Temptations, The - Angel Doll Lyrics

(Angel doll)
(Angel doll)

You excite me everytime you speak.
When you touch me I get, oh, so weak.
I have never met a girl like you, baby.
You're the one that I'll give my whole life to.

All I wanna say is angel doll.
When I met you there with holiness.
You're my everything I must confess.
I have never known such tenderness.

Baby, you can't compare this love we share
That takes away my feels, yeah.
This love and real I can't conceal
And I'm so, so, so glad you're here.

Angel doll, it will be a great catastrophe, baby.
And my whole world would comin' down on me.
If our love would ever seize to be.

That's why I call you, angel doll.
You're the substance of my every prayer, baby.
I'll be happy with you anywhere.
Let me shield you with my loving care.

Heaven must have sent you, honey.
You're an angel in disguise, yeah.
'Cause all the love I wanted so long,
I can see it in your eyes.

Angel doll, you're the reason that I carry on, baby.
I can't make it, I can't make it by myself alone.
You're the one that I'm depending upon.

Angel doll, you know that I love you.
Angel doll, I put no one above you.
Angel doll, you knock me off of my feet.
Angel doll, you make my whole life complete.
Angel doll...

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Temptations, The Angel Doll Comments
  1. alexandermcbride

    Brilliant. Thanks

  2. worksmagic89

    Temptations will always be my favorite group

  3. Eazy Montanna

    Real RB

  4. deacon theseer


  5. Mary Denise

    Love it I can hear David Ruffin what a treat for a wet Friday morning.x

  6. Ginger Williams

    you can't sit still listening to this... waiting for that beat to drop! what a gem! ginger w

  7. Dennis Patterson-Haig

    Great Sound, Waiting For Truly Yours.

  8. sammie smith

    Great song.

  9. MacDad4343

    Stevie Wonder wrote it. Awesome


    "I can see it in your eyes"
    Not likely he wrote it.
    Just messin around

    Ian Hunter

    Record shows the song was written by Morris Ervin Broadnax - Clarence Paul - Stevie Wonder.

    Richard MacDonough

    Good clarification. Broadnax actually wrote a lot. Paul was a producer. We all know how prolific Stevie was and is.

    Ian Hunter

    Cheers Richard.

  10. Augustus Caesar

    Wonderful song