Teedra Moses - All I Ever Wanted Lyrics

You say you want a pretty angel
But you got me out here living in hell
You said, "Baby, don't go, don't go"
And you act like you don't want me here

All I want is to feel free again
All I need is to get the loving that I give in return

And as bad as I am, the way you treat me
This don't make no sense, no, baby
This don't make no sense

I had to get my weight up
That's what you didn't, know
I took what you gave and I flipped that
I can get mine alone
But all I ever wanted

All I ever wanted was your love
All I ever wanted
All I ever wanted was your love
All I ever wanted
All I ever wanted was your love

But you gave me your money
When I gave you my heart
Now I'm out here getting this money
So I don't need you no more
I don't need you no more


Money, my heart
Now I'm getting money
I don't need you no more
I don't need you no more
I don't need you no more

Talk is cheap and flowers die
What's the point of your apologies
If they all end up in lies?

I don't even know why it's so hard

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Teedra Moses All I Ever Wanted Comments
  1. Musicinmybones Child

    ThIs don't make no sense no baby this don't make no sense

    So underated - wish this guy gave her enough money to produce her Talant.

  2. K.A. Jackson

    The majority of the Veiw’s are probably me 😂

  3. CJMacN1990

    Love this song brooke had this same beat in 2005 on her debut ALBUM chain letter

  4. Kay B


  5. Daveeda Jane Brown


  6. K.A. Jackson

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love, appreciate, and relate to this women’s art she is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. booginas

    I was hooked off the 1st 5 seconds of the intro before she started singing. Her tracks be so unique & 🔥

  8. Omarr Koroma

    Detect mehnnn

  9. Ms. Pretty Brown


  10. Omarr Koroma

    Free again 😁

  11. Noble Marie El Bey Native Moorish American

    YES Teedra

  12. Brent Foster

    Shout out to Dynasty for giving us "Adventures in the Land of Music", which gave us "Luchini" by Camp Lo, "Lover's Ghetto" by Angie Stone, and THIS banger by Teedra!!!!!!

  13. Wanda Mapp


  14. Victoria Allotey

    This song is so old I'm shocked it hasn't blown up, I remember when she came to my dads restaurant.I guess if its not trash its not hot.


    Victoria Allotey yea it's sad I love her very talented


    Don't forgot she says ""fuck your money"" of course it can be edited. But the industry doesn't like curses especially on r&b

  15. Lillithu826 Young

    All end up as lies otay!!!!!! Da jam now money is all I want

  16. Lillithu826 Young

    Requesting this at the club with my girls

  17. Wonder Twin

    She's a dope artist.....very creative.

  18. Miss T.Marie

    This is the cut. the music is dope!

    Wonder Twin

    Tawny Ballinger The original song is called "Lucini" by a rap duo from the Bronx called "Camp Lo". The song was out in 1997 I believe & was hot back then. I liked her lyrics over that hot ass beat immediately.😉

  19. Jermaine Felix

    This beat ( original music) is Michael Jackson's The Lady in My Life.....

  20. Remy Lov

    is there a version without Rick Ross on it?


    yes there is a version without Rick Ross..I prefer that one :)

  21. joyce lewis

    All the songs sampled by this beat, sound good tho'!

  22. joyce lewis

    That beat is from the R n B group Dynasty. Adventures in the land of music, is the name of the song. Came out, back in the early 80's. Camp lo sampled it.

    Chris Araiza

    I love music facts like this. I like knowing the original even if I like the song that sampled the original. It's just very interesting to me, especially when they are my favorites. Thanks for sharing this fact.

    Brent Foster

    joyce lewis ACCURATE!!!!!!

    Musicinmybones Child

    Thank thank thank I knew it was a 80's beat.....

    Love how Tm brings her style to it.

  23. Sheena Williams

    she did it with that luciano beat

  24. Shawn Barksdale

    I'm hooked! 😯😯😯

  25. Fe M

    yaaasssss Teedra yassssss

  26. Iam Mz juicy

    I like this cuz she sampled camp lo

  27. Derek Chapman

    Damn camp lo remix luchini teedra mosses dope

  28. Tawana Pickens

    Hell yes!

  29. Deo Leitner

    Bumpin this for a while in the clubs in VA

  30. Mary Love

    Flawless album so talented

  31. zion4400

    What happened to the version WITHOUT Rick Ross!

    Terry Wynn II

    zion4400 he ruined it for me

  32. True Aries

    I dont know why she's so slept on tho...:/o.O

  33. Jasper Jenkins

    shits Slappin so hard! Blowin Speakers! Teedra is that deal

  34. Siobhan Lee

    That's My Girl! Real Music don't come very often again, But Teedra always delivers

  35. MZAPF07

    Aww she went back with the Camp Low Beat !!! I love her she is amazing. I will listen to her over anyone else😘😘😘

  36. Donna Edwards

    A real artist

  37. Kay D

    she always rock! love Teedra!

  38. Rhino Black

    Sounds like a dam hit...

  39. MCJustiz

    She just killed it again!!!