Tea Party, The - Stargazer Lyrics

So you say that your heart
When it beats its like a landslide
And the word on the street from the man
It brings you down
Can you still find the time and the signs
To look around

You tell me love
Tell me where the stars sleep
Tell me why your eyes weep
I really want to know
And show me love
Take me to the place where
Everything would change there
And we'd all be free

And you place your faith in a mountain
But what you don't understand
Is that the man is
The same old rock
Can you still find the time and the signs
To look around

And tell me love
Tell me where the stars sleep
Tell me why your eyes weep
I really want to know
And show me love
Take me to the place where
Everything would change there
And we'd all be free

These are the times
When we live inside our minds
With our hands in the air
There's voices everywhere
In the slipstream
It's like a daydream
These are the days
When we're dancing through the haze
With our ears to the ground
We're searching for the sound
Of a dove's cry, but it won't be over until

You tell me love
Tell me where the stars sleep
Tell me why your eyes weep
I really want to know
And show me love
Take me to the place where
Everything would change there
And we'd all be free

I really want to know [x4]

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Tea Party, The Stargazer Comments
  1. Mr. Ozel

    What a divine song! Replay button ON!

  2. drew3406

    I had completely forgotten about this song. One of my favorites by The Tea Party.

  3. Robert Kidson

    The most underrated band of all time!!!.


    what a voice what band!!!!!!they should be loved all over the world as godsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!very very underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dave Tone

    STILL love this song

  6. northyorkjefe

    Awesome band !! Where are they now??

  7. Fuking Fortin

    putain de groupe !!! wow trop hot canada rules

  8. Sean Moloney

    Love this song. The only decent track on an incredibly dull, boring, and lifeless album. The Ocean at the end is Killer, so glad these guys are back.

  9. avery mount

    When i first heard this song played it over n over ..awesome song

  10. Guwlz Barrieault

    < Thank-You <3 Mark Bryski for believing in our love <3 Three and a half years and counting <3

  11. cbilan34

    Love this song! Of their many, this is one of my favorites!

  12. stone mason

    IMO, the most underrated Canadian rock band ever. Awesome song.

    Steve & Jenifer

    that would be Brighton Rock....sorry but i love this band

  13. Dogday

    One of my favorites from the Tea Party

  14. SniperNinja36

    This song makes me so happy, idk why

    Vivian St.Claire

    I feel the same!🦄

  15. Cap'n Mo

    Man... The Tea Party's sound just got too shiny and safe by the breakup. Everything on Seven Circles combined doesn't equate the intensity, rawness, or depth of any one track on Splendor Solis. 

    Cap'n Mo

    @***** Really? I'm a Splendor Solis man, myself. I love Alhambra. I think it doesn't get enough attention. 

    Cap'n Mo

    @***** My favourite on the album is In This Time. I don't think the Tea Party has ever been so fragile as they were on that song.

    Marcus Volk

    Great observation, never thought of it that way.


    "You've misinterpreted my comment. I didn't question the quality of the music."

    Funny, I came to the same conclusion as rogueboner did.

    Maybe it had something to do with this..."Everything on Seven Circles combined doesn't equate the intensity, rawness, or depth of any one track on Splendor Solis. "

    If intensity, rawness and depth aren't elements of quality, what are you talking about then?

    Stacy K

    There isn't a single album they haven't produced that I don't love. I appreciate the difference of inspiration that is in ever album from the more eclectic sound of Splendor Solis, to the Industrial inspiration of Transmission to the revert back to a more rock laden album that 7 circles was to Edges of Twilight and to their latest release. Personally the Oceans at the End is not my favorite album but I don't hate it either.

  16. j freed

    Audio = Shitgazer


    It gives the song character.

  17. brahma1964

    Great tune, but why did they cut some lyrics out? Is this top 40 hit radio?

  18. Mathieu Lafontaine

    i don't know that band seems to be there every time i crush on a girl :O 

  19. Alex d

    song brings me back to a good time in my mid 20s ....

    James Williams 777

    dude same haha well early 20s i think but still oh canada lol

  20. xfm rogers

    takes me back to 2004


    @xfm rogers 1998 Edgefest .. :)

  21. The22tankmaster

    One of the members joined with people from "Our Lady Peace" and "I Mother Earth" and made "Crash Karma. Closest we are going to get I think.

    Sean Moloney

    The22tankmaster Both Crash Karma albums are DOA. Glad these guys are back at it again.

  22. thaddeus rex

    we love The Tea Party...proud to be a Canuck.

  23. naurek

    To be fair, if someone had a Tea Party party, I'd choose that over any party with 'party music'. That's a lot of party.

  24. tristancookmusic1

    They reunited in 2012. Rumour is a new album on the way. They are more energetic, and heavier than ever!

  25. lady4416

    According to Wikipedia "the band re-formed in 2011"


    The Tea Party is amazing !!! Not party music. For true lovers of music and words. The type of music you listen to when alone wearing headphones.

  27. Zach Zuehlke

    "hey show me love tell me where the stars sleep and will all be free." -jeff martin


    Think For You.

  29. Sara Morrissette

    fuck ive been tryinng to find this song for a long time yay!!

  30. Bhilithinn

    You got your wish! :)

  31. Uhbliviun

    @furpaproductions you're kidding right? or do you have no idea what Will looks like?

  32. bundybear036

    I have missed these guys, thanks to my friend for showing me a vid of theirs and making me remember............fun times!

  33. VesperSomerset

    @Pyscopomp They're great as a Canadian band, and they didn't have a lack of success. They did very well here, and Jeff Martin has commented in the past on his good relationship with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. Just because they aren't enormous doesn't mean they suck. Though this time around, let's hope the recent silliness over their domain name will wake Americans up to them...

  34. Alex Bevan

    This song hits EVERY chill in my back

  35. luke molica

    @spiderchild207 uh I'm seeing them play in a week... idiet moran

  36. Nick Scott

    Just got back from the show...... so good almost tears during messenger acoustic

  37. DudieBro

    These guys played their comeback show at Ancaster Fair in Southern Ontario... it was totally free, I was front row, and I've got to say- those 3 dudes sound like a 5 piece band, and I they rocked our socks, balls out, pedal to the medal

  38. Nick Scott

    vancouver november 15th bitches I will be having a tea party!!!! FUCK YES!

  39. Zach Tettamente

    search The River watch that music video then watch this one what the fuck happened?

  40. Davermac1

    @mobrules29 You should check out their other songs / videos on Youtube - Sister Awake , Heaven Coning Down, Temptation, Walking Wounded etc. These three guys were amazing especially live. FYI I liked Dio as well , especially when he was with Sabbath!

  41. misterfunnybones

    Sounds like another Daniel Lanois cover...just kidding.

  42. Darren Hawkins

    how can a person choose JUST ONE song as their fav Tea Party tune?? I can't! This is right up there tho! A shame that apart from Canada and my home country, Australia, the rest of the world seemed to not acknowledge the greatness of this musical triumvirate. In a sea of mediocre pre-made dross, this band was the salt to a bland palette of offerings.

  43. futureseven

    @alarum13 Thanks for the update!

  44. alarum13

    @futureseven but they have reunited for a summer tour! saw them a week ago...awesome concert :)

  45. futureseven

    Another kick-ass Canadian band. Though they are split up.

  46. mobrules29

    Got my hopes up....I thought this was going to be a cover of Rainbow's "Stargazer" with Ronnie James Dio. What a downer.

  47. Victor Chan

    saw these guys in ottawa last night.

    yea, they're back and louder than ever.

  48. alex rioux

    this song is amazing !!


    Amazing. Come on guys your comments are a year old. Update fuckers.

  50. Circuz-Munster

    24 people are beaver fan's

  51. PubliusTherapon


    Wow, sounds awesome. I went to the one last year, very good line up.

    I don't think I will be at the one this year, which is sad, Bluesfest is awesome!

  52. Kotesu

    @LDKBBAB Aaaand they're getting back together! Sooo stoked!


    24 people were so heart broken by The Tea Party's break up that their love for them turn to sadness and than to anger and finally hatred...

  54. sixfeetontop

    @TheArts8 I totally agree with you, man!

  55. zombiemontage

    how can 24 people.. i don't even

  56. TheArts8

    @sixfeetontop i love the way that with tea party fans you like love them or have never even heard of them ....its like some type of sweet club....

  57. sixfeetontop

    @TheArts8 That's awesome:). I hope you have an awesome time!! I can't wait to see them live, either.

  58. TheArts8

    @sixfeetontop Actually i'm from Buffalo N.Y. but yeah will do ....can't wait

  59. sixfeetontop

    @TheArts8 Are you from the Hamilton area? I'm from Ottawa. Have a wicked time, man! I'll be seeing them at Bluesfest this year:).

  60. TheArts8

    @sixfeetontop HELL YES!!

  61. sixfeetontop

    @TheArts8 Nice!! Are you going?

  62. TheArts8

    @sixfeetontop there playing a free show at the festival of friends in hamilton......

  63. sixfeetontop

    @JessformerS2 I'm there too, buddy!!

  64. 11chrisjames

    24 people need to get their ears checked...

  65. takeanumber

    @Feuyaer Yes I've known they have been broke up for awhile. Still doesn't mean I don't like their music.

  66. FN Anderson

    they tried to go pop with this track..and it worked!

  67. morrisonmoon


  68. takeanumber

    I absolutely love The Tea Party. I've been a fan ever since the early 90s when I saw their "Fire in the Head" video on Much Music. Mine and my first boyfriend's song was "Correspondences" and even though that was well over 15 years ago when I hear it I think of him. This band imo has gotten better with time and I hope they continue to produce music in the future.

  69. Justin Storm

    dear youtube,
    how dare you put a dislike button on any Tea Party Videos?
    Please fix


    I am Canadian. This is my band!!!!! Don't understand their lack of success. But I am glad at the same time. A true gem in a sea of shit.

  71. Kugz - Oceania

    I don't understand it - how can shit like Justin Bieber and Beyonce and all that rap shit get hundreds of millions of views but this >150k? This is one of the greatest sounding songs I've ever heard :D

  72. nokmuay1970

    @TheWritingWriter hehe Jeff is DJ in my city.

  73. Verucarock

    Un grupazo! A ver cuando vienen por Eslovaquia!

  74. TasuLife

    I love what you guys are are going to be doing to the democrats this november!!!

  75. Lukav

    @shockme25159 Yes, they cut half the bridge out. The "These are the times
    when we live inside our minds..." part, which is the first half of the bridge.

  76. Lukav

    Should've left the bridge alone--it's the best part of the song. Cutting it in half just to make the song shorter makes the song weaker in the end. Original is much better, but this is still a good (radio) edit, overall.

  77. Gloria Gordon

    this is such a good song
    but their playing their instruments so akwardly in this vid

  78. KingUponMain

    fuck tea party are awesome

  79. AZAMAEL666

    We are in 2010! and i heard this fucking song today! fuck!
    love it.

  80. AZAMAEL666

    We are in 2010! and i heard this fucking song today! fuck!
    love it.

  81. Shawn Barbour

    is it just me or does the band HIM sound like Tea Party??
    anyone agree?

  82. spookman117

    what an amazing song

  83. Shivaji Ramos

    I really wanna know!

  84. halcyon0830

    This song is about people with reason and common sense who want to survive finding another planet to live on in another galaxy because the greed-infestation and the corrupt neocon crooks on Earth have ruined the planet for the rest of humanity and all the other lifeforms, and Earth will not live long and cannot be saved until all the crooks, lowlifes, carelessness, greed and neocons are REMOVED.

  85. shreyash511

    they sound like H.I.M...

  86. p0llenp0ny

    ooh they got all punked up for mtv. sweeet. :P

  87. &Abel

    I've heard temptation

    never listened to great big lie

    but like everyone else they are not perfect and they express their thoughts even when they are having doubts etc

    there songs are overwhelmingly Christian in content

    check out Babylon, or Heaven Coming Down

    Sister Awake etc

  88. KingOfServants

    thats actually really funny because in an interview I saw of them he actually denounced being in any any way related to jim, because he was so often asked if he was, it is kinda freaky of much he looks like him though

  89. KingOfServants

    I actually dident like this album execpt this song. This song is phenomenal

  90. Tanner Dobson

    Fuck i heard this song on the radio and i love it.

  91. MAY777ABLE

    I'm a star gazer and can tell you-WE ARE NOT ALONE ~

  92. MasterFu

    i love it...dark and true...like me...lol

  93. Buhlayre

    This song is a Masterpiece.

  94. petecabrina

    I love most of the tea party, coolest band to get stoned to.. but wow, this is a bit poppy to say the least, not their best by far.

  95. 11chrisjames

    these guys were amazing miss them so talented never got the reconition they deserved

  96. Ji Lee

    That was my best band ever ...