Taylor Swift - Thug Story Lyrics

Hey hey, T-Swizzle T-Swizzle
And T-Pizzle T-Pizzle

[Taylor Swift:]
I'm like 8 foot 4
Blond hair to the floor
You shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore
No I ain't got a gun
No I never really been in a club
Still live with my parents but I'm still a thug

I'm so gangster you can find me baking cookies at night
You out clubbing but I just made caramel delight
T-Swift and T-Pain rapping on the same track
It's a thug story, tell me can you handle that?

[T-Pain and Taylor:]
I had a dream last night

[Taylor Swift:]
I had high-top Nikes
I had

[T-Pain and Taylor:]
Diamonds in my mouth
And diamonds on my mic

[Taylor Swift:]
By the time I woke I was singing

I'm on a boat

[Taylor Swift:]
'Cause I'm a singer turned rapper

Shorty I'm a make ya

[Taylor Swift:]
Straight to the top, yo

Shorty I'm a take ya

[Taylor Swift:]
You can call me T-Sweezy
Now I'm a rap star

Hey, it's a thug story
Now tell 'em who you are
Singer turned gangster

[Taylor Swift:]
You don't wanna fight me

Straight to the top

[Taylor Swift:]
In my extra small white tee

T-Swift and T-Pain all up on the same track
It's a thug story now can you get with that?

[Taylor Swift (T-Pain):]
What, what, I knit sweaters, yo!
What, what, don't test me
Hey, hold on, hold on
I didn't even say anything
I didn't even s—
I said, "Yo."
You guys bleeped me and I didn't even say anything
I didn't swear
(She didn't even swear)
Hello? Ugh!

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Taylor Swift Thug Story Comments
  1. Enrique Parra

    Taylor Swift was so freaking cute here. I remember watching this on CMT.

  2. Snoop

    Holy shit what a jewel 😍

  3. Sharon Green

    I never heard this before but it’s actually cute and funny😍

  4. aubri alexa

    i used to listen to this on my ipod when i was like 8

  5. Im Swiftie

    This man just change Taylor in her real self

  6. 奇普馬汀

    Poll : What's your favorite Taylor Swift song?
    Me : Thug Story

  7. PaperRings Swiftie

    Andrea I can't 😂😂😂

  8. ramen

    happy 30th taylor 💜 i remember watching this in elementary school LMAO the autotuned "she didn't even sweaaar" replays in my head randomly time to time

  9. Shadow Pimental

    She needs to do more song this or once in while

  10. Marga Fradeza


  11. keren S

    Damn, who brought the onion???

  12. Alexander Lee

    Still blown away that I heard Taylor call me a "Shawty"

  13. j ram

    This sounds like something Jenna Marbles would sing lol

  14. Dina Fernandez

    Still the best rap

  15. Getaway Car

    1:24-1:25 😂

  16. yousuf murtaza

    Love story or thug story ???😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Christina Ellis

    I love how t pains voice is still autotuned when he says she didn't even swear

  18. Dylan Aurian

    Nicki and Cardi need to pack their bags

  19. Aido Lovin Ingal

    T Swift and T-Pain 💕💕

  20. Andrea Castro

    queen invented rap

  21. Allie Dailey

    This is exactly why Taylor is the best singer out there

  22. Caligirl13

    Over a decade later and I’m still obsessed with this😩❤️ I’m so proud of how far she’s come🥺

  23. Caligirl13

    the OG tay rap <333

  24. Christopher Minutolo

    Reputation was her worst album.

  25. Fatii Zhiroo

    Wtf is this

  26. Travis Duncan

    Well she used to be kinda cute .
    Literally met so many white girls like this .
    Just know .
    It ain't cute
    But enjoy your 40's and your dice game

  27. STRIVE


  28. Callen Valkyra

    Taylor’s not a bad rapper

  29. Chiara Teutsch

    Let TS8 be rap album. Pls, god!

  30. Chiara Teutsch

    How is this even real?! I’m in love!

  31. GameDevil Bitch

    I C O N I C

  32. White Boy

    Upchurch is better

  33. Merve Aydoğan

    Wooooow sound beatiful Taylor❤

  34. im da artistic guru

    Yall support a female that mock the hood tho gees white supremacists doing something right for yall tweeps n clowns n taylor fans smh

    im da artistic guru

    No wonder she move from a country generic girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  35. Joory humdi

    Ladies and gentlemen, artist of the decade 😍💖🌌

  36. BornToBeFamed

    Still not a million views after all these years. Sad

  37. Mr. Gwapito

    Ready for it and End Game got nothing to this one 😹

  38. theREALkatrinaashlee

    At random times this song comes to mind

  39. Alexia Phantomhive

    🤣🤣🤣 babe’s kid voice is cute

  40. Tay FF

    Swifties here

  41. Sandra Young

    The bs Taylor going through with the people that bought her albums and won't let sing at the music awards,what kind of shiggidy is that

  42. R S

    This is so bad. No offense. Stick to what you know.

  43. SparkleGirl100

    Y’all claim to be Taylor fans but don’t know this masterpiece

  44. Johnrey Tidong

    wow! i never expect but #TaylorSwift are good on rapping

  45. Apolinar Howell

    I heard this back in the day and lyrics have resonated with me since. Deadass couldn’t forget the lyrics. I finally took it upon myself to come back.

  46. Kirby Lanip Alegria

    Cute teenage tay tay😍😘
    2019 still watching

  47. Poison Ivy

    I love(r) her super dry humor 😂

  48. OMGproductions

    My sister in law sent me this with no context and I am happy she did

  49. Cassey Jarence Gotangco

    Ugh! I missed listening to this song 😭 ugh ma swiftie heart ❤️

  50. Sam van Velzen


  51. yiota kyriakidou

    I love her so much but this is so funny

  52. Zonunmawia Pachuau

    who is in 2019?

  53. Trinity Nicole

    I had totally forgotten about this lol

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    never thought tay tay would rap like that 😮

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    2019? 🤣

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    Why did I come here?

  57. Caleb

    65% of her brain power is diverted to not saying the n word

  58. alls :p

    why tho

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    T-Sweezy a.k.a Miss Americana

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  62. Your Very Own Existential Crisis


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    taylor was the OG soundcloud rapper

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    What happened to the good old Taylor Swift I mean oh my God Hollywood totally destroyed her brain it's a shame oh damn might as well throw that in a rap song

  67. Andrea Castro

    this song called reputation shit in 100 different ways

  68. mawoonn

    anyone from Sept 2019?? :D

  69. Jennifer Rojo

    Lol I remember this!

  70. arianator_swties _blink_jenlisa

    Haters : Taylor can't rap
    Taylor : don't test me yo

    Poison Ivy

    arianator_swties _blink_jenlisa AHAHAHAH

  71. Mobile Brain

    man is this girl cute or what? in her extra-small white T...

  72. Fink Ployd

    No i cant handle it

  73. FradoShow

    T-Pain looks so uncomfortable XD

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    “I’m so gangsta, you can find me baking cookies at night” - ME EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT

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    Okay im back, because i cant get over the whole Lover album, so im binge watching Taylor Swift hahahahahah

  76. Tony Chen

    it is stupidly hypocritical and disgusting for any rapper to come out as a LIBERAL

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  78. M.R.A Ang

    2009 was an iconic year for Taylor from this to the vma incident #legendary 😂😭

  79. Well Hello There

    It's a Thug Story baby just say yes

  80. Well Hello There

    I'm still a thug yo

  81. taytoo RK

    This is cute but funny😂

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    Anyone in September?

    Only true swifties.

    M.R.A Ang

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    Gaurav Singh

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    You can call her T Swizzie now she's a world superstar.

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    This is why I love her.

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    Best part of the video @1:26 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You're welcome 🤙

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    I love Tay's outfit so much

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    Lol I completely forgot about this until I heard my it in a video also 2019 anyone?