandra Bland , all would have got Justice with the help of Mr. Jesse Jackson.
    Thank you Jesse !

    A slade

    They couldn't keep David in the group the promoters was tired of him not showing up and said they will only pay the group if all 5 of them showed up.

  7. Bettie Blakey

    Always love my Temptations!

  8. bassistdc

    My man Paul!!

  9. Allen Friend

    SO amazing how much he sounds at times like Jerry Butler on this song. Still, though, there was only one Paul Williams.

    Robert Velez

    Allen Friend - Not only does Paul Williams sounds at times like Jerry Butler for he even looks like him!


    @Robert Velez I"ve felt the same thing. As a singer, I know the shape of the face, and vocal pallate has a lot to do with the shape, and sound of a singer's tone. Check it out! Ciao!!!


    @Robert Velez He reminds me of Jerry during the T.CB. special, during his duet with Diana Ross, performing "Respect". Check it out! Ciao!!!


    I agree. I also know that Paul would have been a great solo artist, after the Temptations. Check it out! Ciao!!!

    John Anders

    Allen Friend Excellent analysis. Behind Roy Hamilton ,Paul and Jerry were the best. Then some Chuck Jackson.There were some amazing baritones! What would you call Issac Hayes and Barry White .Widh remind me of a joke that Barry should cut Issac Hayes a check for him Definely influencing him.

  10. Barbara Butterfield

    Haven't heard this in years! I was sleeping and this song was in my dream!! Found it on YouTube😁

  11. Midwest Slot Diva


  12. Freddie Wilkerson

    The master what a voice that man could sing his ass off dice Frankford

  13. Freddie Wilkerson

    A hidden gem I love this dice

  14. Judy Gaines

    oh my heart!! paul paul paul

  15. Betty Thompson

    Late Great Paul Williams Sr. gifted, talented, brilliant, dynamic, singers barnone..just had that voice that could just take you away!!! love this guy, wish he was still here gone too soon!!!!#

  16. Robert Velez

    Running Away ain't gonna help you was Paul Williams last great recording with the Temptations! It was written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong and reworked as You Better Beware, a song on their reunion lp in 1982 with David Ruffin on lead vocals!

  17. Jeffrey Huner

    What, who are these boys again?

  18. loveyouall66


  19. Peter Porcelli

    yo ivor.....hope allis well at your end...pete

  20. richard davis,jr.

    Oh My God!!! Paul Williams Singin' Lead On This Great Song! He Was AWESOME!!! The Perfect Person To Sing This Song!


    richard davis,jr. We're you been, yeah Paul did dat, listening to it, and singing along now.

    James Simpson

    richard davis,jr. Yes indeed!! Paul was the Man!!👊🏾👊🏾

  21. Ivan Stax

    I think I might just record a track for my gigs in Liverpool , but just wondering how to compensate for Eddie Kendricks backing vocal, maybe use brass or string , any comments ? Don't like useing backing vocals on my tracks , always sounds to MUSZAK. if you get my drift.

    Peter Porcelli

    Hey Ivor, have you forgotten about my great falsetto vocals? LOL

    Ivan Stax

    @Peter Porcelli
     ha ha nice 1 Peter . Hope all is well. Maria says we need a catch up x

    Peter Porcelli

    @Ivan Stax Yo Ivor, The sooner the better...K.T.F. 


    Well, this is four years later. Hope you found yourself some background singers by now for your Liverpool performance.

  22. Ivan Stax

    One of my all time favourite Temptations songs, lead vocal by the late Paul Williams. Covered this song with a band back in 1972. Classic. Thank you for putting it on Youtube.#

  23. Paige Hamlett

    a forgotten classic.