Tedeschi, Susan - It Hurts So Bad Lyrics

I miss the arms that used to hold me
The tender way we used to kiss
I miss the way that you touch me
I miss the sweet taste of your lips

I was a fool to ever leave you
You were a fool to let me go
Oh it's so lonesome, lonesome here without you
Oh how I miss you so

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt so bad
You were the best man I ever had
Why was I so blind to see?
Now the biggest fool is me

I miss the arms that used to hold me
The tender way we used to kiss (oh Yes)
Oh I miss the way you used to touch me
I miss the sweet taste of your lips

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt so bad
'Cause oh you were the best man I ever had
Why was I so blind to see?
Now the biggest fool is me

Oh, Oh what a fool I was darling, yes
And oh you were a fool to let, let me go
Why did you let me go?
It's so lonesome here without you
Oh how I miss you so

Oh oh NO! Yes
Don't do it
Don't do it
Don't do it
Oh Lord NO!
I miss you oh yeah
Come back, oh come back to me, yes
Oh how I miss you....
Oh I miss you so

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Tedeschi, Susan It Hurts So Bad Comments
  1. Brandon Bowers

    Who remembers when Aubrey from Danity Kane sang this on Making The Band? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Nelson Holt

    Years ago my youngest brother who knew I loved Blues turned me onto Susan and I’ve been a big fan ever since.
    Damn this lady can sing!👍👍

  3. Ann-christin Egeberg

    We love you Susan♥️♥️💯🥰

  4. Craig McCauley

    I have this album!

  5. Guilherme Vila Nova

    Cheguei aqui pela CLAUDIA LEITTE! Ninguém canta essa música melhor que ela ❤😍

  6. Stephen Vosberg

    From the very first moment I heard her voice, I was forever hooked! Lord have mercy I love this woman!!!

  7. thomasFirst hunt

    Janis Joplin reincarnated.

  8. K. Pope

    Girl can SANG! Not sing. SANG!!!

  9. Marc C

    Heard this on WXRT in Chicago when it 1st came out.
    Went right out and bought the CD.

  10. Buddy Carroll

    A true blues singer with incredible range .....love it 🎼

  11. Howard Manley

    Mmmmmmmman she’s great!

  12. Stuart McCarthy

    Just plain great with a Capitol g

  13. Victor Santos

    Claudia Leitte 🙆🏽‍♂️❤️❤️

  14. John Doe

    Rumor has it that she wrote this song after she tried anal for the first time

  15. Jornal da Costureira


  16. Dabson Dias

    Vim pela Claudia hahaha

  17. Josy Mendes

    Vim por causa da Claudia leite adorei a musica

  18. Marco Wiermann

    Vindo pela Claudia Leitte até hoje

  19. zpizaman

    I still remember hearing this for the first time, and thinking it was the best new song I had heard in years. Little did I know 20 years later I would still be waiting for another.

  20. Spice99857

    This song is pretty mediocre, but I must say, you would never guess that voice could come out of that face.

  21. mark1952able

    Rock on Susan! I was your fist FAN

  22. Igor Ferreira

    A Claudia Leitte arrasa cantando essa música!

  23. Milano Walter

    I'm here after a suggestion to do this cover for Courtney Hadwin

  24. john simmons

    i'm 64 and I never heard of her until today

  25. Jelena Vanjek


  26. Lekole Perez


  27. Denise Renee

    My aunt showed me her songs💖
    I love her voice💖💖💖💖💖

  28. thomasFirst hunt

    Sounds llke Janis ....The Rose

  29. Heather Bonin

    I must have listened to this hundreds of times over the years and still, every time, I just completely rock out to it! NEVER gets old! 💖💖💖💖🙌🙌🙌🙌

  30. John White

    Still get goose bumps wow!!!!!!

  31. John White

    Been a fan for 20 years

  32. cjay

    Blue eyed soul. TFS

  33. SuperLindy1962

    2019 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  34. Rachael Bless

    Am not going to be a fool in 2019.

  35. lisandra dark

    vim pela claudinha

  36. Taneese Hilliard

    I really like this song

  37. kevykev913

    Classic ST!

  38. Geysiane Dias

    Vim pelo mico que a Claudia Leitte passou no the voice 😂😂😂😂

  39. anazaeid

    Nossa!! A música deveria mudar o nome para "Aquela música da Claudia Leitte" kkkkk.

  40. Tourettes Guy

    Needs to be in fallout

  41. Sangsangie hmar10

    2k18 ❤❤❤❤

  42. 1valg

    Sounds like Bonnie Raitt...and thats a good thing.

  43. Dimas Rodrigues

    4:00 Lady Gaga ???

  44. Francisco Roa

    Sim, ela me trouxe aqui. Claudia Leite!

  45. SuperLindy1962

    Love love love it!!!!! 💗💗💗💗💗

  46. Giants588

    Susan Tedeschi, could she be any hotter!!!!!!!

  47. Jemyma Vieira

    Quero morar nessa música 💙

  48. Natalia Grotto

    Vocês vieram pela Claudia Leite e descobriram que a vergonha que ela passou nem se compara com essa voz da Susan <3

  49. tommy mcclanhan

    Great great great song

  50. Jake Miller

    Can't get enough blues.

  51. Leda Lima

    Realmente a Cláudia Leitte arrasou cantando essa música

  52. Lucas Henrique

    Audições a cegas Cláudia Leitte? Só vim

  53. Renato Rangel

    Coisa linda!!! Ó meu Pai, que bênção ainda estar debaixo desse céu e acima desse chão para poder apreciar coisas belas assim, desse nosso mundão que o Sr nos dá! Que benção!

  54. Márcio Aguiar

    Claudia Leitteeeee

  55. Rai Almeida Alckmim

    Só vim por causa da claudia leitte the voice brasil

  56. maria delania Batista

    até que enfim ela cantou uma musica boa!!

  57. Charlie Faria

    Prefiro na voz da Milk

  58. Monicele Barroso

    Musica top

  59. Jonathan Carvalho

    Claudia Leitte 💜💜💜💜🌸🌸

  60. Super Mario0004

    LOVE IT!!! amazing voice!!

  61. Larissa Thamires

    Que arranjo top

  62. Gleisson Santos

    Cheguei até aqui por causa da Claudia Leitte ❤❤

  63. J. Emmanuel Moura

    Vim por conta da Claudia Leitte que arrasou ontem no The Voice cantando essa música!


    J. Emmanuel Moura isso é uma piada?

    Marcos Araujjo

    Tbm vim pela Claudia , que fez dessa música um hino.

  64. Chris Blank

    Claudia Leitte me trouxe aqui

  65. Drieli Gomes

    Linda também na voz da Claudia leitte😋😋😋😉

  66. CTS

    vi o nome desta musica como sugestão da Claudia Leitte como uma boa musica para mostrar seu talentos nas audições (quis conhecer o som) não conhecia esta artista.. mas curti esse som!!

  67. Marcos Vinícius

    Vim por causa da Claudia Leitte ❤

  68. Henrique Neves

    Vim pela Cláudia leite (The Voice br)

  69. Paul Joseph

    Flat out has got it. Rocknn blues. Nice raw edgy sound.

  70. Joe Jacovino

    she can REALLY rock !!!!!!!!!!

  71. Tonetwisters

    GOOD GRIEF!!! OH MIGOSH ..........

  72. Paul Joseph

    Slow sultry rocky RnB. Wish I was the guy she is singing this to. Would have been massive hit in the 50s. Thanx Susan

  73. Tom Defazio

    Oh ya She Janis s spirit

  74. Chris Theiss

    Just absolutely fantastic
    hairs on neck don't lie :)

  75. SuperLindy1962


  76. maximo rpm

    Claudia leitte ?


    maximo rpm sabe ler não?

    J. Emmanuel Moura

    SGS DO BRASIL Ele citou Claudia Leitte porque ela cantou essa música na estreia do The Voice Brasil 2018, e cantou muito bem!

  77. fran

    Absolutely love her voice. This song is to perfect, it’s exactly how I feel. I recently dedicated this song to the man I let go. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made.

  78. patti disch


  79. Janet Pingrey

    If Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt had a daughter, Susan would be that kid.......

  80. Witch One

    She is too much!!!!!! Love her!!

  81. gary morris

    Sounds like Janis for sure, love her

  82. TJ Belcher

    Perfect mix of Joplin and Raitt

  83. Sheila Barron

    Oh How I've Made A Mistake Loving the Song 🖤

  84. Turo bom meninax

    Vim por causa da claudia leitte kkkkk ♥♥♥♥♥ ela canta de uma maneira única kkkkkk ♥♥

  85. byronius5

    My god...thats all I have to say.

  86. Sileide Macedo

    Claudia Leitte cantou muito lindo

    Kathy Knight

    Wee wee

  87. Michele Fioretto

    I love this girl's voice. Gets you right in the heart.

  88. gitsiegoo

    I absolutely love her voice! To me, she sounds like a combination of Bonnie Raitt and Kelly Clarkson.

  89. Michele Fioretto

    What a great singer she is. This song is beautiful and perfectly done.

  90. Divulgação Claudia Leitte

    Maravilhosa! Mas Claudia Leitte cantando essa música é o meu xodó!

  91. Giants588

    Susan Tedeschi is too hot for words!!!!!!!!

  92. Giants588

    Susan Tedeschi, she's still hot, and she's still got what it takes!!!!!!!

  93. Quiet Obsession

    Lots of memories...RIP Momma

  94. Rose Ramirez

    Bonnie and Susan ? he'll yay

  95. Rose Ramirez

    Bonnie and Susan ? he'll yay

  96. Rose Ramirez

    Bonnie and Susan ? he'll yay

  97. Craig McCauley

    I have this album! I saw her in Tahoo!

  98. Patricia Pitrone

    AND her Beloved Derek!

  99. Cleiton Araujo

    Vim vê quem é já q claudinha Leitte sempre gosta de cantar.


    You love blues ?
    Look up Beth Hart ( I love you more than you'll ever know. )
    And also. ( A change is gonna come )


    Charles Mullins I just did. . .thank you!