Tech N9ne - We Are Free Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
They way that we drummin' make you think what's one hunit
Plummet we don't want it son its the dumbest
We done and wanna get from it
Havin' visions of eden, while this evil is breathin' inside a demon
Deceivin' with light I'm even this season
Companies kill my culture, sucka said on the sofa
See the soul of a soldier, I'mma go to Zack De la Rocha
And awaken rebel sound that'll break that fake label down
Gotta vacate this able now, everyday fate from a halo crown
If they oppose it, give 'em hell is the key
Well is the free, we ain't practicin' celibacy
A relic you think we anghellic, tell it to me
We'll mail and sell it to fellowships and telekinesis
When occur the people movin' develop diseases
Sick on your symphony some get hella facetious
When searin' your shows I'm somberin' the shell it decreases
Light for the lord of love a lot leveled is leaf lit
Free (styles), free (life), free (reign)
We (wild), we (fight) for these (brains)
Be (gone), she likes the eased (pain)
He's (mild), he gripes cause she's (Strange)
Take off your shackles people come along
Fuck a fraggle nigga become a con
We keep it coated then when summer gone
Cowardly critters not with the strong better run along

[Hook - ¡MAYDAY!:]
We are free, we are
We are free, we are
We are, we are free
We are, we are free

[Verse 2 - Bernz:]
No time for killin' time, because it's killin' time
I'm an American hustler sedated in my prime
Pray for the 99, ride with the 88
Spinal 1 percent it's just a numbers game
Fame for us psychos, Jackson's to Michael
Missiles for silos, no stones for the high road
Army of 5-Os, for half foes I hydro
Drones over my home, no phone tap to spy on
And though they say there's nothin' to fear but fear itself
I keep a bottle of spirits near my bookshelf
Because a runaway slave will never sleep well
I self medicate the frame in my brain cell
Married to the matrix, that bitch got two faces
She gave me all I got and took away all my acquaintance
Travellin' the planet walkin' on so many stages
Made me realize dimensions gettin' jumped through one a daily
He's an alien, Eddie Arkadian
In love with money and fame there ain't no savin' him
But I'm the fuckin' last dragon spittin' radiance
Walkin' a planet I created in my cranium


[Verse 3 - Wrekonize:]
I rewrote this verse mad times
One for every single instance somebody denied me my damn shine
One for the brick layers, one for the winning team with injured players
One for the "He's gon' be the shit" sayers, keep me on my toes
My fanbase rattlin', the speakers on my bows and my sneakers on the stones
You give me props and I'mma keep 'em in my soul
Cause I'm MVP'n on these cretins down below
All this world's gone catnip, rattlesnake bat shit
Critics eat a fat dick, vinegar and cracked lips
Citizens get it in, gimme ten seconds in Atlas
And I'mma show you even on this bitch front to backwards
Breakin' down codes, bro True Detective
Ridin' to some Wrek shit, could change up your perspective
Don't just take my word for it, check up on the guest list
Jesus and the Devil rollin' dice up in the flesh pit
Free speech, free souls, free press
So we preach to seek goals and leave stress
Beneath streets, we reach hold and breach depths
To the mothafuckers we bringin' ruckus with each breath
As if the sales stop, been stay
See Ten K was just the entry, my pen slays
My next album's gonna be bent shades of dense graves
Death to the shackles around my ankles, I been free


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