Tee Grizzley - No Talkin Lyrics

Ayy, don't talk about it if you really gon' do it
Don't say you gon' do that shit if you really won't do it
Been at the bottom, you don't wanna go through it
I'll take it back out the back and I flow through it
Now, I'm in the back on the 'Bach
Twin chopsticks, Cody and Zack
DJ on the beat, so it's a banger!
Me and block go Kobe and Shaq
Me and [?] goin' Mad Max
ATL Jacob, bitch!

Come through, just don't take no flicks
Go at whoever, I ain't got no pics (Word)
Heard a nigga say he fucked my bitch (Word)
Fuck that bitch, I don't trust that bitch
Aventador and the lights play [?]
Had to quit fucking with dawg, he feminine
I run Detroit, niggas talkin' 'bout Eminem
Talking that shit, I kill you, him, and him
I made a M, then I made a M again
Slow down
Check that score nigga, blow out
No school 'cause the trap got snowed out
If I was C-Murder, I would've broke out (Broke out)
Bitch got flew out, then threw out
Lil' bro in the joint gettin' niggas rolled out
Everything a nigga do for the bag, no clout (On my momma)

Ayy, don't talk about it if you really gon' do it
Don't say you gon' do that shit if you really won't do it
Been at the bottom, you don't wanna go through it
I'll take it back out the back and I flow through it
Now, I'm in the back on the 'Bach
Twin chopsticks, Cody and Zack
Me and block go Kobe and Shaq
Me and [?] goin' Mad Max, bitch

Bitch, I'm a Detroit legend
You convenient, not special
And you know I'ma shoot, not wrestle
I'm calling it now, this shit goin' plat' (That's facts)
And before I go broke, I'ma jump in a lake
I could jump off that Bentley and I could jump in a [?]
Jump out that [?] and jump in a [?]
Niggas want smoke, we gon' jump in a tank
Lil' baby, I don't do dates
Can't have these hoes with a due date
Spend your block for a few dates
With a few K's, if you play, you lay
Niggas want beef, don't entertain it
They wanna die, just make the arrangement
She on her knees like its a engagement
My niggas get money too, it's contagious
Where was you at, when I was in the basement
Where was you at, when I was at arraignment
They wanna fuck, 'cause we in this bitch raining
Million dollar nigga, but I still eat Ramen
I love bro the death but we don't really be hanging (Why not?)
I'm scared to hang with him 'cause he got more bodies than Jason (He's a killer)
Foreigns back to back, just line 'em up, adjacent (Line 'em up)
You got all them niggas locked up, you's a agent (Boy, you's a rat, bitch)

Ayy, don't talk about it if you really gon' do it
Don't say you gon' do that shit if you really won't do it
Been at the bottom, you don't wanna go through it
I'll take it back out the back and I flow through it
Now, I'm in the back on the 'Bach
Twin chopsticks, Cody and Zack
Me and block go Kobe and Shaq
Me and [?] goin' Mad Max, bitch

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Tee Grizzley No Talkin Comments
  1. Gouch

    It wasn’t a diss to Eminem he talking about like if they talking shit about Eminem then he’ll kill someone for talking about Em y’all dumb

    Davon Griffin

    Gouch no you stupid for thinking what you talking about it was a diss track with your stupid ass

  2. Leontae White

    Lol 😂 he really ain diss em chilll

  3. Aaron Sanchez

    So u got a m back to back do that a 1hundredand 80times not back to back

  4. Aaron Sanchez

    How can u run a city but your auntie gets killed u reg on the real


    Eminem ain’t shit he just over hyped cuz everyone dick rides him cuz they faggots just saying

  6. Marcos Medrano


  7. OG-_- 313

    Tee not big enough for eminem to respond

    Hassan Nasser

    He never dissed him nigga, "I run detroit, niggas talk about eminem, talking that shit imma kill you him and him"

  8. Ryan Heimbacj

    First rapper that made a album that i like all the songs in

  9. birdciety Dj

    follow me on ig @ vyn.ejaay fuxk niggaz

  10. Trevor Hammer

    Yall out here fr think tee grizzley couldnt hol his oqn against slim thats crazy yall smoking something a lil louder than mr


    Grizzley is cold, but him against Em nah bruh

  11. Bigpopa J

    Been months now and I understand eminem on why hes taking long because this shit has no clout like not even celebrity knows about this shit like nobody knows that this shit exist

  12. DigginBrady

    Lol tbh Grizzley better than Eminem all u obsessed stans so mad for no reason

  13. Nich Cooke

    Tee got bars , so do Em 🤷🏽‍♂️ gone be entertaining if he answer

  14. Dylan hicks

    I dont even think he was dissing em,he said "i hear niggas talking ab eminem,i kill you and him and him" i took that as if you talk shi ab em he finna merk yo ahh off

  15. Zee Shan

    So i m gonna unfollow and dislike u fat ass bitch

  16. Zee Shan

    Rip i m gonna unfollow u ! U did just for like u piece of shit u can fuck em hes legendry

  17. Austin Brown

    Fuck Eminem Tees greater

  18. BLAQK !

    0:45 "I run Detroit ngigaz talk about Eminem, talking that siht I'll klil you him and him."

  19. Scrappy Doo Lobster

    I mean the songs good, but it ain’t got nearly enough attention for Eminem to respond

  20. Rick M

    I was just starting to like Grizzley too.

  21. Cedric Williams

    Boy chill, Tee Grizzley dont gotta diss for clout 🙄 get off his nuts 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. RonaIdinho

    You put detroit on the map? You have good bars but please sit the fuck down, eminem had enough money in 02 to burn it in front of you lol. Eminem is one of the greatest stop trying to get attention .

  23. CoVa Desire

    Y’all stupid he weren’t dissing Em🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  24. erwin grewal

    Beats by sim ya heard

  25. Ronni Trappa

    Tee grizzly will win the battle vs Em

    Ronni Trappa

    @GJFX who did he kill? please tell me Tee grizzly getting better as his dreads getting longer


    Ever heard of canibus?

    Ronni Trappa

    GJFX no, his music not harder then grizzlys


    Ronni Trappa or benzino nobody wanted to be on his bad side until Eminem got him

    Ronni Trappa

    GJFX Eminem is honestly so bad, grizzly will end him honestly enemie is soft

  26. 602. sid

    He aint diss him

  27. Micah Wilson


  28. Jacob Harmon

    This beat slaps harder than my mom

  29. Jerry Martinez

    Eminem sucks if he dont diss back


    Maybe because EM didn't hear it you ever think of that?

  30. Brandon Divine Mind

    This dude has 2 problems.

    1 dissing Eminem. 2 not having a career for Eminem to destroy

  31. Akash Subramani

    Tee Grizzly this guy is not from Detroit he lives in my house bathroom and paying rent tho

  32. Sub Liminal

    *but Eminem is the Greatest of all times though*

  33. Dr4vec

    He prolly shitting himself because of Em's tweet

  34. Payton Stephens

    Out of EVERY MOTHER FUCKERS NAME he could of said... like, i don’t even know who you are, start small bro. Lil Pumps an ez target.

  35. TrillTrill74

    They said they'll do it and they did it....

    #Rip to your aunt

  36. Jalen Berry

    This might be why he got shot at ...

    If you know you know ...

  37. dat mobster

    💣💣💣💣💥 Detroit niggaz snappin

    Teto Biz

    Foreal Bruh we out here in East Oakland slappin this shit Off Top

  38. Sub to me Please

    Okay look he’s saying he runs Detroit he ain’t dissing em and he dissed nba young boy so there’s the fact

  39. JAW

    Want beef don’t entertain it “Eminem Verbatim “ 😂👍🏻

  40. JAW

    #HUGS4THUGS I’m Ah Grizzly Bear 🐻 #BAY2AZ

  41. Kody L.W. Williams

    The new Ja Rule, Benzo, MGK etc.
    Don't fuck with the white boy.


    damn they killed his aunt/manager. probably not because of going at Em but still he didn't deserve it. just some stupid beefs this dude had and it's sad

  42. Kody L.W. Williams

    Get on a track with Eminem and realize you can't fuck with the Rap God, he kills shit. #Scriptures

  43. Teabag Squad

    Yall think eminem rap god its tupac

  44. seth shaw

    My favorite!!!

  45. seth shaw

    Real shit!!! When we say at the bottom we talking about bottom we saying struggling!

  46. Bigpopa J

    Eminem haven't diss this shit yet cuz this aint famous barely anyone knows this song

  47. stayyy Wilddd

    Fuck eminem he ain’t the king of rap FOH yea I fucking say it so what 🤷🏽‍♂️ anybody got something to said ??? lmk

  48. Jacob Randall

    Tee way harder than sada & durk

  49. Calmies

    I love EM but Tee would fucking murder him

  50. Calmies

    Two chop sticks Cody and Zack

  51. Prince Dillard

    So we just gonna ignore that my dude said, "twin chopsticks, cody and zack"

  52. Redd Smoke

    Aint nobody scared of no fuckong Eminem, this aint the early 2000s

  53. TheGreatestTeamOfAll

    I think you guys need help with English. He didn't diss Eminem at all. Smh...

  54. jockco dontgiveafuck

    Dissing m&m ain't smart but m ain't slanging guns so I go wit tee... support ur race anyway niggas

  55. Kidd Bankroll

    Tee want all dat smoke wit em fuck y'all mean😂😂💯🤘

  56. Tora MAZLLC

    Just enjoy the flow & bars 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Y'all crazy asf yo😩😂😂😂😂😂

  57. BakedPotatoYT

    Uhm, i don't know why you're dissing Eminem... He literally carried the name "Detroit" in his career, boy, that's your and HIS hometown.

  58. Genovonni Blakley

    He wasn't dissing eminem yall gotta start listening to the lyrics before yall make assumptions

  59. daniel walter

    My favorite part Before I go broke, I'ma jump in a lake
    I could jump out that Bentley and jump in a straight
    Jump out that straight and jump in a Cutty
    Niggas want smoke, we gon' jump in a tank🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. vashondra jeffers

    Him and Em should go ahead and do a song together! 🔥🔥🔥😮😮

  61. TreyMoney 21

    These comments are really killing me. U people really think that was a diss😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  62. Gunz MG828911

    Free Gudda Money Bitch #365MG #MGTF4L

  63. Billy Trueman

    Running Detroit niggas talking bout eminem how the fuck is that dissing em

  64. Kevin Coley

    It def aint a diss... Y'all mfs so simple minded

  65. thomas adika

    Muwache umama . tee went hard as a MF

  66. Shady Steel

    Who's this guy?

  67. Donovan Carter

    At least he got the balls to diss Eminem most rappers scared of that nigga

  68. Ronald Sherrill

    all them non likes gotta be from one nigga

  69. yung blikk

    Man 🤦🏾‍♂️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  70. LPC Angel

    Tee grizzley will destroy em 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  71. Emiliano Centeno

    Eminem don't want it🔥🤣

  72. Youngn Chevy OC

    Check this out https://youtu.be/N-ks3FGyHMg 🔥🎒

  73. Devin Greene

    Idk if he saying he will kill Eminem or kill you if you talk about Eminem. Either way he says don't mention his name

  74. Deonterryo X

    Nobody Talking about how Timberland killed every track he produced on this album

  75. Anthony Tucker Jr.

    He said “talk about Eminem..
    keep talking that shit
    ima kill him and him and him”

    He was not dissing EM

    Blake Stinnett

    Wrong lyrics bucko get it right

  76. Daniel The MLG Guy

    Look! He wants to be broke again

  77. AintNoGG

    Tee would smack the shit out of Eminem in real life let’s be real here 👹😭

    Tom Clarke

    Yeh but it’s not real life

  78. Choppa Boi14

    If Dex Osama was still alive shit would be different fo the D Ong😔

  79. Pound 7G

    First time hearing anything from you #BossedUp nice way to get out there.

  80. Joseph Phillips

    This nigga snapping

  81. no name

    What even is this

  82. Gringo the Viking

    Eminem will NEVER respond to you. Maaaybe punch you on a line. Trash

  83. lluh Ant

    Most slept on, Ha

  84. Jawahar Srinivasan

    The grizzly bear just slashed his own father:-)

  85. Rasheem Curtis

    Damn em fan boys came out lol

    Anthony Lewis

    Rasheem Curtis lol

  86. Ms loyalty

    Millionare but i eat ramen ...aye i do it too #notalking

  87. Ms loyalty

    Don't talk about it if you ain't go do it

  88. Shane Baker

    Eminem would take a shit on tee grizzly

  89. Gabe Nehme 2.0

    I didn't understand a single word he said lmao

  90. jose baezaa

    Eminem trash tf used to be good not anymore

  91. North Star

    Gaining popularity!!
    Have to give u a career to destroy it 😂

  92. OG Ossw

    Dis nigga ain’t running Detroit ..shit matter fact his fat ass ain’t ever ran..

  93. Plushphonix

    “They wanna die just make the arrangement” OOOOOOOO BARS! 🔥

  94. Plushphonix


  95. mysteryj

    I swear if he mentioned Hailey his career would've been over so damn fast

  96. shady

    another one

  97. Xponent

    At least you tried🎂

  98. Ethan

    The man didn't even diss em he just named dropped even Eminem himself will tell ya he dont run the D

  99. Daulton Singleton

    Em the G.O.A.T. nigga tf you mean?