Teen Suicide - I Am My Own Hell Lyrics

I am my own hell
And I have made my home
In a place where no one ever goes
I'll always be alone
I'm learning all kinds of tricks
How to drain the blood out of my face
And spend a summer in bed
So everyone will think I'm dead
When I come back to you
It'll be on my hands and knees
I'd be lying if I said
I didn't dream sometimes
About what it would be like
If I didn't have this life
My legs start to shake
When it's my time to leave

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Teen Suicide I Am My Own Hell Comments
  1. Tanakys

    the opening part is so fucking relatable

  2. Orange Annihilator

    I want to live in this song

  3. starcity

    I love this song & this band so much

  4. Natalie Ngonela

    Gives me Adventure Time vibes. Now I'm sad.

  5. cow goes quack

    Dylan klebold and eric Harris are my idols


    @thickman900 lovely


    you need to go to a pschyiatric ward

  6. Alexandros Vlachos

    idk what i'm doing

  7. Run For Cover Records

    American Pleasure Club’s (formerly known as Teen Suicide) new album ‘A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This’ is out 2/16, listen to “this is heaven & id die for it” right here: https://youtu.be/MtHifoG2kgM

  8. lerm germ

    Sammy Ray makes me wet

  9. hazeywillmurder

    I wish I had this instrumental.

    Abraham Wright

    hazeywillmurder reminds me of the Postal Service