Tech N9ne - Fear Lyrics

[Intro - (Mackenzie O'Guin) and Tech N9ne]
(Fear) This was the moment I feared [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Reoccurring dream, I was falling
Droppin' from something tall
And Jesus name that I'm calling
This is pretty deep how I'mma decorate the city street
Little bitty pieces there's really gonna be some chalky drawings
In this dream I had, when I land
I can taste the blood, I can smell the concrete
And I can feel my bones crush on a calm street
Dark and desolate, my heart I never get
Another beat I'm gonna be other head to split, my hell is credited
Where the red is in, I'm down and dead admit in light I'm dreadin' this
If we're created of God than predestination
Should not be looked at as odd, when we're blessed to wake in-
Side of a dream, like I've been here before
And we sum it up with some french expression like we didn't hear the lord
So I'm hopin' and prayin'
That I won't be opened and sprayin'
In real life and it's just a dream, and it's not a thing that can sway my view
But my fear is that I end up layin' and ready for decayin'
What I thought was a dream now it's Déjà vu

[Hook - (Mackenzie O'Guin) & Tech N9ne:]
If I fall will the angels catch me?
Or in it all is it my destiny?
Is there a sound when the ground absorbs me?
Or a dream tellin' me my story

[Verse 2:]
I called up my mother, but who answered my brother
He said "she real sick but I'm gonna put her on just tell her you love her"
My heart it just fluttered when mama picked up she would utter
"Who is this?" I said "Donnie", but she thought I was another
Didn't even know me, and she's not an oldie
It's the lupus or epilepsy
Maybe the psychosis only
"This your son I just called to say happy birthday"
Not really knowin' me hit me in the worst way
Then she said "Oh yeah, little Donnie, how you doin' in school?"
I said "I'm 42, mommy!"
I give my arm, leg, leg, arm, head if that means my momma get better
Toughest thing to swallow is when someone who raised you, they gonna forget ya
I'm feelin' sadness, I'm feelin' anger
Steady praying for a higher power to come down and change it
Rearrange her cause my fear is that the sickness in her mind
In due time it'll make her son a stranger

[Hook 2:]
A stranger to the one who raised us
Nameless to the one who named us
Back to the place where it all began
I'm seeing heaven but I fear it's the end

[Verse :]
Taught to have faith in God
Breakin' bread then we bakin' K.O.D
Makin' plenty then spread it abroad
Wash it down with a glass of Shiraz
I try to walk the path of the righteous one
But this life is one, that's full of strife, let's run
To the mountain top
What I'm 'bout to say if suckas starts to thinking this holy name
I denounce then stop
Man, I'm just sayin'
I do a whole lot of prayin'
And I wonder if it's listenin' to Aaron's nightly whisperin'
'Bout mom in the tithe she's weakly payin'
I know it's a blessing, that I raised kids cause I got skill
And thank God that gangbang thing didn't bring me hot steel
Now my mom's worse and a lot ill
My fear is that this God I'm prayin' to for my mother is not real

[Hook 3:]
Extinguish me from this world of fire
False teachings taught by liars
Prayers that go in an empty asylum
No salvation from this messiah

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Tech N9ne Fear Comments
  1. Dwunzo

    JSRF - Grace & Glory

  2. Devin Wolf

    How is this man the best actual lyricist in the business right now and not playing everywhere. Keep it up tech music I can feel in the soul!!

  3. Southern Bite

    Going through the same shit . Love you momma

  4. Brent David

    may i take a moment to pray as i do often father i know u will hold me guide me so i dont fear the unknown live in the moment never fear the next father when i am done here i will go home to u

  5. King Kap

    2020 and still fire #timeless

  6. Steven Hull

    Ole days of history Myspace Twitter all those Snapchat keep it on a fat black oil in the helium balloonto never explained to oversizing thoughts I've been through the blocks I've been through Chicago I done the crying I done the sorrow I don't know what's going on in that mind so here we is trying to make the soul Moore of the bleeding Morse keep it on the nose follow me I need to be famous

  7. Drew Davis

    This shit hits my soul ❤ love ya tech

  8. BigZoe84

    Still listening in 2019 going into 2020

  9. Kev Low

    I feel it.. My mom's been gone almost 10 years. Dads been longer.. Losing our folks breaks us down, but we regrow!

  10. [vq]nismo.knight90

    Cha Cha cha

  11. Overlord Járnhnífar

    I watch my mother's kidneys fail, her becoming paralyzed from the waist down, become blind, and forget who I was... and the toughest thing about that was knowing that you had the exact match kidney she needed but only being born with one... She died August 24th 2018 at 36 years old

  12. Xannon Hamish

    I just noticed that the text at the start of the video rhymes...

  13. unclearimage

    "nameless to the woman who named us"

    holy shit dude

  14. Zachary Lash

    I am only family by Tech's art, I too felt his mother's passing. I was in jail about to fall asleep and suddenly I had the overwhelming sensation and thought that Tech had died and all that it would mean. I wrote it down on my calender, got out and 1st thing I saw on Facebook was his mother's passing. The exact date I had that feeling. The human connection is real. Tech IS divine and his heritage as well. It goes up!!

  15. Ryan D

    Mackenzie 😍

  16. Jaclyn Catlett

    And then my Family Dies in a Housefire... All 3 of them ... My Husband.... My Daughter 7yrs old.... My Son 5yrs old .... I'm so Lost without them. It's Heartbreaking every day for me .... So i listen to Music to Help Me through my Pain, Anger, and my PTSD. Thank u Tech 9 ....You were my Deceased Husband Favorite Artist .... My Husband would listen to your Artistry... It reminds me of Tom. Tech 9 you helped keep me Alive when I Didn't wanna live... Your Music is Therapeutic for me ..... Thank you Tech 9 & your Crew who backed you up.... Tech 9 .... You are a Blessing to Me & My Life. Amen

  17. Jaclyn Catlett

    This Song reminds me of my Sick Mom w/Cancer.... My Mom Died in front of me... So Heartbroken

  18. Chryz Parnell

    Damn tech I can't stop crying thank you brother I miss my granny so bad......

  19. Strength Kingdom

    What if we are already dying an this is just our life flashing before our eyes in slow mo....

  20. Chris Mcfarland

    Feels!!!!!! 😵😵😵

  21. Isaiah Tafoya

    I miss you mom hope to see you and hear your voice again someday its so hard without you i wish i was as strong as you were

  22. Nocturnall

    rest in paradise mamma tech.......

  23. Jay Day

    This song still hits me hard!!!

  24. adrianna2288

    This song is all up in my 🎶 feed... like last year....

  25. Natural Daily Living

    Suffered head trauma as a kid and this is my Biggest fear as I age everyday is forgetting who I am and who all my loved ones are... Fear Is Real!!!! 🙏🏿🙏🏻🙏🏼

  26. Ramin Jaghoori

    My grandma helped raise me. She forgot who I was right before she died.

  27. Glenn Verdeyen

    THIS is so deep. I think it was written from the center of earth.
    Demencion is a really ugly disease.
    Another point where we are all equal.
    Best song you ever made 🙌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  28. amstlot

    Sincere condolences!!
    I'm sure that Your mother is an angel up above us in heaven!!
    And she will be always with You. In your heart!!

  29. abbie4949

    I never would have associated fear with a loved one's death. But when I was at my lowest, the therapist asked me what was the thing I fear most in life? Without thinking, I blurted out what came to mind first: and also the one I fear I'd had for my whole life : MY MOTHER DYING.. It was such a revelation...The worst part? My mom had died a year or so before that...I feal tech exactly on this song.

  30. Joe Pizzichemi

    So sad I know how you feel tech I lost my mom to and I’ve suffered with epilepsy my whole life

  31. Dabba

    RIP Mama Tech

  32. Kyle Williams

    your mother dont know who you are with all your money you could of had her with you 24/7

  33. Tia Long

    My mom was diagnosed with psychosis a few years back so this song hits me more than any song

  34. jerome miller

    RIP Maude Sue Yates-Kalifah

  35. black ops pro87 Dubstep

    @Tech N9ne I know quite a few people that know you and I grew up representing the Strange Label. Originally a fan of little pills when I hit the 5th grade Nd started poppin thizz and x. I truly believe I have potential to make something happen with my life. Yu have spit around 8-9 sometimes 10 syllables per second. I can almost compare.. i am at my current record of 7.5 syllables per second. Email me if you ever see this. I’m 17. 18 in Oct. Love-ElevN

  36. Drew Davis

    "My fear that the god I'm praying to for my mother is not real" that shit hit me hard. Much love tech

  37. Muscle Man

    Depression, meet The God of the Hebrews .

  38. Mikhail Dwyer

    Nameless to the one who named us 😵 this is some scary truth

  39. David Emam

    This here hit hard ...lost my mother when I was 16 ...she was my best friend ...R.I.P Deborah

  40. Insert name here

    When this song came out I was in the end part of losing my Dad, and I've been struggling with it because he thought I was a younger me.. then I lost my mom last month.. it's been one of the hardest tests of my faith.

  41. Andrew Valentin

    This is really one of Tech N9ne’s greatest most personal songs I’ve ever heard him make. I’m surprised it doesn’t have more views.

  42. Chad Levell

    My Grandma died of the Alzheimer's this song helps bring closure thank you tech 💯

  43. David Houser

    I'm only 28 in August 29, oldest of 4, and I've been in and out of jail spending upwards of 8 months to years, have nothing to show for myself and unable to work with the things I love because of charges (children and animals)... And my mother has early form of Alzheimer's... And my biggest fear is if it takes her before I can get my shit together, I won't be strong enough or able to provide for my siblings ..... Soo Everytime I listen to this I cry like a baby because it hits me harder then when I was facing 15 years day for day

    Elizabeth George

    Keep your head up I'm dealing with inner demons and mom very I'll andy baby brother locked up and a lot of of rage I have inside. I may not be locked up but in reality I'm locked up spiritiualy. I'm tired of people pushing me and trying not to kill again. This shit hurts so bad and im spacing and blanking out

  44. bangmeister2012

    I like his music but fuck god

  45. Ky Joe

    Love you Tech, this shit makes me whole body tingle. I miss this expression you used to give.. fuck life.

  46. Tracy Sossamon

    This was done amazingly well...I loved it every bit of it...sry for ur

  47. Gillian Rivera Lim - RIVERAEDGE

    Mackenzie is the angel of death in this video

  48. Nombot

    6-6- and 20-14=6 is that fucked up that n9na lost his momma on such a date so sad all love tech this is one of my fav songs

  49. Amber Lacey

    As always Tech, fire. I am so sorry for your loss. My mom is still with us but she is slowly getting worse. Mu sister has a un-named blood cancer stage 3. Prayers are to comfort those who are worried for you and those of outer faith.

  50. Stephanie Louise

    This always gets to me. Not enough recognition for this song or Techs beautiful Mother. R.I.P

  51. Jeramiah Bruce

    The only thing to fear is fear itself

  52. Steve D

    5 years ago this past weekend.. may Mama still rest in peace. Love you tech your mama is proud of you and what you do.

  53. Stillz

    Wanted to watch this in remembrance. I lost a close family member too. Hope your doing alright today Arron.

  54. Laura Lew


  55. Tyler Christian

    Dear tech help me thru these tough times.

  56. ethan weddle

    I don't want to be a stranger to the one who raised me..

  57. Legendary_ Scope7

    This song is so powerful Thank you

  58. Игорь Болтнев

    тек красава


    This song hit me hard. I actually lost my grandma on January 31st, 2017. She died from either Gang green or a heart attack. She was taken home and put onto a bed rest and had a cpap machine on her. She was the best grandmother I could ever ask for. She died at the age of 69. I wish I got to spend more time with her. Me and my sister are 4 years apart, I was 10 and my sister was 6 when my grandma passed. I know how it feels tech., but minor things can't bring us down, even if it's someone you care about. R.I.P. Maude Sue Yates-Kalifah 10/26/1955 - 6/6/2015, you will be missed and loved through this song. Prayers to you Tech N9ne. 😭😭😭

  60. Dakota seifert

    Ouch tech this 1 fucken hurt, truth. Hit me real deep. 100

  61. Mr Machanko

    this song still weighs heavy on my heart, i know what its like to loose your mother, tech keep your shoulders high and your head higher! peace be with your mother

  62. Angie Angel

    rest in power sweet angel wish I could give aaron a ((hug )) ❤ thank you for telling your story N9na. 💖

  63. Gamebred

    I remember a few years ago I was in a pretty dark place and I listened to this like 100 times. Forgot about it and I'm feeling nostalgia hard now

  64. Jonathan Siwa

    ty for your pain.

  65. Scott Craven

    This song breaks my heart I love you tech you the realest. The energy resontaing from the darkest pits of our wicked struggles that morph the angel inside! Stay strong Don P

  66. mercedes rodriguez


  67. Leo Stevens

    Abu Whabi

  68. Keith Rich

    Dam good song.

  69. JakRomano

    Wow, just wow.
    Amazing deep song.
    Love it

  70. Katelyn Cerniglia

    “My fear is that the god I’m praying to my mother is not real. “
    Fuckin A this song speaks so loud.😔

  71. Katelyn Cerniglia

    Stranger to the one who raised us, nameless to the one who named us. Back to the place where it all began...❤️

  72. Tiffany Dame

    I have epilepsy also.....I'm only 32, but life goes by quick, in a crazy, sad way😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  73. HEKTIC458

    What a track


    Has to be my favorite song out of all what he put out.. He spoke truth and alot of ppl relate to this jam of reality

  75. Jennifer White

    oh wow. this totally hit home with me. much love and peace to you.

  76. Carson Jacob

    Man, I can just feel the pain and heartache in your versus. r.i.p prayers and much love

  77. Chris Romero

    You wouldn't be praying to a God. If you didn't believe bro..... you know the tooth _ truth...

  78. Chris Romero

    I was not a fan of the beginning..... it was too fake..

  79. Kara DeRonda

    This song gave me goosebumbs...

  80. Krystine Hernandez

    Rest in peace to a fucking legend 💯

  81. Eddie Gaeta

    "I fear the god I'm praying for my mother is not real"

  82. martin perez

    Id give my arm leg leg arm head if that means my momma get better, the toughest thing to swallow is when someone who raised u is gonna forget u

  83. Fluffles The Wolf

    At the end she almost fuckin heart

  84. David Hockenberry

    Honestly can’t listen without shedding a tears

  85. 2-ODD

    I lost my mother around the same time as you tech an just recently I lost my father so thank you tech you have always been the greatest

  86. ShagLovin Official

    RIP to Maudie

  87. DAE 6688846993

    I love this song

  88. Christopher Smith

    Tic toc

  89. Shy Love

    R.I.P Mama Nem, forever a Technician...😭

  90. Alexandre Lothbrok

    67676767666n9ne STRANGE MUSIC SAVED MY LIFE!.... AWOO AWOO!!

  91. Xamkoz

    I was just literally crying while listening this. One of the thoughest rap I've ever heard. Yesterday started listening you on acident. 'Sut mig' frome it's strat made me like "whaaat, there is some awesome rap except Eminem?" Now Tech N9ne pretend to become my №1. Especially colab with SOAD... I belive i heard them in your track.
    wow 2.4kk.. It's madly underrated!
    Брат, сочувствую от души. Счастья тебе, мужик. Мама больше всего хотела бы видеть тебя счастливым, в этом нет сомнений.
    Земля пухом маме.

  92. IXBhangXI


  93. Justin Milley

    Mckenzies vocals are chilling.

  94. John Drake

    God does not promise a life without pain. He commands us to endure in faith and perseverence. To walk by faith not by sight. God promises a life after death if you repent or at least thank him and give all your worries to him. He knows life is painful but pain builds character.

  95. lotusOXOX

    Rest in paradise 👼👼❣️❣️

  96. Kylie Louise

    The world loves u🌏❤️

  97. Ashley Meyer

    This song gives me chills every time. Tech is a lyrical genius. RIP to his mother 💔

  98. Lindee Sprong

    Marriage license only cost like $100 a divorce cost a lot more it cost like $10 to change your Social Security card and you'll forever be known ask