Teitur - Catherine The Waitress Lyrics

Catherine the waitress,
if you only knew where my mind is.
"Is there anything you'd like?"
If I could only tell you!
You haven't even noticed me,
but, oh you are so good to me!

Catherine the waitress,
I don't intend to seduce you.
I'm not a resident, I'm not a regular.
But if I lived here this would be my favourite bar!
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I'm not drunk, and I'm not high!

The accident happened one year ago,
according to the lines in my hand.
A requiem is playing behind my eyes,
but you don't see it, Catherine, do you?
Do you?

Catherine the waitress,
if you only knew where my mind is.
"Is there anything you'd like?"
If I could only tell you.
You haven't even noticed me,
but, oh you are so good to me!

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Teitur Catherine The Waitress Comments
  1. Conrad Dean

    Heard this on a speaker in my local shop but after many days searching i have it! Todays a good day

  2. rҽspἶrἶ ηotturηἶ

    ~ my name's not Catherine, but i yada yada waitress/aka server now! awww i love this 😍

  3. Julia B

    Whats this song about? Can someone please tell me?

  4. Flemming Højgaard

    I met this guy in gøtu once

    Maja Bødskov

    Flemming Højgaard Flemming?? 😂

  5. AngryPostmanSthlm2

    oOPAMPAMPAMOo  You're such a cockslut troll who should nothing but stfu.

  6. 45columbia

    is this joey gateshill?

  7. Catherine Torrijos

    omg crying

  8. ozqadir

    We all are :-)

  9. delbroox

    Feeel goood

  10. Erne Gara

    this song is amazing. feel the power and turn od the light again. GaraErne

  11. Janey lying

    Named Kathryn and I am a waitress, Makes me happy :)

  12. Eindri Tróndarson Frýdal

    still a waitress? :D


    This song is so gooooooooooooooooood!!! I m so happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Katherine Medina

    My name is Katherine and I love this song so much! It reminds me of Jackie Big Tits from the Kooks :P

  15. Will Rostron

    My dad played this in the car the whole time we were in Woolacombe last year. And whenever i hear it it makes me think of those great times! :'D

  16. Karen Hobi

    thank goodness! I finally found this track haha :)
    super love this !!! :)

  17. Iulinunu

    @iepurasdragalas22 my name is elena and i think of maldini :D

  18. fatmanupnorth

    My name is Earl

  19. Kathrin Hund

    Love Love it!

  20. mikidora

    Your not anonymous...your name's Maria...

  21. Jenny R

    I'm a waitress to..but my name is Jenny!xd


    Jenny R if i'd live in your city your bar would be my favorite one! ;)

  22. Camilla Laursen

    love teitur, and my name is Camille, pretty much the same as Catherine! LOL! Or should I say SUBERB!?

  23. Meinhard Olsen

    my name is Meinhard and i like boobs !

    rҽspἶrἶ ηotturηἶ

    LOL!!! 😜

  24. sandy hill

    yes me toooo

  25. gup160

    1 word SUPERB......

  26. smog4x4

    can someone sent me link on private message with link to his album ?

  27. Robert Song

    @WhyNotTheWhales awaaw aaawqawaawaawaawa que pendejada weiii

  28. Zoe S

    just lovely.

  29. jamielowndes

    Saw him backing up KT Tunstall, he wasnt bad, I just found him to be a little eccentric.

  30. fishhead11111

    well well well Teitur fancies your girlfriend then...

  31. Rebecca Stevens

    my friends called catherine, shes a waitress :)

  32. GuruMaker2

    ohhh yeaaah i found it!!!!

  33. Renaud Cornet

    I like this song...
    I find Teitur is a big artist.
    Sorry but I'm French, I don't speak good in English ;)

  34. zalyster

    Amazing song, the very best part is when he says "Catherine" in "But you don't see it, Catherine, do you?"
    The way he enunciates it with so much feeling and meaning is simply breathtaking, imo.

  35. Laura Tomlinson

    One of my favourite songs ever. Gutted it was an over 18 gig in Glasgow.

  36. Ingi Ragnarsson

    Teitur that is my friends name !!!!!

  37. fortheloveoftunes

    Wow Teitur with up-tempo??? What´s next hard rock? .-)

  38. fortheloveoftunes

    Teitur is quite boring (for me) but he´s the ladies man .-)

  39. Becky Cooke

    can't wait to see him at Latitude :)

  40. Laura Krogh

    I saw him live yesterday. The most amazing koncert of my life!

  41. keezers39


  42. aGeilini

    for all you teitur fans out there.
    if you whant to hear Teitur sing in his native language(Faroese), then there is a good song hear on youtube - watch?v=C3NISCu6Vbw&feature - you will not be dissapointed.

  43. anna kim


  44. firethejanitor

    I love this song xD
    Teitur, tú ert kuulur xD

  45. TheGarethJones

    Maybe he was just listening to The Little Mermaid.

  46. Magicbrianwood

    From the Faroh Islands I hear. He seems to be a delightful individual if his chat with Mark Radcliffe (Radio2) is anything to go by.

    I just have a sneaking feeling this could be a big year for 'Mr.T'

  47. countduckula77

    i love it.
    but 4 minutes is excessive. arg

  48. Matthew Dixon

    Oooooo ooooo oooo

  49. David Ready

    only just heard this. wot an amazing song!

  50. kubutek28

    Great song! I wanna it!!:D

  51. dumpingboy

    Great track, loved it first time I heard it. It gets under your skin

  52. Kaz A

    I love it

  53. Heðin Olsen

    yea pretty good :P