Teedra Moses - Get Yours Lyrics

Dem Jointz!
Dem Jointz!
Dem Jointz!

You want love, you want money
You want all the finer things
You want peace in the valley
And the strength of a dynasty
All these things
Shole ain't unattainable
Just reach out
And you'll grab hold

Life is what you make it (Baby girl, just)
Go 'head and get yours (Live the life you dream of)
Life is what you make it (Baby girl, just)
Go 'head and get yours (Live the life you dream of)

With the faith of a mustard seed
Reap the fruits of your labor
And always live in His image
Don't forget who made ya
Hey, tie ya Timbs, brush ya brim
Hey, the world is yours to come and grasp
And anything's attainable
Now watch ya blessings come to pass

Life is what you make it (Hey now, life is what you make it)
Go 'head and get yours (Get yours, get yours, life is what you make it)
Life is what you make it (Hey, life is what you make it, it's for the taking, man)
Go 'head and get yours (Get yours, get yours, oooh, get yours)

Remember every dream
Soon, it will be
Your reality
Stay focused and believe
And no one can ever stop you now
(No one could ever stop you now, no)
You were born to fly (born to fly)
So just hold your ground (hold your ground)
See your time is now
Don't give up
Just rise up to the occasion
You were made to soar (Made to soar)
So therefore (Therefore)
Spread your wings
And fly, fly, fly, fly

Life is what you make it (Hey now, life is what you make it)
Go 'head and get yours (Get yours, get yours, life is what you make it)
Life is what you make it
Go 'head and get yours (Live the life you dream of)

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Teedra Moses Get Yours Comments
  1. Big Jay

    Awsome song and message!

  2. Iam Mz juicy

    Life is what you make it ‼️💯 wise's words I've ever heard y'all stay positive

  3. Corey Drake


  4. Corey Drake

    STRAIGHTMUSIC Happy Martin Luther King jr day ... restless is your peace thank you for your degrees of respect for the black man and woman

  5. random fox animations!

    Thoses voices in combination ..mind blowin

  6. Jamie Hill

    This song is so for my moment in my life Right through this song I felt another entity is talk n to me. so positive, I love this song

  7. Beyond Graphx

    is it possible i can get this version where it doesnt skip emailed also please?

  8. Michael Unedited

    Love this. When will it be available on iTunes?

  9. crazeegirl4life

    this tune is tooooo big

  10. Michaela Adkins

    on the mixtape it does :/

  11. Queen Kima

    and its sad, half the world never even heard of her!!!!

  12. Queen Kima

    it doesnt!

  13. Queen Kima

    you missed 2/3... Teedra Moses & Marsha Ambrosius had a concert at S.O.B's in NY together!!!! awesome show it was, as you would expect!!!

  14. Harlem buttafly

    Awesome production...musical orgasm


    perfect !!!!

  16. Donna

    This is my fave Teedra song.....she killed it, great collabo

  17. dksexy

    @martianswag1000 Mine does too

  18. Davon Proctor

    Wow she ain't speaking nothing but the truth.

  19. Michaela Adkins

    I wish this song didnt skip .. I freakin love it!

  20. Mellow- D

    In 3 words, oooooooooooooooooooooh la la

  21. ladypro615

    OMG!!!! Never heard this before!!! Epically Amazing!! So glad Teedra linked it!

  22. Miss56Ace

    @DieselRedd teedramoses . org/royal-patience-available-for-free-download/

  23. Miss56Ace

    If your version skips or you never got the d/l link she posted it to her website again! teedramoses (dot) org

  24. blkprettyboi19

    @ezbg710 i love her she is my fav!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Travis Powell

    @blkprettyboi19 please email me this version please [email protected]

  26. Travis Powell

    Please send me this version I also have the skip version and it get under my skin man love this song

  27. J Love

    email me the link also thanks

  28. Monique Swain

    I love this song its so dope!!!.. I love Raheen DeVaughn but I want her to make another version with just her on it...her range is crazy!!!!

  29. Tumeka Winston


  30. KenyaDabaddest

    @blkprettyboi19 inboxing you my email address, thanks in advance....lol peace!

  31. blkprettyboi19

    @TheBrittney15 me too :)

  32. blkprettyboi19

    @SoulOfOle yesssssssss this goes hard

  33. blkprettyboi19

    @LyriqtoGo whats ur email

  34. blkprettyboi19

    @erica3203 whats ur email

  35. blkprettyboi19

    @persuasion6 i can email it to you!

  36. blkprettyboi19

    @erica3203 yesssssssssssss :)

  37. blkprettyboi19

    @tamufly no problem :)

  38. Brittney Holifield

    Love it Love it Love it!

  39. John Blaze

    off da fuckin chain... love this

  40. persuasion6

    I need the version that doesn't skip,anybody know where to find it? LOVE YOU MISS TEEDRA!!!!

  41. mscourt

    I second that. Please email this version to me! I'll inbox it to you.

  42. martianswag1000

    How come your version don't skip lol email this to me...

  43. AllyXandria Taylor

    teedra moses is one of the hottest in the game!!!! been loving her since forever

  44. blkprettyboi19

    beautiful collaboration