Tedeschi, Susan - Little By Little Lyrics

You stay out all night 'til the break of day
Snap me up with everything I say
Little by little, oh, I'm losin' you I can see
And bit by bit darlin', your love is slippin' away from me

Oh, what you're doin' baby, don't you know it ain't right
I wonder what your doin' that it takes all night
Little by little, oh, I'm losin' you I can see
And bit by bit, your love is slippin' away from me

Now I say oh
Oh now, oh...I say oh

Oh, I get so disgusted when I try to kiss you
Just don't feel like it used to do
Little by little, oh, I'm losing you I can see, oh, oh, oh
And bit by bit darlin', your love is slippin' away from me

Oh... and I tried to trail you last night, in my car
So scared I might find, just what I was looking for
Little by little, oh, I'm losin' you I can see
And bit by bit, your love is slippin' away from me

Now I say oh, baby that's the way I feel
Oh, I say oh child, oh that's the way that I feel
I said oh child, baby that's the... honey that's the
Oh... Lord...I say oh child, baby that's the way I feel
Oh, I say oh child, baby that's the way I feel
I said oh child, baby that's the way I feel
Oh child

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Tedeschi, Susan Little By Little Comments
  1. Keith Randall

    That drummer...WOW. But it's all superb.

  2. A Steeman

    In 2001, she married slide guitarist Derek Trucks, who is bandleader and lead guitarist of The Derek Trucks Band. They have two children; Charles Khalil Trucks, born in December 2001, Sophia Naima Trucks, born in 2004.
    Wish them all good luck.Great musicians,they are

  3. Zen Drummer

    The young lady sportin a dress w/ heels.....rockin some Junior Wells...doesn't get much finer than that

  4. Jeff Nielsen

    Shoot. Watching this is like seeing ZZ top in concert.

  5. Jeff Nielsen

    S. is smokin' on this one, but it might be easy for her. Some tunes involving lead it's like McCartney playing drums.

  6. Geekeric

    How can you give a thumbs-down on this? WTF?

  7. Salty Poodle

    Janis Joplin sounds

  8. Esmeril1

    I love Susan !!!!

  9. neilmacmusic

    Gunter around 3:00 Susan is singing her best blues AND playing a fairly complex riff
    - no mean feat and a challenge for any player

  10. Günter Wurst

    I really like Susans voice and I absolutely love Dereck's playing. You relarely hear someone play with so much emotion and feeling like this guy. But i dont get why people say Susans guitar playing is good. Not in this life. There are so many stunning guitar Players and talented people who'd deserve to get more noticed. But her solo here? Not played properly, not even one single tasty Phrase, her phrasing in general, old overused standard blues licks. I clearly dont intend to offend anyone here but like i said, her guitar playing is NOT anything special.


    +Günter Wurst as a female guitar player (who adores susan...) I thank you. for not judging her on being good for "a chick". I, however, disagree with you on her guitar playing I think she has her own style and it sounded great--to me. (even for a chick, lol)


    +kate t I'm with you, kate. I'm no musician; just a music lover, and I love these guys. Anyone playing guitar alongside Derrick Trucks is going to suffer by comparison, but this is a rare 'newer' group that I really, really like. I love Susan's singing and I thought the guitar riff was just fine.

    Jan Kafka

    +Günter Wurst

    Spot on! She's a good singer but the guitar playing... She might be able to fake it in the studio but in this and other live videos I've seen (thanks to YouTube), her playing is atrocious--Out of time, out of tune bends, uninvolving tone, etc. That beautiful D'Angelico is wasted in her hands.

  11. Dee Ef

    Really? 24 dislikes? What's not to like? Or does someone else do this so much better that it warranted some dislikes? Curious.

  12. Bruce Tedeschi

    That's my cousin for ya! Good work Cuz

    Dee Ef

    @Bruce Tedeschi Yup...she's one hell of a singer and damn fine player too. I never tire of listening to her sing (i.e. - Midnight In Harlem).


    +Bruce Tedeschi Bruce! If you are Susans cousin could you please tell her that her and her husband (and all of TTB) has inspired me to pick up my guitar again after a nasty wrist injury (metal plate nine screws). Her voice is so beautiful as is her and dereks guitar playing. If you could just maybe (over a holiday dinner or something?) tell her how much her music has affected me. It has made me happy and ive had some tribulations in my life. tell her thanks, and thank you so much for your time!!! awesome cousin you have man!!

    Bruce Tedeschi

    +kate t Of course I will.... I will let you know what she says. Keep up your courage...


    @Bruce Tedeschi thank you so much! That is so cool!! :-)


    +Bruce Tedeschi hey Bruce! I still think its crazy that like my fav. musicians cousin and I connected over the internet. esp weird because im also a big fan of Yes--and ended up being friends on facebook with jon andersons sister in law and she talks to me haha. I told my fiancé last night that I ran into Susans cousin on youtube and he didn't believe me. anyway, I am not sure how often you are bothered by fans lol im sure that gets annoying but I gotta say Susan has changed my life I'm actually now giging. I feel complete again and if it wasn't for the inspiration she provided me I wouldn't have started playin again. okay ill leave ya alone now haha have a nice night Bruce!!

  13. Don Bedore

    The new Janis Joplin

    James Haner

    @Don Bedore Susan went past Janis a while ago.

  14. Don Bedore

    Yea burn those string!!!!!!!amazing! ¡!!!!!!!!

  15. Jacques Martin

    Hummm…Que c’est bon, un vrai délice pour mes oreilles.

  16. Ed Jordens

    Ain't she something, great music.

  17. Günter Harz

    Beautiful as a Spring Flower

  18. The Masterblaster

    That is dead to rights sexy. Susan is gorgeous, but man, can she play that guitar. Her vocals are fantastic, and has that gritty edge that all great blues band singers need. Derek is a master guitarist, truly one of the best of the  modern age. Tedischitrucksband is on my bucket list must see, before I die.

  19. Frank Hilb

    The Dude abides.................Duane would be proud

  20. JCFNor

    What a combination of talents! There is of course a great band behind them!

  21. wildog348

    sooo damn good! wow!

  22. cymbaliner kenboy

    How embarrassing Egg all over my silly face. I shall be sticking to English(and maybe a little Welsh). Best wishes Simmonique(and all Italians, even Holly)., 

  23. cymbaliner kenboy

    Maybe Susan was born in Boston etc, but a kind Italian lady has today(11 feb 2013)informed me that Tedeschi does not mean German in Italian--- Still a great performance though. 

  24. Uitumen Bold


  25. 99sixstring

    Man, how do I get part of THAT family?

  26. Tante Mamoot

    Good voice but a bit cold.

  27. Darleen Hopewell

    Happy Birthday Susan!!

  28. Drummerboydan95

    That drummer!

  29. Craven Moorehead

    God bless you my friend. Three months only?, nonsense... ALL rock and roll is based upon the blues.. trust me... You've been listening to it in different forms and formats most of your life and just didn't realize it my friend. Look into it. Welcome Home!!!

  30. 萨爾格

    The Blues had a daughter and her name is Susan Tedeschi .

  31. 萨爾格

    A totally knockout ,this blues diva really can play .

  32. Prime Preator

    Wow the wind in her hair... pfff Susan Tedeschi you are one hot moma!!!!

  33. Juliana Matos

    essa mulher é espetacular!

  34. 400eddy

    .....nicht nur das Konzert,der Song und die Frau sind jawohl echt der Knaller!!!!!

  35. Mirej Botica

    yeah, especially when you've just had a fight..heheh!!! it gives some fire to it. ;)


    snap at me for every word i say

  37. David Vasquez

    Could someone tell me what she says in the second line? Snap me up ???? I say? And what is the meaning of this part?

  38. PACINO1965

    Susan is awesome in this video......She can Play!

  39. Don kihot

    thanks a lot

  40. DanielinLaTuna

    @pribilco: Never too late to discover the blues. Especially if Susan & Derek are playing. Long live you!

  41. Ivica Bura

    Finally, this is it, God bless you!

  42. elued2

    As long as you found it everything's alright =P

  43. Mob Disco

    Yonrico Scott

  44. RosieAnneSinger

    Anyone know the name of the drummer??xxxxx

  45. Lynda Malarsky

    Sooooooooooooo good!

  46. Douglas Klug

    Sings great, LOOKS Great!!!!

  47. sheremorama

    Put Susan in the R&R Hall of Fame.
    Derek can come on in later........

  48. funwithFred

    Love her. Love this song and she sings the shit out of it. I get so much accomplished, chores, to this song....I am READY. Go girl!!

  49. bluesatsunset

    Susan Tedeschi - Rockers crumpet.

  50. Christabelle Crazee

    So killer...+++

  51. Tori Skye

    That's what I'm talking about!

  52. Paul Ell

    why cant more women be like her?

  53. booboo dech

    Really someone says this is really the derek trucks band with Susan tedeschi lol
    A:she was n ass kicking blues player long before they got together
    B; shes got a set of pipes that is hard to match
    C: she plays the guitar and solos
    D:and if that wasnt enough for ya shes about as sexy as you can get


    ACTUALLY, to be that internet snob guy, haha this is the derek trucks band WITH susan tedeschi haha. But yes TTB hell ya

  55. FriggnDiggn


  56. Easily Pi

    Great tune, great vibes, great musician(s)! IMPO Derek could stay at home and watch the kids, though, cause she's simply awesome!

  57. Christos Lepesiotis

    αυτά είναι

  58. Adrian Jurca

    If this beat don`t get`cha movin`...check your pulse, you`re not amongst the living...
    Superb music :)

  59. raaglanfranchi

    Now ur talking..... suberb... sublimity....extraordinary.....

  60. SJ SMITH

    TTB just keeps getting better!

  61. ichistreams

    Derek's left hand abilities are absolutely frightening.

  62. Mightyjake 182

    The world needs more women like this!

  63. LeonardoCarpizio

    Guitar electric shock at 1:21

  64. 51tomtomtom

    no,it means "germans"(plural) , not germhy.....but watch out ! Italians have a much simular aproach of the world as americans......with a few words......no idea of the world and the "litte details".....in the good as in the bad way......it's all about Heidi (no Klumm) and the "alps"
    I love you all, even you're great ignorants.......
    and YO for this couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Don kihot

    i love this band, this music i love blues, i discovered blues maybe too late 3 months ago! long live this music!

  66. Danny Tee

    bein number 950 thumbs up is good too

  67. tallorder9

    Sue has a great blues pedigree.

  68. mackdaddywalrus

    Christ, what an AMAZING voice! True blues.

  69. Shawn Miller

    Thank you.

  70. MrJosephSeely

    She plays a D' Angelico.

  71. pushya1008

    How good can it possibly get? Who could possibly not like this? God I wish my girlfriend could sing the blues and wail on the guitar.

  72. Shawn Miller

    Can someone please identify what brand of guitar Susan is playing? I can't read the headstock and don't recognize the head shape.

  73. Shawn Miller

    At the end of this Susan credits Jimmy Wells and Buddy Guy as being responsible for that song.

  74. SILOETTE100page

    does anyone know who originally wrote and performed this tune? much appreciated

  75. Roshan Krishnan

    wish there were more girls like susan tedeschi who rocked out instead of just playing pop. don't get me wrong, i appreciate all kinds of music, but there seem to be precious few really talented females in the rock/blues scene and as mrs. tedeschi shows, she is certainly one of them.

    oh and derek ain't bad either! ;)

  76. soulhealer20

    Like Like Like Like Love It.

  77. dondondoodle

    She's dang good for a little white girl!

  78. John the Resonator

    Four people seriously need their ears and eyes seeing to. Wonderful performance. Someone once suggested to me the blues were not that sexy. I posted this to them.

  79. Bicho Maledetto

    Man what a great performance! Groovy kind of blues just the way I like it. Un salu2 desde Chile!

  80. leukat11

    I like this SG sound ...

  81. John the Resonator

    Someone once suggested to me that the blues wasn't that sexy nowadays. I forwarded this.

  82. HajtomY

    This vid needs more viewers!!!!

  83. alijav091

    Tedeschi means german in italian? wow thats a very useful fact :P im glad i found that out

  84. cflonnes

    Oh Susan........<3

  85. Gelsyviolet

    Gran bel Blues!!

  86. bluesatsunset

    Susan Tedeschi - Rockers crumpet.

  87. vamanosghuey

    Let's find the 4 cocksmokers who disliked this...

  88. Joshua

    Lol, if you notice, Derek was trying so hard not to break into a laugh. Hahaha. Derek, you're bad at hiding your feelings hahaha.

  89. tiny789

    she has one horny voice

  90. Matt Clark

    whoever is that one douchebag to dislike this song... FUCK YOU. Your probably one of those rap pieces of shit out there. Jazz and rock are the music coming from the soul.. not just about talking about how much "money and bitches you can get in one night." FUCK YOU

  91. bluesatsunset

    Susan Tedeschi - Rockers crumpet.

  92. John Zeller

    This must be the ideal married life.

  93. Ishta123

    Fantastic piece of music !!!

  94. bernhardtsen74

    @zorro8128 should have been fiery red hair then!!!!!

  95. John the Resonator

    But 4:19 says to me Derek has nothing to worry about, she still digs him.

  96. John the Resonator

    Just love the little smile and joke she has with the bass player 3:48 on. Anything Derek needs to worry about?

  97. LesbianVampireLover

    Absolutely as good as it gets. Thanks for posting this great performance!

  98. carlos eduardo Correa

    southern rock beautiful woman nice guitar what more?