Tech N9ne - Na Na Lyrics

(Na Na, Na, Na)
(Na Na, Na, Na)
(Na Na, Na, Na)
I could have it every day
Cause ain't nothin' but a bae

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:]
My goodness, you're the reason for my woodness
You got the kind of shit that'll make me go hoodless
I'mma hood this, miss's got a permanent seat on my face she could sit
No bullshit, she keep me shootin' off like a rocket
When she drop it upon my dick, I let it play inside the pink pocket
It's so pretty, yo titties, and that ass got me so gritty
When that good good get goin' make a nigga wanna move down to yo city
Sideways my best way, my right hand hold your right ankle
My left hand where your breast lay, obeyin' every command you hear Tech say
And y'all know I can write a whole essay
On how much I love the NaNa multi-orgasmic, nigga that's cray

[Hook - Tech N9ne (x2)]

[Verse 2 - Stevie Stone:]
Slidin' behind ya remind ya that I'm very fine
And ya fine or a six all around us
When ya lick and grab it
Tongue kiss it and tug it
Spit sloppy I gotta (Sing on the microphone)
Got her singin' and feelin', I'm finger fuckin', I'm feedin'
I'm beatin', munchin', and needin'
Keep gushin' appease and I'm greetin' lust with allegiance
Heart thrust when I'm deep in
And makin' it wet, see that's an understatement
But your legs like this, I'ma dig it like this
Let me get a little innovatin'
Yeah, had to give her that long stroke
Had to put that Co 2 and that car drive in that condo


[Verse 3 - Rittz:]
Leavin' her a just delight, so when we fight it's just a fight
But when we finally fuck at night, it's too taboo for the stuck up type
And we don't need no porn, we turned on from the foreplay that we perform
I work wonders with my fingers, had it squirtin' in my hand like a squeezin' orange
We both freakazoids, tried all the creams and oils, all the beats and tours
We love fuckin', when she bleedin' I leave it in with no rubber
Leavin' hotel comforters and sheets destroyed, is that TMI?
She can I don't give a fuck, choke her out havin' angry sex
So take it out and let her taste the 'cillin
She deep-throated with no gag reflex
Whoever taught her that can have respect
I let her have my Strange chain while I fuck her with my skully on
Remember when I fingered you in Kroger
We thought we were discreet but a couple people probably saw
We act like a couple teenagers, the both of us grown as hell
While you were up, like a ponytail and let our neighbors hear us moan and yell
Fuckin' like I'm diggin for gold I'm thrill up in it


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  1. joshua montano


  2. Joshua Green

    Because of this track I now have 2 kids instead of just 1

  3. Jess Valdez