Tea Party, The - Chimera Lyrics

you say it's all about intention
a chimera in disguise
its about your life, the greed
the loneliness it needs now
just to say you;ve claimed the prize
of letting go...

you say you're all about your virtue now
like a harlequin of shame
you look around confused by the sound
of intention gone aground now
because it's all about the fame

and now you're letting go
but it's a little late
there's little time to show

so tell me now...
would you do it all again...
could you do it all again...

you say it's all about
forgiveness now...
well you can grovel if you'd like
but turn around,
do you hear that sound
that's integrity gone aground now
in the name of sacrifice

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Tea Party, The Chimera Comments
  1. Colton Constantine

    Would you do it all again?

  2. Toni Peters

    Why ask, it is as it is.

  3. Erwan2015

    What a song !!!

  4. Amanda Kippen

    Fuckin love this song

    Uzi Aladogan

    Amanda Kippen Dutch?

  5. Robert DeMoTT

    hope i get to see them soon.

    David Taylor

    have you seen them yet?

  6. Robert DeMoTT

    goddamn i miss this band.

  7. Fu7ur3Pr00f

    No worries. They just reunited after 7 years, and have started playing shows again :)

  8. antonio chavarro

    esta cancion es tan buena que no se puede escuchar solo una vez

    David Taylor

    tan verdadero



  10. danaic1

    simply perfect!!!

  11. Azeem

    yeah... I know...