Tech N9ne - Aw Yeah? (interVENTion) Lyrics

Domine... [4x]
Question for the the maker…and it's…aw yeah?
This the way it's supposed to be huh? Alright

On a glass of red wine
Right before bedtime thinkin'
Everybody down here trippin'
If you up there
This is Nina tellin' you to listen
The vision I'm givin' everyday
Life is dumpin' on us like a pigeon
I get many enemies with this Forbes list
But I get rid of energy from piss poor pricks
Can I get to heaven all I get is threatened
Every time I get more chips
Gotta grip four fifths
For the sick forces I gotta fight
All of the night with cops, Crips
Bloods with sore fists
And them Nazi’s wanna hem Hadji
Up it ain’t too many men godly
Hideous so many cities bust in
Ferguson to Libya, Benghazi
Human equality never been a level playin' field
Man it been wobbly
So many circles of sin rob me
That’s why we go angel to grim Cosby’s!
Yellin' this to my superior
Degrading of love is inferior
Upon this earth a lot of people jerked around about 300,000 to Syria
Are you serious?
I could never think of burying my children p-p-period
Nigeria, I'mma yell while I'm walking through this hell cause I'm furious!
Zuse know what's up, he said you got to pack a toy
But why you gotta let the bodies dropping at a coffee shop in Aussie (Aussie, Oi Oi Oi)
But around here, loving coco's the bomb
Meanwhile so many people are taken out by the hands of Boko Haram
Aw yeah?!
They gotta suffer the penalty cause of our education
Nobody wanna say nothing but I gotta call it abomination
Pissed off thinkin' what this cost
What these babies blood drippin' for?
So I say in Latin, listen Lord!
Only way people are gonna be able to kill off a demon is
Pick up a gun and be ready to put it between him
My nigga be screamin'
No fear the only way
Every day flatten the beast
At least Anonymous is hacking for peace
And yet we gotta bust cause we packing a piece
Choke not another one of us for the snappin' police
Who the hell a brother gonna trust when it's always dishonor
Hate me like Obama
And I ain't even got around to askin' you the question God
What about my, mama!?

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Tech N9ne Aw Yeah? (interVENTion) Comments
  1. Juanitonator

    This need waaaay more views!
    What a slap by the legend himself!

  2. Mike Wallace

    Im pretty upset with this video... after watching many times now, i cant see the best and most meaningful moment of it. The expression at the end... the rage the pain.. the need to better... why cover it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    Im with you tech . 444 222 111 444 555 777 still in war🛡🏔☄🍥

  4. Anil Sharma

    Today on repeat! ❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

  5. Mr.Nice

    He’s more of a DMX copy....

  6. SeeDzNutts

    This shit needs an instrumental

  7. Anil Sharma

    This song deserves a Grammy my personal Opinion...coz I just love this song

  8. Latesha Greeley

    He keeps it real / 100😈

  9. silentspk listen

    Tech first time heard top five of all time tea talk got sumn for u @silentspk get at me it would b an honor sir

  10. t he Second Coming of Christ


  11. T. La'Shalle

    Thank you. I've seen this video for years. Listened to the lyrics repetitively. I'm a minister and a huge Tech fan. I love the party music, but empathetic when I hear the heart of Mr. Yates among his collection of verses, because many refuse to separate the performer from the man. And, yes, today's society of cloned marionettes and zombies may not be mentally apt to receive a message as raw as this one.
    All in all, thank you for sharing your gift.

  12. [BLD]PAI-II: Jay

    2015: Aw yeah?

    *2019: Aw man!*

    Sorry for bringing the meme to this but I had to.

  13. Daniel Dietz

    Real talk!

  14. Edda Smith

    That's in the last part of "what if it was me"

  15. Hoyden Uwell

    Anon is a governmental organization. The gematria adds up, Tech.

  16. Quinnefard Illgauskus

    By far one of my favorite songs by’s just TOO RAW for some ears but still the truth

  17. I CK

    Time goes on and this song is still FIRE!!!! real music!

  18. Chris s

    What about my llama

  19. Cocain Shack69

    Remember this song,lit as fuckkk

  20. Sleepwallk3r

    And that gucci song has almost 1 bilion views...i am scared for the human race..

  21. Starla Locke

    I relate to this song now more than I ever have, still one of my favorites.

  22. Kayleigh Nance Braxdale

    God bless you

  23. Rahul Gahlawat

    This is the most powerful song i have ever heard. Period

  24. Robert Moorered

    Anybody still listening 2019

  25. Moekoolkid

    This is ghost

  26. Insert name here

    This song and Fear- Tech nine ft McKenzie are on my constant replay list

  27. theblackwingedsoul

    "At least Anonymous is hackin' for peace" Fuck, 4chan was always shit, but at least back when it wasn't a bunch of fragile white manlets making the rest of the us look bad. Went from taking on evil bitches with stuff like Operation Chanology, now they march in goose step with Trump.

  28. Kevin Williams

    This isn't fair to any religion, your superior isn't the same as the leaders that rule any of these countries. If we had one God one world it might be different but at the same time it's mankind that has free will is the ones who act on these things. The Lord in any Bible, Koran etc said we are on our own, to make our own decisions here on Earth it's how we decide wether we can even reach the next level or lower level brother

  29. Jeremy Davis

    I don't just love it dawg,I live it(got ur 6) Mr. 9

  30. Miss Understood AngelaWalker

    Am I angry?!?

  31. Samuel Clemons

    I love to kick open a door anf scream "Sippin! On a glass of red wine!"

  32. Juan Camacho


  33. siCk G-nius

    Dope song.. Powerful.. Felt the same way a few yrs ago.. Went down a dark place in my life but I found my way back.. I can actually enjoy this song now without the rage

  34. Powerwordhug

    Yo as corny as this sounds this is the strongest message of any song of my generation


    Only way people are gonna be able to kill off a demon! Is pick up a gun and be ready to put it between em! That's the most true part of the song!

  36. Mary-Beth Griffin

    This is top 10 Tech songs.

  37. Shinigmi Blacky

    I luv you

  38. blink182izawsm

    The beat tho 👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. Vinson !!

    Aww YEAH?👊💥⚔️💪💯🙏

  40. Warren Wierciak

    I have to listen to this tech to be ohkay with what i believe is my mothers murder

  41. Mesha Mesh

    Tech is the goat bottom line

  42. lizette garcia

    this man is so handsome , won’t get tired of saying it

  43. SuperGixxerman1000

    My favourite version of this is on npr tiny desk concerts

  44. Overlord Ghs

    I love how the emotion in this song slowly builds up and then explodes... definitely my fav tech n9ne song.

  45. Mowza

    Flow 10/10
    Lyrical Content 10/10
    Beat 10/10
    Video 10/10
    My favorite tech song

  46. Holden Wayne

    Myrtle beach SC #StrangeMusic 2019

  47. wedo chris

    Love this shyt

  48. Jay Day

    Fuckin fire!!!

  49. p Johnson

    Tech who painted your face. ???? Mr. Patrick Johnson wants to know

  50. Papa Grounds

    This is the best track I've ever heard from N9na! Too short though :(

  51. Miss Understood AngelaWalker


  52. Lion Grey


  53. scorpion MK11

    He spoke a little chactaw

    scorpion MK11


  54. scorpion MK11

    They look like marionette from five nights at freddy's lol the puppet if u know what I'm talking about lmao

  55. Barry Clay

    This rap goes so hard and theres not a single cuss word in it. Tech 9ine is a beast!!!

  56. Bhuiyan Bantai

    Everyone Keep Subs This Uniqe TechN9ne Hard Rapper

  57. Nightmare Killa


  58. Wedo Chris

    Love this shyt

  59. BeLIEve Me

    Whenever someone asks me if I like rap I say yea, Tech n9ne. They say who. Pft..... 😞

  60. Joe Rice

    tech n9ne would be the best dbz character ever.... prove me wrong.

  61. TheMantits27

    @tek I have a question. If anonymous is so powerful why are there 30 million starvation deaths? Like use those pocket calculators to preserve food waste and send to the hungry!

  62. MJ Allapowa

    Tech N9ne is the best rapper

  63. Michael Jason


  64. Brian Roberts

    At least Anonymous is hackin for peace.

  65. The Rap Odyssey

    Probably the realest song out there

  66. Freddy Marcel

    Tech is too underrated

  67. jack ansell

    Aint nothing out there harder then this.

  68. Fonut

    Tech deserves more views I guess your not allowed to express your feelings as a rapper

  69. Terrell Stewart Vegas raised

    Tech Nine you need to really check me out I'm on Facebook I do Twisted poetry and also do videos you should really look me up on Facebook my name terrell Stewart, Vegas strong

  70. Sox lNav

    Wow this needs more viewss sleeping on techh

  71. Bichr Salhi

    The song is so good. But the message is not good at all.
    People need to face challenges to thrive. Death is part of life. People need to stop blaming God for all the atrocities that people caused THEMSELVES. God created us, gave us resources and means. We the human race chose to do no good with it...

    JoanthanK Warner

    For real that's ur opinion here's mine I stop talking and believe in him on 1 1 19 the music helps

  72. Chris Scheve

    Should really link this to Tech's "what if it was me"

  73. Michael Officer

    Damn SeeYa.

  74. Michael Jennings

    From a CRIP tech got much love from me my and I'll ride wide strange music from the beginning to the end folks

  75. Sylvester _kat

    This is lit

  76. محمد القطعاني

    Libya_Benghazi ❤💪

  77. FocusOfficial

    end always gives me chills

  78. Joel Kingsford

    I feel the complexity of lyrical mc's like tech and em go over peoples heads

  79. Love Forever

    I love you tech. Have since I've listened you You since I was 15. Going on 20 years now! You re the best!!! Wish I could meet you

  80. Kingbeastkennlz Kennels

    2019 ✊

  81. Baki XB

    Can we please turn this up?
    pay attention

  82. Jerry Jonrs

    Tech stay goin off 🔥🔥

  83. Big boy Clowen

    Aw yeah

  84. failtolawl

    that was corny as hell lmao

  85. Nadia Borzacchini

    This is my theme song real talk

  86. Valkarrus

    Tech sold out with Planet but.... now I'm going back to the Killer album like I just heard it yesterday, wtf

  87. Tucker

    best song

  88. F14R3ing


  89. Rere sweetbaby

    Last day of 2018. Happy New Year 💯 my Tech N9ne.

  90. megan terrill

    What we listen to when the government shutting down

  91. Ammar Hussain

    Atleast anonymous is hacking for peace. Factssssss.

  92. KJU

    Go check him out on npr tiny desk concert him and krizz killed it

  93. Michelle Allison

    Blessings on the AWSOMENESS.beautiful.

  94. Beyloien

    Anon 4chan rep +