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Tea Party, The Cathartik Comments
  1. Mitchell Tyler

    Heavy and soothing. Love their sound.

  2. Lucavex Ayanami

    Just rediscovered this song after forgetting it existed for over a decade. What a nostalgia trip!

  3. Systematiclol

    brilliant writing

  4. Ricardo Novelo

    Favorite from that album...



    Atakan Özel

    +1 from a random person.

  6. Mark MacKinnon

    Yet another vid by one of my favorite bands that l CANT see because user has not enabled mobile phones to see it. Thanks for nothing!


    it is preselected actually with no ability to change the selection, sorry!

  7. XOKNP

    oh that was terribly undetectable internet sarcasm by the way, fantastic band

  8. FixxxerZ7

    I am not sure to which band you are referring, but you are a complete and utter idiot just for adding that comment. The Tea Party's worst song is probably 1000 times better than your best effort in music.

  9. Dornishwine

    A silly entity.

  10. ezra lind

    You've got my sympathies.. having your ears cut off must have been a terrible experience.

  11. XOKNP

    this band sucks, if you even want to call them a band

    Sarah Drummond

    You who say they "suck" are auditorily
    mentally challenged.
    I'd be pissy to if I was condemned to live as a slack jawed simpleton limited in capacity to only tap your foot with bad timing to cookie cutter mainstream pop on the radio. Enjoy.

    Atakan Özel

    I think it was something like "Primus Sucks".


    @Atakan Özel dont you fuck with Les Claypool

  12. Jeff Martin

    THE BEST BAND EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Valoren13

    the tea party is back together :).

  14. antonio chavarro

    buenisima cancion la he escuchado como unas 20 veces y me sigue gustando