Tech N9ne - Feels Like Heaven Lyrics

[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Thinking back to all the bad I did (bad I did)
How I was young and evil as a kid (as a kid)
Ok, I'm better now, I ask the reverend (ask the reverend)
Cause of my hell,
Will I go because the life I'm livin' feel like heaven (feel like heaven)

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Grown better man still I'm in my gang attire
Does not mean I'm going to be cast into a ring of fire
Does it? If so those words you speak I can't admire
The evil's in my past but today the saint is ire
Get and give a lot of love, guess my 'ologists follows us
I was thug, taught us, now we caught up in goddish hugs
Everywhere we go, there he go, went from very low
To unnecessary owes when he carries flows over the stereo
I'm, on my 7 all because of rhyme
But because I played the 6 once upon a time
The reverend says my worldly ways I need to deaden
But I can't tell because this life I'm living feel like heaven

[Bridge 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Is it heaven, or is my head up in the clouds
Is there hell for me, because I feel like we made it out
I put my halo on but then, it done came off again
You don't need eyes to see, that this could be our only heaven

[Hook: Nikkiya]
So, if you see my feet up off the ground
Oh, don't you let me tear this heaven down
Oh, if you see my halo falling down
Oh, don't you let me tear this heaven down

[Verse 2: Oobergeek]
It's funny, and when I think I'm up there...
They say I fais le cul to much
But they just déjà vu to much
Caught up in the antics
Yeah I'm tied to you because I was thinking semantics
So is it dependent on what your heaven is?
Or how big your 6 and 7 is?
Everything preaches to you, you decipher who the reverend is
This verse is speaking to the ones seeking peace in any form
Far from norm' imaginations, the brain rains when it storms
You say names then it forms, manifest things that were foreign
To you once upon a time no coincidence is gonna rhyme
Make sense in a normal line
Of words you learned them at the time and they remain timeless
Feeding of the dreams that you promised
Before niggas knew you were prominent and dominant
And all those powerful words that back then, to be honest,
Were just nouns and verbs; the looks on the astonished
Are normal by now I seen them same faces when I was in Spiderman pajamas


[Bridge 2: Krizz Kaliko]
Heaven or Hell?
I never thought that this could be so real
I never thought that I would ever build
My own heaven


[Outro: Tech N9ne]
I remember back in the day I had this song called "My Own Hell."
It was depressing.
But since then, I've created my own heaven, baby!
And it's beautiful!

Incredibly, no one deaded me, when it was lead at these red Dickies,
Nobody ever headed me, let it be, said I'm breaded, B
Real light, within darkness I still fight it,
But if heaven is love, then this sure in the hell feel like it!

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