Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love Lyrics

You came to me
With your arms opened wide
You don't know
What you mean to me
Girl, I owe you my life

It feels good
With you next to me
That's enough, that's enough
This is not such a mystery
I'm in love
With your love

There is pain in this world
I can see it in your eyes
It's so hard to stay alive
At the edge of the night

Well, it feels good
With you're close to me
That's enough, that's enough
We will fade into history
I'm in love
With your love

Well, it feels good
With you're close to me
That's enough, that's enough
And I like your trajectory
I'm in love
With your love

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Teenage Fanclub I'm In Love Comments
  1. ラーメンどすこい

    I’m Japanese
    17 years old
    Love this band

  2. aeisa201031

    is it bernard sumner brother singing??? ;-)

  3. Nicolas Baranowski

    Saw them 3 times in France during the 90's. Met Norman before The concert; he was looking for a phone card to phone to U.K. I gave him mine and 5 minutes later he gave me a TFC tee-shirt. I really love this group after so many times . It 's a part of my life.


    Awww, that's such a lovely story and thanks for sharing. Norman is a great guy as are all the band... it reflects in their music. Treasure the tee-shirt as it's from one of the best bands ever.

  4. david groom

    Tom Watson looks better every day

  5. Michael Féaux

    I'm not sure what it is, I watch this video every now and again and it makes me feel really sad, although it's a good tune. It just really grabs me and does something to me that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with. Weird to see all the longhairs from the covers of Nineties NMEs looking like comfortable aging dads. Perhaps it's that: aging, not bothering about being cool anymore, satisfaction and then the suggestion of the possibility of death.

  6. marcel braga

    I love this band and always will

  7. Gareth Davey

    My God, Norm Blake can probably write a great song whilst crimping out a jobbie. Same goes for Ray McGinley's solos.

  8. David Burtenshaw

    One of the best bands I like

  9. Frank Baaske

    Schöner Gitarren-Rock!!Super!

  10. Reese Torwad

    Bewitched, am I.

  11. Tonecho QT

    18 de abril. Sala capitol. Santiago de Compostela

  12. Casey P

    Kind of a weird band name now that they're older

  13. X Million

    Goddammit! I'm out of town and unable to make it to the upcoming gig at the Fillmore. Grrrrrrrrr

  14. Conrado Lutynski

    Beatles/Big Star..wonderful band.

  15. SuperShinjang

    Like song of Teenage Fanclub.
    I’m fanclub from Thailand.

  16. clint clint

    <3 now more than ever

  17. Zack Lee

    I love this song!

  18. スモールポックス


  19. Isya Naya

    I'd like to say thank you to Graham Coxon's T-shirt

  20. Spinrek Kestler

    one of the worst songs, i've heard from the Fannies.

  21. AltonBeckert

    Pure pop for now (and always) people!

  22. Peter Lewicki

    I love how awesomely middle-aged they are. I mean that with love and respect. :)

    I Love Crows!

    I get that. It's like watching Bad Religion live videos now. They are middle aged but it's such a nice surprise when you realize that they still BRING IT!

    Myles Wallbank

    ... Middle-aged Fanclub!

    Currie Nerd

    Aren't we all, now..? :(

    Ruaridh Gilmour

    Its a bit like rivers cuomo and weezer


    They really own it, don't they?

  23. Hugh Caldwell

    Bellshill Gods!!!

  24. Julie Benson

    these fartknockers sound like a bunch of wieners

  25. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Maturing like fine wine.


    ooohhh. this is so lovely . realllly ..

  27. Chris Garrod

    One of the best power pop bands - easily.

  28. Charles Travis

    I am still playing it almost daily and still loving it,would be in my ALL TIME TOP TEN,and I am not young.😂👍

  29. Charles Travis

    I am still playing it most days and STILL love it very much.

  30. Jason Maksymilian

    Great song and video! Was wondering what this awesome song was when we saw you live at Music Hall of Williamsburg last Fall! That was such a great show...can't wait til the next time you're back in Brooklyn! Greetings from NYC!

  31. Nala1992

    They play this song at my work all the time and I've always loved it sooo much, I'm so happy I've found it. What a great great song ❤️️❤️️❤️️


    Great choice, they done so many amazing songs/albums.

  32. Charles Travis

    I'm in love,I have to play this everyday,simply superb❤️

  33. fascist party

    at first i thought he was saying "I'm in love with your mum" lol

  34. Mary Reilly

    one of those 'I could die happy listening to this' kind of song <3

  35. Charles Travis

    I need therapy ,I just love this band.😂👍

  36. Charles Travis

    Absolutely superb song,makes my heart jump with joy every time I hear it.

  37. Jo Howel

    I understand the breaks. You need to step back a bit. But thank you for this tour. Saw you in Cambridge and Shepherds Bush - felt very old being an 80s/90s girl but then thought you don't know what you are missing, Keep on touring please as you are amazing musicians

  38. Laurent CAYLET

    The return ! See you soon in Toulouse guys !

  39. Matthew Johnson

    love it when they turn up the reverb on the chords about 2 thirds through the song, the guitar just purrs

  40. edward paixao de araujo

    sou apaixonado!!!!!muito bom teenage fanclub!!!

  41. multicaruana

    I like it! So nice at my age to hear a new song that hit the spot!

  42. JL Magoya

    As fantastically good as everything else they've done. So looking forward to catching them live in Madrid next month...

  43. Boblobblaw88

    Wow! Great song! Great band! My favorite band! Nice es335!

    Dammit i missed the tour!

  44. julianna kenny

    gorgous ....:)

  45. julianna kenny

    gorgous ....:)

  46. manoskelly


  47. Yuval Legendtofski

    Norman is starting to look like Reg.

  48. lbone9


  49. David Hensby

    Does anybody know where the exteriors were filmed?

    John Levack

    Around Helmsdale, up in Sutherland.

  50. Jacques Dray

    Torquil Campbell from Stars told me to check the latest Teenage Fanclub. This is damn good: they still have they poppy catchiness to their own brand of rock.

  51. simpsoned27

    Oh, so nice ...

  52. electrolinks

    Great song and it's a grower. Teenage Fanclub Forever. Thanks for the music.

  53. Ricardo César

    About f****** time! A fav one!

  54. Will Guthrie

    Such an uplifting feel good vibe to this song. Life affirming in the best possible way 👍🏻

  55. Luiz Felipe

    I'm in love now

  56. Anselmo Echeverria

    Se han hecho esperar, nada menos que seis años, pero ya está aquí el nuevo trabajo de la banda escocesa, un disco precioso de perfectas canciones pop que se desarrollan en apenas tres minutos. No necesitan más para crear melodías cautivadoras, las guitarras cuidadas, voces cristalinas y esos medios tiempos precisos. Así surgen como por arte de magia temas arrebatadores como "I'm in love", "Thin air", "The first sight" o "The darkest part of the night". Su décimo disco colma todas las expectativas, aunque no añada nuevo a su sonido. Posiblemente no hace falta.
    Música independiente novedades.

  57. Neil Lant

    Brilliant start to a fantastic album. These guys are truly outstanding musicians - all of them.

  58. jamsee1

    Teenage Fanclub still full of dreamy, romantic harmonies. This band is so very special to people who adore, appreciate real music

  59. jamsee1

    The best song (my favourite) off the whole album. Brilliant, bright, harmonious, pleasant as ever sounding and super album. :) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  60. Jaimi McAllister

    I've hugged that man! hanging out with Norman in Spain was the best weekend of my life! that voice...♡

  61. garbledoze

    TFC brings so much love and heart to the musical landscape. Appreciate it everyday.

  62. jamsee1

    Adore, Forever Adore #TeenageFanclub . Love their music till death. One of the greatest bands ever, especially in Alternative music

  63. Mariano Cayuelas Sanchis

    Delicious! Great! The sound of this band is awsome!
    Thanks for being!
    Thanks for your music!
    Don't forget Spain on your next tour!

  64. ¡Mike B!

    Not often that a band of this vintage can write a song as good as this. Great stuff!

  65. shiznicks74

    Perfection. Like we fans expected anything less........I LOVE this band.

  66. Karina Tekirian

    Great song! great vibe! I would love to see you live someday. Hopefully in Buenos Aires (my city) I am very happy to know you have a new record to make us feel happy.

  67. Helen Brown

    your in!

  68. Rolling Thunder F



    My old friends comeback again. I'm happy.

  70. Andrew

    Great to have them back. Video is slightly " My lovely horse", but who cares.

  71. Pearlfisher 2

    Special special band ,they never disappoint ,always hit the mark .

  72. asttaroth

    Isso sim que é música!! (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

  73. misterbamboostick

    This song is getting better every time I hear it. Wowie zowie.


    that music is amazing, the world need that guys back at radio, youtube or whatever

  74. The Common Sounds

    Great to have you back guys! Perfect pop. x

  75. juantailor

    This song has such a 60's "The Association" vibe.

  76. Yvan champagnay


  77. mark L

    All i can say is thank god for Teenage Fanclub. They simply make your life a better place to be

    draft 16

    hear, hear

    Gisa zur Nieden

    100 % agreed :)

  78. Supoj Wonkong

    love u all guys. from thailand.

  79. Supoj Wonkong

    long waiting ends up here! great!

  80. Mark Wilson

    more amazing tunes from such a quality band

  81. Raul Diaz

    Wow., This is such a great song. Glad to see you back!

  82. Nuno Bernardo

    Portugal waits for you!!!

    mark L

    and Australia !!!

  83. olsztynPrague

    great mood

  84. George Inmortalus

    Este tema me hubiera llegado hace algunos meses, lastima que ahora soy el grinch del amor xD

  85. Atlante Muzik

    Cuando vienen a la Argentina??????????? daleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  86. Weghet Nazar

    Baby Lee that song is not - American Dumbass

  87. Manu Sánchez

    it sounds like in the nineties when the band played songs like radio, sparkys dream.... thanks a lot for your amazing music. :)

  88. von ricky

    It feels good
    With you next to me
    That's enough, that's enough
    This is not such a mystery
    I'm in love
    With your love <3


    the song is good

  89. James Calder

    This makes me so happy :)

  90. Bill Bruce

    Love Love Love!!!

  91. D V

    Genios de genios, una de mis bandas favoritas regresa con ese sonido tan familiar.

  92. Jeff Davis

    Fantastic as usual....

  93. Francisco Castro Jr.

    Love you guys!

  94. DaveTheUseless

    Melodic gem. That solo is a rad touch, too. Great song.

  95. popbelmondo

    ¡Excelsior! We miss you.