Temptations, The - Back To School Again Lyrics

Spending my vacation in the summer sun
Getting lots of action, having lots of fun
Scoring like a bandit 'til the bubble burst
Suddenly it got to be September 1st.

Woe is me, all summer long I was happy and free
Save my soul, the board of education took away my parole
I gotta go back, back, back to school again
You won't find me 'til the clock strikes three
I'm gonna be there 'til then

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Whoa, whoa, gotta go, back to school again.

Geometry and history is just a pain
Biology and chemistry destroys my brain
Well, don't they know that I deserve a better fate
I'm really much too young to matriculate

Well, mama please, your child's come down with a fatal disease
Mama says, come on you lazy bum and get your butt out of bed.

You gotta go back, back, back to school again
It's bye bye fun, get your homework done
And better be in by ten

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Whoa, whoa, gotta go, back to school again

I got my books together and dragged my feet
And then I saw this angel as I went down the street
I said, hey pretty baby, how's about a date?
She said, I'm going to school and I can't be late

Well, I could see the look in her eyes was saying follow me
And I was caught
I thought of playing hooky, but on second thought

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
You won't find me until the clock strikes three
I'm gonna be there 'til then

I gotta go back, back, back to school again
Whoa, whoa, I gotta go
Back to school again

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Temptations, The Back To School Again Comments
  1. Lee Bruce

    Flop. Movie

  2. Rらいき


  3. Necessary_Memes

    This actually makes me wanna go to school 😂

  4. Jennifer T Seguin

    Wonder what a 3 one would be like

  5. keh nuh dee

    I blast this song every morning on the first day of school

  6. Kelly Thompson

    It's a good song's and film too on grease1+2

  7. Mathieu Fortier

    80s soundtracks were the best!!

  8. Zakarey Mathew Jaymes

    The Four Tops. So that’s why I like this song so much.

  9. Kylie Harding

    thankyou for posting the soundtrack love it

    Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome :)

  10. msariah

    When I saw this on tv, I never thought my life would be here and so would Michelle P. WTF...🖤

  11. Heather Stueck


  12. Inez Feytons

    I love Grease 2 heel veel beter dan grease 1 leuke liedjes en topacteurs

  13. Roger Swindell

    This is the perfect song to start the school year, It rocks!

  14. Tony Brick

    I don't know what all the fuss was about. I love grease 2.

  15. Jay Gill

    Not a single "black" person in the entire movie as i remember but the opening song is entirely "black" singin'....

    lizzy marlow

    well shit...i never noticed. but it was an 80's america i guess....

  16. 平原直子


  17. fangirl HP

    (Sorry but i'm italian) la canzone è davvero orecchiabile, ma credo che sia l'unica canzone del film carina, anche la trama non mi ha fatto impazzire. Sinceramente preferisco di gran lunga Grease 1. Non trovo neanche il motivo di sostituire il logo del film con una moto al posto della macchina.

  18. cinestarproduction kamins

    excellente bande original

  19. its ELEANOR_

    People are having mixed opinions... I love both movies and both soundtracks, I couldn't choose a favourite .

  20. Phil M

    Fantastic song

  21. buggie41bug

    Thanks for sharing! Grease to was the best grease ever! I hated 1! 😡😡

    Kelly Mark

    you are most welcome glad that you enjoyed it :)

  22. Coffee llama

    Listening to this song the day before school starts lol ... every year

    Lawrence Rodriguez

    I'm gonna do that every time I start a new semester: the night before school and the morning on my way to school.

    Lawrence Rodriguez


  23. Steve P

    The only thing good about grease 2

  24. Richard Smith

    This is a great song even though the movie stunk.

  25. Rivkah Moshe

    I have school tommorow T_T

  26. Christy Pargas

    Grease 2 Soundtrack

  27. jorge luis vilchez huarache

    i am from peru love the music from grease and grease two

  28. Matt wwefan J Depression Happy

    Lobe This Song

  29. Sqirmy

    i feel like im 15 still

    Lawrence Rodriguez

    I hope you did your homework lol

  30. J Bro

    Michelle Pfeiffer's three sexiest roles:
    Grease 2
    Batman Returns
    The Fabulous Baker Boys

    Hollow Man

    Up close and personal is another movie

  31. Kayla Backus

    i love the songs & the movie grease 2 is too awesome😊

  32. SuperMarioJustin4

    Levi Stubbs sounds a lot like his character, Audrey II in this.


    Well that is because that is his natural singing voice no matter what he is singing. So course he would sound the same. He's not pretending to sing in another style voice. This is his natural singing voice

  33. eddie vastag

    this movie was corny and stupid but the music was good.the cast looks so old now.....

    Lavern Merriweather

    Except Michelle

    Suburban Queen

    At least a car doesn't fly away at the end.

  34. NerdyGamer2001

    Bad movie but decent songs

  35. Corgi Mom

    Im still in high school (so I'm like pretty young) and I'm obsessed with 70's - 90's music and movies and I absolutely love this movie ❤️

    Lawrence Rodriguez

    As a guy in his early 30s, I gotta say, you have good tastes.

  36. Michael Jones Jr

    Yes Grease and Motown what an AWESOME COMBO

  37. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard May 8, 1982 ..reached #71

  38. Jesus Delvalle

    Rebel muisc for the bad boy in me I love it not the best movie a Sequel but a great soundtrack

  39. Bri M.

    Awesome 😎

  40. Chris Mulwee

    This is a MUCH shorter version than the one that is sung at the beginnning of the movie

    Chris Mulwee

    @Kelly Mark Also is it just me, or does Michelle do the complete opposite of What ONJ did in the original? If you remember Olivia's Sandy character went from good wholesome girl next door to sexy,but not slutty leather clad woman. Michelle's Stephanie character STARTS OUT as a sometimes leather clad "bad girl"Pink Lady.
    But at the end during the luau it appears that she has changed to sweet and wholsome, simply because she was no longer happy being "bad" 

    kathleen chambers

    +Chris Mulwee Could it be that this movie was a Broadway play before it was a movie (like the original was)? And if that's the case, than maybe the soundtrack was based on the play not the movie. Plus it was said that the soundtrack was before the movie. So that shows me that it would be based off the play. You can't do a soundtrack before the movie since there are so many changes that could be made before the first premier of a movie.

    Chris Mulwee

    @kathleen chambers Not at all. unlike the first fim this was NOT based on any Brodway show. It was just an attempt to make GREASE a franchise rather than just a one shot deal. But after the underperformance of G2, further films were abandoned.

    kathleen chambers

    Thanks. I wasn't sure. And I was just curious is all.

    Jennifer Harris

    this is my favorite grease 2 song

  41. Q Allen

    I know every word to this song 😂

  42. mod

    do u have the film please if u can u upload it

    Kelly Mark

    +mod Sorry no i do not have the film :(

  43. Alison Wagner

    i LOVE Do it for our country-P!eter Frechet

    Anna Kiss


    Máté Hofmann

    Hí alison

  44. Jeff Clark

    love it 2.its the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly Mark

    So glad that you enjoyed your listen :) 

  45. Tom Faulkner

    Do any other songs use "matriculate" as a rhyme?

    Gino Whitaker

    The bigger question is where can I get a copy of the Grease 2 soundtrack on 8-Track

    Kelly Mark

    @Gino Whitaker I would not have a clue .. maybe amazon as they do have used copys of stuff! Good question :) 

  46. Amy Michelle Jones

    i love this film

    Kelly Mark

    So glad that you do as i think it was a good film even thou a lot of people thought it was not all that great! Glad that you enjoyed your listen :) 

  47. sega jay

    Thanks for sharing; I'm one of the few who actually liked Grease 2.

    Nicole Muzquiz

    I love grease 2! So campy it's awesome.

    keyser soze

    over here too. love grease 2

    Ralph Jackson

    Saw the first one at the cinema in September 1978,when 13. The queue was round the block outside. I've never seen the second one.

    Tykuria Dillard

    I loved it as well.

    muzik dude

    It really wasn't a bad movie...no worse than the first one, just didn't have the star power that John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John gave to the original.

  48. Kelly Mark

    You are most welcome John! Glad that you enjoyed it :) 


    +Daval Rista Made my day that I wasn't the only one who came here from John Oliver's Facebook! :) X'D

    Kelly Mark

    +Bambi Covert You are most welcome! Glad that you enjoyed them :)

    Bambi Covert

    Kelly I love grease and grease 2

    christoph sams

    I love this song and I'm missing my boyfriend in the Marines for America

    charlton myers

    like the song but i hate the sequel

  49. John Emery

    Thanks I've been looking all over for this.