Tech N9ne - Strangeulation IV Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Rittz:]
I'm too hot to cool off
Blew Atlanta up like Eric Rudolph
Starving in pursuit of moot law
Flossing, get your coo raw
My crew'll shoot at you like "hoorah"
I be on tour and shit, you get on stage and you get boo'd off
You throwing jabs at me but we ain't in no boxing gym
I stab 'em and have them inside of a hospital hooked up to oxygen
So who the hottest, conversation my name get brought up in
I'm Woody Harrison, this industry is Zombieland
You wanna fuck with us, you must've had no common sense
I'll kill you then your guts get eaten up by Brotha Lynch
It's Strange Music so the competition nonexistent
All them other record labels fallen off like rotten limbs
I'm making some money, it's making my stomach cringe
I'll never forget it a couple of summers ago I was cooking and scrubbing pans
Drink 'till I get ruckus-spinned
Puffing something with a lovely scent behind the cutless tint
Floating in the Strange stream, who jumpin' in?

[Verse 2 - Prozak:]
My brain is full of thoughts that are darker than Samhain
That span across the Great Lakes and vast Midwest Plains
Spreading coast to coast like a virus you can't contain
Now a global pandemic, panic courtesy of (STRANGE!)
The biggest independent label popped a champagne
We don't need no head now, homie you can keep the change
Coming through your speakers, receive us into your blood vein
We the truth like Nostradamus' prophecy quatrains
Snake Bat, Praise that, part of rap since way back
Since the days of 8 tracks and 808's and adats
Analog cassette decks, steady grinding, what's next?
Starving artist 'til Trav and Tech cut me that advanced check
Strange outcast step child, call me Damien
Five Finger Death Punch straight to the cranium
Flow so sick, could be enriched with uranium
Extraterrestrial, lyrics labeled alien

[Verse 3 - Big Scoob:]
Appetite destruction, never been no punk shit
My voices give me choices, just despite that I choose dumb shit
Choppers all around me, I mean lyrical and literal
Spit it through this microphone and pull up at your Mami's home
Jump out on the dumb shit, speaking through this drum clip
Tearin' flesh, rippin' hips, watch me kill shit
Cypher without the villain, that's appealin' but it's silly though
An army without it's general, an octopi no tentacles
I'm trying to be subliminal, nothing I do is minimal
Heavy hitter, heavy words
Push a nigga, pushin' verbs
Squish my button, you push my nerves
Ten toes in the turf
Not the last or the first
Gut a nigga, stump the Earth
Grippin' metal, I ain't special
On the level, smack your temple with the barrel
Not complying, I'm a rebel
And I'm fresh up out the ghetto, puppet master I'm Geppetto
Take a minute, you'll get it
Nigga Scoob did it. (Yeah)

[Verse 4 - Krizz Kaliko:]
'Ight man Ima do this!
I'm kinda nervous
The purpose of having a cypher is so you can sit here wide-eyed
Listen look at me in this position
Now I coulda just left you sitting there
But Nina told me to pick 'em apart you're a victim of art
K-R-I to the double crooked, look at him he pudgy like they
Took an ugly stick and frickin' shook at him, (OKAY)
And I don't stay gucci down to the linens
I'll let you trick off, she jerking my dick off and grinnin'
You can see him, but he just a figment
You wanna be better, get your pigment gone
Try to beat him with deliverin', I get belligerent
And that's the end of the song
And I get a little bit ahead of myself
Feel like I'm on L, and I feel like I'm better than everyone else
I guess I be rappin' ahead of my wealth
I'm the coldest thing since the ice cube
Only thing missing from this beat back in the day was Ice Cube (OKAY)
Yeah I said I'm the best in it, Nigga what?
Only niggas that could contest it is rested, dig em up!
(Okay! Hahaha whatever nigga.)

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Tech N9ne Strangeulation IV Comments
  1. Ka Ak

    Strangulation’s Cyfers owns!
    Love them all 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Navarre Buitenhuis

    Krizz is on level

  3. Draco Slayer

    Ah I see 380 Lil Pump fans hate this, Im messing around but fr I dont listen to rap much but this shit is actual fire

  4. NoTOriOus GRiEf

    You guys defined a true cypher here! Strange for the win!

  5. Cinco C

    2020 anyone??

  6. BiG BoSS

    Till this day 🔥 10/19

  7. O.G. Chronicus


  8. tsheko hosni

    الشرابيه تتحدث يا صحبي احنا اجمد منكو احنا الي خليناكو تبقو بترابو

  9. Golden Anonymous

    All of them snapped

  10. Jerry Estrada


  11. koky179luckyn0ob 1

    Anyone 2019? This is so perfect krizz and tech are wizards...other are awesome too...

  12. Bob Bob

    Anyone else get the old Japanese movie vibe off the end of prozacs verse??

  13. Jeremy Dafler

    I listen to this song at least 2 times a day if not more dope song 100

  14. MDK22420

    This is 1 of the best workout tracks!

  15. Jacob Cushman

    Kali brought the fire on this one Tech N9ne lets hear some more Cyphers like this keep bringing the heat kali is one of my favorite all around rappers though he can sing and spit a quick bar i hope theres more Chyphers to come.

  16. Montze R S

    They tore it up on that shit the cypher

  17. Weirdback

    Flow of destruction !!

  18. John Holden

    March 2019????


    Krizz K 💯💙

  20. Alvin Ross

    Still here

  21. Kasandra Brieler

    Complete awsomeness!!

  22. LawsonTheGreat

    Rittz is white right cuz he sounds black

  23. Jereme Smith

    So you know you got to go when Tech N9ne give you this track
    So I call on Krizz, Rittz and Prozak, let's go!
    (Here we go again! Haha! Hey Tech, watch this!)
    Kali baby, I guess I'm back at it again
    Lemme laugh at 'em again
    Cause they know I write the back out of a pen
    Holy moly get going nobody hold 'em is what they told em
    And poda-be motor yodeling sick-and ain't gettin over it
    Sick at the lip and watch 'em clown, look at 'em clown, clown
    Loving to tickle 'em I be licking 'em down give 'em the crown
    Look at the ground when you approaching the regal Beagle
    And people don't be equal and when they (or saying) it's fecal
    Betta (give it up), put 'em in the blender
    Surrender it like you (had enough)
    Never no-contender pretending like to (ready-to-buck)
    Ninja turtle dinner to a splinter, I don't (give a fuck)
    Ah-ha, (it goes up)
    Killin nigga's like the coppers
    And rappers on my thing-a-ma-bobber
    Come to chopping I'm the home of the whopper
    Your girly bopping I don't think I can stop her
    So dope that it made her wanna gimme a slobber
    (They remember you) when you stop and you pop
    (Every syllable) Bow down to a nigga that's (better than you)
    And he thinking he can just come an just speak at him really rude
    Ah-ha, eat the nigga food
    I'll knock the stuffing out ya muffin, fucking knucklehead
    Never did it wrong cause you singing the song all in your head
    Lead off, I beat the beat up and go
    Run a nigga feet off and chew 'em like a piece of pilaf
    Shitting on niggas an leave the seat off, then re-tweet off
    Social media this to beat off to
    Damn, they think we lost cause when we get off a look at themselves saying we awful
    Cause it's more than bread that we wanting
    Me and Nina keeping 'em jumping
    And we won't stop till we get to the top
    You in the way then we Midwest chop ya!
    Should've never to do right in school, I just choose to cruise by
    The principal told me I'ma lose, the dude's right
    All I did as a kid was shoot dice, I'm too white
    Cause I'm excused, my future never was too bright
    But who would've knew I'd be lucky enough to get a record deal And pursue my musical tube site not once, but two times
    I murder shit, a repeat offender with the biggest independent, salute N9ne
    Now watch it, I'mma take this rapper shit to a new height
    Too tight like Drake's spike, jacking my crew like
    A pack of wild wolves, tryna howl at the moonlight
    If you wanna come at us, God bless, gesundheit
    You a pussy, you might lose a fight with a bull dyke
    And I already give you a few strikes, a few of mine
    Kinda swole with this [?] face basically a bull's eye
    And you like (ooh ah)
    And I ain't quitting 'till I got a crib in Malibu sitting poolside
    I'm chilling sipping Crown out a coke bag
    I say what I'm thinking, never been known to hold back
    I'm pimpin' steadily, putting holes in Prozak
    Blow got me looking like my nose's in snow cap
    Under the scopes, steady getting groped and poked at
    And those that oppose that wanna do-si-do
    Per rope-a-dope and get your K-O with toe tag
    At five ten you can see my fro from rows back
    Fake friends hanging on my coast below Tech
    Hate the term 'no homo' but I'm sick
    Of bending over, getting fucked full of dope I don't have
    Oh snap, forgot it was a chopper song
    This is what you wanted here, I guess I better do it
    Study how I executed therapeautic, don't compare me
    Some of these rappers got a bigger pussy than the Octomom
    And yo, ya-uh-yeah!
    Thinkin' about takin' it to another level
    I'm from another realm like an angel falling from heaven
    (I fell) To the Earth, the purpose of resurrection
    I'm coming through your speakers like demonic possession
    (And hell's bells) Don't be afraid of mythology
    Deep inside my brain is a wicked psychology
    Ancient revelation intertwine with technology
    Alien biology, you know that I gotta be (Strange!)
    Damn right, and I'm proud to be
    Biggest independent label, check the biography
    We taking over the industry without an apology
    Burning all the bridges, tell me who wanna follow me
    I'm sick with the sickness and spit with the quickness, so vicious with every bar
    So best to be leaving me lonely, psychotic and mentally scarred
    And I don't really wanna be the one to tell you but I will if you don't get up out now
    Our strangers are angels, and able to seal the game, you lames better bow down
    You need to recognize a miracle inside the lyrical, we're killing all these shows now
    Started from the bottom, now we got the people showing up in line and upping every time
    Takin' it to another planet and stratosphere
    Circle like a satellite on top of this atmosphere
    Snake and bat the symbol of the future, don't interfere
    You don't really wanna be the one we make disappear
    And this flow is hypnotic, these class A narcotics, you pop up the bottle
    Prescribed by psychologists, go for psychotic shit
    Prozak and Kaliko, Rittz (Midwest Chopper shit)

  24. Happy D. Haevit

    Krizz Kaliko

  25. Kevin Hastings

    Nothing but love for the strange fam keep them coming

  26. Nicholas Reiser

    da flow 2 fire

  27. Justin Akers

    Been dope

  28. AnghelliC6-7SinneR

    I love these strangualtions

  29. GEMINI Marrufo

    Wow no comments it's fire

  30. MamaMoon Xo

    Just got into Prozac and wtf is wrong with all these years never listened to him. Im glad i checked him out, hes dope.

  31. Cesar Estrada

    Better than xxl cyphers

  32. Hunte Shaffer

    Brings me back to the KOD days.


    Krizz underrated??? Why do you think he earned the nickname Khalid the genius

  34. Alpha Wolf

    The best in the world is at the beginning obviously

  35. sajaad alshiblawi

    Is it just me or is Krizz over here looking like deebo from friday?

  36. dahzyy SN

    I came here for rittz, kaliko ended being the one on repeat

  37. Ricardo Maldonado Jr.

    Yea and rittz is bad ass too

  38. GenesisnKaidence

    Prozak lol is wack

  39. Desi Thug

    Krizz 🔥

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    Rittz is so underrated. I like his flow. Nothing like anyone else.

  41. Mr G

    Technine how can I met u man how it's possible man what da fuck I do man tell me man

  42. รєг๔คг รยภค

    Rittz fire !!!

  43. Friedrich Sensenberger

    Voll geil, voll YEAH, rrrright Yeah :) <3

  44. Lord Maul

    Prozak killed it ! Just like the merch I never got that was over 2 hunit lmao

  45. Bipedal Hominid

    Why did he recycle a verse. Rookie shit.

  46. ArisenMind

    Prozak's verse was utterly amazing. Had a bit of christian mythology in his flow. That made it VERY interesting.

  47. Cajun Kush

    Holy shit Krizz ... damn homie your shit slick like owl shit when you spit

  48. Chris Loyd

    This video gives me hope in hip hop.

  49. Louise Louise

    Wow.... Choppers

  50. Poker Theory

    Who else is still jammin this???


    He'll yea

    Steven Vialpando

    Me Monday November 4th 2019 at 2:13pm in Broomfield Colorado Dwamn bitch!!!!!

  51. Beast Life

    Rittz would slaughter them all in a battle

  52. Andrew Aggas

    What about logic? Lol where's he at in this... he would be a good addition.

  53. Jeromiah Statzer

    he said eat her for breakfast. you smiled beautifully.

  54. $ølamørz

    Tech N9ne - Cypher VI Ft. Mac Lethal, Ali Tomineek, and hopefully Red Crypt... No?

  55. R!0T Emb3r

    Krizz ➕ Tech n9ne = fucking bars

  56. Adam Deboer

    fuck. rittz looks like it takes zero fucking effort

  57. Enigma Nun

    Welllll Dam thats a Fucking Killer track cant wait to see them soon.
    VIP is worth it

  58. Adam Deboer

    Hey tech watch this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Cybin Shroom

    hells bellscoplamine

  60. P.Y.O.P GROUP

    1.6 mil subscribers ? wtf...could be better not in less y'all fell off

  61. Mike Smith

    rittz fucked this song up straight 🔥🔥🔥

  62. MDK22420

    Kali murdered this beat, Strange revived it, Krizz slayed it again.


    I love bein able to see this shit.


    Woww sick sick🔥

  65. Danny Schodeberg

    Krizzs is a fucking beast one of my new favorite rapper!!

  66. Won't Tell

    Prozac had the weakest verse in my opinion. Kaliko and Ritz annihilated this though.


    Hey Tech watch this

  68. pLub biTraTnium

    2:09 bestiiieeeee

  69. ChristopherTheAlcoholic

    Krizz recycling bars

  70. Mr. Toast

    Best Cypher. Second is Cypher 2, third Cypher 1, fourth Cypher 5 and last and certainly least Cypher 3 imo.

  71. Ver1zon

    boy i wish rappers wouldn't constantly say shit ending in "ology" without even knowing what it means.. twista why you do this

  72. gucci mane


  73. gucci mane


  74. Nate Kyng

    Kaliko is hella underrated

  75. Hussien pac

    ❣️❣️ keep ya head up

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    strange,wtf,and hopsin on cypher really want to see that now

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    Rittz killed it!

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    Strange Artists are the only hope for Modern Rap. insane lyricists. there aren't many outliers except slaughterhouse and independent rappers like Hopsin


    What The Fuck ????

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    Do u think if Strange Music Rap battle rappers now (Kodak, Uzi, XXX, 21 and other) who do you think would win?

  85. george pagonis

    still listening to this. too good to drop it

  86. Hempster Jesus

    Loved Stevie Stones entrance and JL's flow. But as a group... This is hands down the spiciest.

  87. Its Chaboi Andrew

    Prozak gets slept on

  88. Hieu Huynh

    prozak's verse was kinda boring soz

  89. Hieu Huynh

    aye mwc beats = dope

  90. Anthony Stotz

    3rd dude was garbage!

  91. kartikeya krishna

    Fuck do they even breath

  92. Hieu Huynh

    i love it when krizz does that rap thing where he changes pitch into a singing-rap thingy idk

  93. Robert kalori

    Yep...this is rap music

  94. Ese Reaper

    they all rap good ese

  95. Jesus Cardoza

    Kali Baby always kills the chopper beat 💯

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    Everyone on prozaks dick. Rittz murders them all. That’s why he gone now.

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    Tech NIXne