Teitur - Freight Train Lyrics

I was born my parents sun
From my first breath I was the one
Expected to hang on the moon

I learned to walk in my fathers shoes
I loved my mother like good boys do
I never rolled …a freight train

I Scot the wind and gold for my home teen
I made and meet the great university
I home might hang on the poem om wall

I signed on to be a company man
It was all part of the master plan
I never rolled a freight train
I never saw the stars on Hollywood and vine

I never kissed the wrong girl
I never got drunk in spain
No I never rolled a freight train

I fell in love with a debutant
I gave her a ring in a restaurant
I bought us a home in the right part of town

We had a sun he looked up to me
I said I love you but promise me you'll never say
I never rolled a freight train
I never saw the start on hollywood and vine

I never kissed the wrong girl at the right time
I never got high in Spain
No i never rolled i never rolled
A freight train.

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Teitur Freight Train Comments
  1. David C Kendall

    beautiful, and elegant video as well. You have painted your masterpiece, Teitur!

  2. Gunnar Joensen

    Veitst tú hvat tað besta er....Teitur hjá okkum :)

    This song is Brilliant,as are all of Teitur´s songs,Teitur is such a funny guy, he made one extreeeeeme Masterpiece in Faroese language just for us :) well you guys caan listen to the groowe of it and nod ure heads,but youll newer understand it.....But thanx to English he has the possibility to SHINE ewen brighter,for all the world to listen and understand

    Koyr á Teitur!!!!!!

  3. Love2live

    Love it!

  4. Mattias Dimitris Kapnas

    hehe, dooo oooo oooo ... feitt!

  5. Lippreader

    piece of beauty