Temptations, The - Psychedelic Shack Lyrics

Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
People - let me tell you about a place I know
To get in it don't take much dough
Where you can really do your thing, oh yeah
It's got a neon sign outside that says
Come in and take a look at your mind
You'd be surprised what you might find, yeah
Strobe lights flashing from sunup to sundown
People gather there from all parts of town
Oh yeah, what do I call it
You know it's just across the track
People I'm talking about the psychedelic shack

Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Yeah oh yeah
You can have your fortune told
You can learn the meaning of soul
There ain't no such thing as time
Incense in the air
Peace signs painted everywhere
I guarantee you this place will blow your mind
Music so high, you can't get over it
So low you can't get under it (Let me tell you that)
Right around the corner just across the track
People I'm talking about the psychedelic shack

Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at

Millionaires, kings and queens go there to do their things
You might see anybody there, yeah
Bear skin rugs, tails and beads
Don't really matter what you wear
You can take off your shoes, sit on the floor
Join in and be what you wanna be
Don't you know that it's right
Around the corner just across the track
People I'm talking about the psychedelic shack

Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at
Psychedelic shack, that's where it's at

They got a cat there shouting the blues
Talking about paying some dues
People walking around reciting poetry
Screaming guitars and a thousand colored lights
People I'm telling you this place is really out of sight
You can have your fortune told
You can learn the meaning of soul
I guarantee this place will blow your mind
Don't you know it's right around the corner
Just across the track
People I'm talking about the psychedelic shack

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Temptations, The Psychedelic Shack Comments
  1. Janie de Medeiros

    Tears are flowing down my cheek because I remember listening to the Temptations songs with realistic lyrics about life surroundings. At the age of 16 one is so easily impressed into things in life one really does not understand. This song is realistically written and performed by exceptional music performers. Thanks for sharing, a big thanks!

  2. Cashmere Funk

    Shout out to George Clinton for given to Norman and temptation,

  3. James Anderson

    The Temptations pushed the boundaries of Motown Soul into funk and psychedelic rock. This is why they outlasted all the other great soul groups.

  4. G Wise

    I can't be the only 90s baby listening to the OGs..Come on 90s babies Where you at ?????


  5. G Wise

    2020 wassup

  6. ray carter

    @65 i listen to oldies.from all the diff rock but ya got have some motown also.

  7. dognasty3

    2020 and that is still bad, funky, hot, poppin', trill, lit, crunk of whatever you want to call it!!

    G Wise

    Word..this that get up on ya feet and do the chicken 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  8. romerro smith

    Before the song. Just give me the shot please. After the song Paul Paul well that was a disaster yeah Shelley we know alright.

  9. KateLicker

    how could they go from this, to today's black music...?

  10. Ronald Garrison

    It never fails, I always give in! And I don't think I ever heard this version before.

  11. Donald Myra


  12. Tibor Cindric


  13. Kim Maddox

    Detroit soul, and the whole music seine is the greatest, ever from soul, to great rock and role, second to NONE!

  14. Alan J Poole

    Well, ... what can I say, it just don't get no better.

  15. videosallnight

    Better than anything today.

  16. Michael Kelligan

    This song makes me wanna get down! 😂😂😂

  17. Leon Blunt


  18. C WK

    I loved this band! I'm from Detroit and grew up with exposure to every type of music imaginable. I loved funk too. Call me a funky white boy, you betch ya! lol

  19. Sandra the Fairytale Detective Sucks A** AUTTP

    Psychedelic funk

  20. Jim Saldana

    The Temptaions: Masters of Soul.

  21. El Vato

    What fool DOESN'T want to party at the psychedelic shack?!

  22. Linda Hines


  23. Gregory Hertzog

    Psychological science blessing and prayer today and temptations
    Who's we are one love U.S.A.
    Remember red,black and green flag for races to look at musicians band and group most high creator soulful and groove songs and cultural heritage foundation for the people's choice Motown record artists and Motown band and
    Dancing and voice singing
    Remember greatest band and group most high creator
    Created Mr. Berry the president gordy writer music genius musicians forever spirit and stronger will Mr. Strong enough
    And Mr. Withfeild rip
    Loving is really truth real word holy bible miltiary and hero Harlem Manhattan. 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆

  24. Liliane Beeckman

    Come in ...

  25. i me mine

    The one!!!

  26. Gregory Hertzog

    Every album producer and writer music genius barrenx strong and
    Markx Whitefield messages words
    To words in the songs and cultural heritage foundation for the people's choice barrenx strong
    And markxwhitefied
    And the temptations
    Rest,in,peace allways thank you very much for every thing you do prayer and blessing day today keeping up with the respect yourself. 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋😎😘🤔

  27. Carol Moran

    I was there with that song at the frijole New Mexico trying out the new window pane back then best trips ever did take in life

  28. city zen

    Been there? Uh huh!

  29. Samuel Glass

    And people wonder why I skip the radio and go right to YouTube...

  30. ToniA5555

    The Temptations movie was just on the janky Oakland station... again! It sent me to my music collection, and unbelievably, I did not have Psychedelic Shack!

  31. clifton watkins

    Yeah man! I do remember playing this album on vinyl during the early 80's I played it like there was no tomorrow! Best period for this particular band! Excellent!

  32. Adrian Cooke

    Is that The Funk Brothers playing?

  33. Ed Harris

    Public Enemy sampled this...

    Travis McLaurin

    Yes, Indeed!

  34. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Soul meets hippie?

  35. Eugen Țugui


  36. Jose Rodrigues

    How could I ever lived my life without listening to this song?

    z z

    Jose Rodrigues
    Welcome to the fold Baby Cakes!!!!

  37. edgar castaneda

    Greatest jam to get your feet on the go

  38. Yung Faness

    You Can Have Your Fortune ToLd

  39. Yung Faness

    Just Across The Tracks

  40. Yung Faness

    Every Where So High You Cant Get Over it

  41. Yung Faness

    Eddie Kendricks

  42. XCLent0

    Strong Funkadelic influence

  43. Cindy Fairbrother

    Spread the beauty my friends it’s about time.

  44. Cindy Fairbrother

    I got heart and soul. Thanks Lord above God bless all.

  45. Cindy Fairbrother

    Kick Ass Awesome.

  46. Alexis Smith

    Dennis Edwards had that real preacher voice

  47. msteena luv

    The jamming beats and all

  48. DMAJOR Bowls!!

    Public Enemy!!

  49. rex216785

    Who is still listening in 2019 and beyond. 'me"

    James DeWhitt

    I'm still in.. might be lurking in the back row but man I'm cutting it. How can you not?

    Blossom Hicks

    Blossom. Me!!

    Richard Douglas


  50. Rhonda Jackson

    Eddie Kendricks!

  51. Don Whitlock

    Great time to be into music soul groups were going to psychedelic white groups were going to R and B it was all coming together. Then came fucking disco!!

  52. Jul Muhammad

    All in the head🙄The Specialist 😇

  53. ray carter

    maybe i am too old.rap dont cut it. give me motown

  54. Johnny Johnson

    I get hot!



  56. Bowser Jr

    I kinda like the movie version better

  57. GuRu1111

    Oh snap the temptations were on psychedelics ♾👁✨💫😇

  58. Futuristic Concepts

    Yes the Temps were one of the greatest groups ever. But let's look behind the scene and check out the music masters that made us shake our ass and dig deep into the funk. I'm talking about the legendary FUNK BROTHERS. If not for them Motown would have never existed. Google them and have your minds blown!! Boom!!! Those cats were the best of the best with a sound that a chisel couldn't crack!! For real y'all. For sho'.

  59. Greg Reardigan

    Wtf complete bad ass ! Right around the corner just across the tracks.

  60. MsTburch


  61. Javier Sanchez

    Now these are real songs.

  62. lloyd lange

    love their music

  63. Christophe Abiel

    History is not a conspiracy. 🤣


    R.i.p. Eddie Kendricks, my alltime fav! 😇💗

  65. me mann


  66. Elmi Kloosterhuis

    right into my soul...……..

  67. Rummy gem

    Anyone know who the guitarist was/is

    Joseph Pizzo

    most likely studio musicians contracted by Motown

  68. Sheila Palmer

    He was alegend

  69. Lloyd Morris

    I really and truly wanted to be a "Temptation" when I was a little kid. I started hanging out with the future founders of THE BLACK SPADES when this was ROCKING...R I P all of them...Those very fond memories..Peace and Love..

  70. James Perkins

    The World Famous Temptations....need I say more?

  71. bigwille11

    Yes they're still 🔥🦢

  72. A.T. Oliver

    Love, loss, times, then and future generations, what a great group of singer's and men!!!???

  73. MeeBee Cool

    I NEVER heard this version! I grew up in rural Detroit. WOW! These guys really had it then! WHY isn't Soul/R&B music here anymore (Coming from a white guy)? The LITERAL TRASH that is out today has NOTHING to even compare to this! I'm SO glad I got to grow up in "Mowtown", and get the groove on "The BIG 8 CKLW"!!!

  74. Plant Tube

    2019? Still a fantastic song

    Blossom Hicks

    You better let them know!!

  75. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1970 {April 5th} the Temptations performed "Psychedelic Shack" on the CBS-TV Sunday-night musical variety program, 'The Ed Sullivan Show'...
    The following week it would peak at #2* {for three weeks} on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart..
    It reached #7 on Billboard's Top 100 chart...
    Between 1965 and 1975 the Motown super group had fourteen #1 records on the Hot R&B Singles chart, and in addition "Psychedelic Shack" was the fifth of eight Temp records to peak at #2 on the chart...
    * For the three weeks "Psychedelic Shack" was at #2, the #1 record for those three weeks was "Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin" b/w "Everybody Is A Star" by Sly & The Family Stone

  76. Kim Jackson

    Listen to the music but never feel sorry for yourself just keep it moving....

  77. Bettie Blakey

    Love me some Temptations! Always and Forever!

  78. Eaysia Hunte-Frederick

    Here in 2019 ❤️

  79. B. Rod Clark

    Actually I'd prefer not have the 'Can't Get Next To You' intro nowhere but the song itself but otherwise the extended jam is...uh, GROOOOVY!

  80. gianni nisim

    One of the best things ever

  81. Roldan Robles

    2019 and no one can compare to the amazing TEMPTATIONS!😎

  82. Andrew C

    The final 2.5 minutes is smokin hot......what a jam session

  83. mama youm

    Superb! Legendary band

  84. Stella Ercolani


  85. chris mcfarlane

    Lucky enough to see the Temps twice soooo  good they really were xx

  86. Black Butterfly 63


  87. niceand sleazy

    This is da shit..

  88. Jimmie Perryman

    When you hear the tempts.it was like living in a make believe world..we're lucky we live it.

  89. Rolling Light


  90. josef mengele


  91. Gregg Mchenry

    They kick A$$,,love them they rock love the bass in there songs,,grew up on this sweet sound,,

  92. adrian bonas

    The best band that ever lived no ifs or buts FACT

  93. Timmy Tene

    You're listening to DJ Timmy T and WBLS 107. 5 in Stereo in NYC ) A WBLS tribute to the Funk Brothers the soul of Motown 🎧

  94. Gene Carl

    One of the best rock songs ever recorded. Played it over and over in college in 1969. The 60's undoubtedly had the best music ever. Probably because there was so much pain.

  95. willlasdf123

    Lol, I love the "I can't get next to you" reference in the intro.

  96. josef mengele

    man do I love this little number, fuck, and I mean fuck this music of today!

  97. William Simmsons

    What. A group

  98. Christine Terry


  99. Carolynn Tubman

    Well after all these years nothing tighter than this