Tech N9ne - Straight Out The Gate: (The Scott Stevens Remix) Lyrics

Together we are, a powerful force
as one, mind body and soul
Let no evil enter, nor attempt to reduce us
because of the beliefs we hold
And with this love, combined with our strength
We ward off, pain and stress
Technician I am, wholeheartedly
In life, and in death

[Tech N9ne:]
Okay I get it, I'm an F.O.N., Freak of Nature but the pen is gonna heat the paper
Was a problem in a incubator, mom and dad was a creature maker
I, never need the shaker, the beef on tape where they teach ya later
Now you're the beast awakener, I don't think the streets are safer
My misery seepin through my delivery
Bitter we givers and they keep my figures, don't try to nigger me
The grave digger is hither, he is no kidder, see
Consider the dark energy, sinner be inner me
Black diamonds all around callin all the down definites
Who saw the clown and now steppin with that tall amount of big Tech and shit
Aah-ooh, three times, my people they know what that defines
What the people are lovin and that's T-9, he rhyme and make 'em make a bee-line!
They 'bout to hate, make out the great
They mouth'll break if they don't pay out the cake
Stay out my face, you don't want me to lay out the fake
Flip the sick and pray thou relate that I'm incredible straight out the gate~!

[Chorus - Serj Tankian (Krizz Kaliko):]
We are the darkness but we're leaving
We are the gods that are deceiving
We are the painters of blind faaaaaaith
(We keep 'em blind!)
We are the children of your rivals
Holding guns while reading Bibles
Go ahead and seal your faaaaate
Straight out the gate!

[Tech N9ne:]
You see the face of EBAH on Tech Nina
Evil Brain Angel Heart, I remain in the dark and anointed
With holy they console me when they know we
Sin got a hold of me, why they let go of me? I'm double-jointed
I'm wicked and I represent the sickness
All you fraudulents feeling I'm falling offending the father
I'll place you in the deepest darkest part of abyss
Nobody but you and without any food and no agua
I blackened the sun on you bitches, sat in the dungeon and ditches
Yappin is one of your glitches - halt it
The Kraken has come with the quickness, back and I'm plunderin chicks and
laughing you dummies trip with exalted
Tech N9ne!
Fuck the industry, independents we enemies to them and he that's blind
The champ is here, the vamp is near
Huntin you heathens, hella hungry and I'm AMPED this year!


[Tech N9ne:]
I am the public enemy #1!
Fuck your fame, I became the name of a GUN!
Now they parents hate Aaron because they sons
and daughters wanna be martyrs believin in my art, ain't it young?
All I got is my balls and rap
I'm appalled that y'all want me to fall callin craps
Suckers hate it, now they crawlin back
cause I'm tall as Shaq and I'm always up for brawlin bats
Strange Music saved my life
I was fuckin it then the music became my wife
Nobody on this planet can tame my mic
Call me crazy, don't matter, fuckin insane I like!


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