Teitur - I Have Found My Happiness Lyrics

I have found my happiness the furthest place I went
When I was alone and lost with all my money spent
I have found my happiness digging in the dirt
In fact that's where my happiness it came to me at first

I have found my happiness
And I have found my happiness

I have found my happiness in beer and gin and wine
And when I was so high and drunk, I could not see the signs
When the next day she was gone and I was on my own
That winter when I understood the meaning of alone

I have found my happiness
And I have found my happiness

When it comes to happiness you know that there are two
The one I found in pleasures and the one I found in you
Relations are what makes me happy, that's what makes me sing
I have found my happiness in a silver ring

I have found my happiness
And I have found my happiness

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Teitur I Have Found My Happiness Comments
  1. Channel IV

    Как же я ору с этого ЦРУшника.

  2. Rory Drew

    What an absolutely beautiful voice.. I'd love to see Mandy in concert someday...
    Having just watched Homeland though, I was half expecting Carrie to suddenly knock on the window in distress, "Saul! What the heck are you doing Saul?! Saul! We have a situation here, I need you! God, Saul!"

  3. Stephen Docherty

    Not sure

  4. Toby Cain

    Thank you Mandy...beautiful!

  5. Jesse Catania

    It’s wild R Kelly’s Mother coaches him. Love you in CM too! Amazing actor and singer!

  6. marisa theodoro

    I´m looking for my happiness....

  7. LoodaBeats

    I am watching Homeland season 7, you're the best actor Mr. Patinkin

  8. yashband

    Grand acteur, grand chanteur!! Merci Mandy!

  9. Liza Basilonia

    To find a man in real life like you .... 💚

  10. Flojoe6274

    Never realized how much he sounds like Anrhony Newly, except when the voice opens up.

  11. Azerty Qwerty

    Saul Berenson can sing

  12. SvendBosanvovski

    Beautiful voice, Mandy. Thank you.

  13. Infidel At Work

    What are you doing HERE, not in Langley, Virginia? ;)

  14. J. Stotts

    I had no idea he could sing! I only know him as Saul Berenson on Homeland. Beautiful song!

    PewterPics and ThePewterPen

    Ever watch the Princess Bride?? Inigo Montoya might look a little familiar now 😀

    Brian Toal

    PewterPics and ThePewterPen I have a feeling that your age and the original Piaget’s are fairly far apart. I think people a little older at least know the Princess Bride, Evita. Or Chicago Hope Mandy, while slightly younger ages only know Saul or maybe Gideon as well. It’s a shame. You really have to know all of Mandy’s talents to really get why he’s so amazing.

    J. Stotts

    @Brian Toal I'm 40...I forgot about The Princess Bride.

    Brian Toal

    J. Stotts forgetting is fine too 😀. I’m 45. I don’t think it’s uncommon however that there are fans of Mandy in their 20s who admire his work, yet have never heard him sing a note or understand why you should prepare to die. I know it’s just how time works. Mandy’s skills are just so diverse I hope everyone enjoys all of them.

  15. childset44 Evans

    Mandy, you have such a marvelous voice!! I always listen to your singing "If I loved You" & keep it in my playlist. Your voice is so distinctive!

  16. LoreleiSiren21

    I did not know he had THAT kind of voice! In a good way I mean. I thought he was a great actor, but now I know he's a great singer too! Luv u Gideon/Mandy!!

    Brian Toal

    Violet Rhythm this isn’t a knock on you, but I find it fascinating when I see these kinds of comments in Mandy videos. I guess it’s just a testament to his acting work on TV. I’ve seen him perform on stage at least 15 times (mostly in his solo performances) and as good of a tv actor he is, he’s best when on a stage singing. I guess I just figured everyone know it really started for him in Evita as well. It’s ok though, as long as you appreciate anything he does well it’s good.

  17. Shawna Blake

    I prefer this version over the one released on the album. Omg, I love his voice so much!

  18. Emir Özdemir

    How I Met Your Mother 9×3 😄 Mandy Patinkinnn 😍

  19. Kathy Llaneza

    Thank you Mr.Patinkin I have found my Happiness just listening to you sing.

  20. An. Cr.

    How did this not get more views ?

  21. Barbara Haddock

    Awesome actor, voice and CM has never been the same.

  22. Anna Banana

    I love you too Gideon 💞 criminal Minds forever!!!

    David Gommesen

    You should really look up his history. He was doing broadway way before Princess bride which started his on screen career.

  23. B W

    I love you Gideon ❤️❤️❤️

  24. julietspaghetti


  25. Raiza

    Mandy, your voice is balsam for the soul!