Tea Party, The - Samsara Lyrics

please would you tell me my friend
which direction is the way
because i'm lost, i'm confused
the reality we choose
is a long, long way from the dream

all you'll feel is pain and suffering
wading through samsara

yes but i've heard that before
from those teachers of dreams
but it's old and it's cold
i just can't feel it in my soul
am i damned to a life of extremes

all you'll feel is pain and suffering
wading through samsara

but i've looked to the east
and i've prayed in the west
what i knw, i've seen
you just couldn't imagine
where i've been
and i feel at this time
i just need to rest
and i'd like us to stay here
i would love us to stay here
would you let me stay here, please...

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Tea Party, The Samsara Comments
  1. Colton Constantine

    If music like this couldnt save and wake up the world, humanity is screwed

  2. Atakan Özel

    Not gonna compare them with any other band because they are unique for me but this song has SOAD vibes on it. Imagine they are singing this song with Serj and Buckethead as an addition to all of these.

    Black Earth Productions

    Right.., ya the Tea Party are fucking LEGEND Atakan like I said to ifwantpeace.., I agree.., no one will EVER be able to compare to them.., they are one of a kind.., this song Samsara is quite fucking particular for me.., the intro gets me every fucking time; etc.., along with pretty much every fucking song and concept they have written on muse when they first came out in the 1990's far as it's concerned.., encourage you to check out their albums via: Splendor Solis.., The Edges of Twilight.., Transmission.., [ I'll link them below.., check out their other albums too ] if you have never heard those.., [ not assuming ] those were the first >Magnum Opus'< I heard with The Tea Party back in the day now when no one even knew who the fuck they were.., and I've not stopped listening since....., Hails to Jeff Martin.., Stuart Chatwood.., and Jeff Burrrows ya.., their Musical Legacy will forever be encrypted into the deep Fabric of Memories of the Ancient Future for me.., https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTTIBojQTl79U_41gLYX6wA/playlists ........., SKOAL!!


    truly great visions of music. best Canadian band in my opinion..however..inwards to self!

    Black Earth Productions


  4. Scottmmm1

    sadness the thought that so few know these things and so many ridicule those who do

    Atakan Özel

    I cri everytiem

  5. musical roses

    luv this song!!!