Tank - When We Lyrics

When we
When we
When we

I like it when you lose it
I like it when you go there
I like the way you use it
I like that you don't play fair
Recipe for a disaster
When I'm just tryna take my time
Stroke is gettin' deep and faster
Screamin' like I'm outta line

Who came to make sweet love, not me
Who came to kiss and hug, not me
Who came to beat it up rocky
And don't use those hands to put up that gate and stop me

When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
I could be aggressive
I can be a savage
I just need your blessin'
Say that I can have it, yeah
When we fuck
When we fuck

You love it when I lose it
You love it when I go there
You love the way I use it
You love that I don't play fair
You end up callin' me master
Say this universe is mine
When we're done it's a disaster
End up like this every time

Who came to make sweet love, not me
Who came to kiss and hug, not me
Who came to beat it up rocky
And don't use those hands to put up that gate and stop me

When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
I could be aggressive
I can be a savage
I just need your blessin'
Say that I can have it, yeah
When we fuck
When we fuck

Face down ass up
Back back back it up
Lemme get both of them legs
And put 'em both behind your head
Shit is gettin deep deep up in there
Feel your legs gettin weak up in here
Get a face full of that gushy I'm close baby don't push me
This is how it always should be

When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
When we fuck
I could be aggressive
I can be a savage
I just need your blessin'
Say that I can have it, yeah
When we fuck
When we fuck

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  1. Incognita True

    Why is Tank so muthafuckin fine?!

  2. Qishtina

    Missing my DOM so so bad !!

  3. D4Dwayne

    I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've gone to Walmart and some bish blew some white powder in my face when i walked in!

  4. Sweet Tea

    Didn't he say something about stroke is deep and faster? I'm just asking?

  5. Debra Makena Chepsat

    i'm here cause of her house, my rules on wattpad
    its the shit, go read it!!!

  6. rex216785

    Tank says a "Face full of pu***", thats how it should be when we.

  7. Manny Chapp

    👶 Maker 2020 🇺🇸
    You all ready !

  8. Lashawn Barber Barber

    This is that panty dropping music

  9. Angel Voice Watkins Wala'te

    Sexiest shit I ever heard. #Aye100!100!

  10. Delecia85

    Valentines 2020 😜😋🍆🍑

  11. tshepo dikomang

    got pregnant wit my first born off this song...this song just danger

  12. Lance Williams

    This that new age love making music

  13. Iam Hemi

    Is this song Good or dangerous 😂

  14. Iam Hemi

    2020 babies still conceiving to this 🤫👌

  15. Rose Mendoza

    I like to dance this song before fucking just love it 😍 .

  16. Amanda Carr

    The end is my favorite....him and his wife has soooo much chemistry... makes me want to fu*K

  17. Shari Brown

    OMFG I will have Tank for all 3 meals a day for a month...this man is so sexy and chocolate I'll lick every inch of his body...and yes this song is 💥💥

  18. Abigail Taylor

    When I was 8 me and my god sister would hear the clean version on the radio and we would sing “ when we duck” I didn’t know what the actual lyrics were until I searched up the song

  19. Miss Madeline

    On Valentine’s Day around the corner

    Epicana Clay

    Miss Madeline 🙈🥵🙈👍🏿

  20. MrDemon3434

    Worldstar brought me here .

  21. Jakeel Illa

    This that what's a pull out. Dripping sweat down her back, cream tasting, sex seizure , why you f**king me like this, flash back music

  22. Lovely Joyce

    Anyone watching this today? 8/02/2020 hit like

  23. Brandon Page

    Dear Father Chaos please bless this song between u and me when u use these people to fuck me don't need lay dick and let them leave...Aman Amen

  24. Candy Val

    Feb 2020# Valentines mood activated

  25. Horace Gordon

    Feb 6.2020/10:11pm

  26. Horace Gordon


  27. Kaila Magee


  28. Dee Driver

    That throat grab in the end of the video is everything!!

  29. Kailyn Shanice

    That’s that freak shit

  30. Maria Monroe

    and he's a capricorn. ♑

  31. gimme larson

    Love dis 2020

  32. Rod Evans

    R&B classic......

  33. Exclusively ShaDee

    How did I miss this song! Well the timing is right... Feb 2020 Baby! ❤🥰😜

    Please check out my spoof
    Thank you.❤

  34. Nick Nickels

    Feb 2020 🥂🔥 A recipe for disaster.😏

  35. Madison Babieker

    Is Anyone Here In 2020?

  36. jim m

    Yes it should be on Fifty shades

  37. T O

    Ain't making love tonight, we fukkin

  38. Boss Boss

    Love Tank😍🤪+song

  39. Will Stewart

    I slept on this in 2017

  40. Bhudda Locs

    This is a sexy ass song 2020 !

  41. Jazziontae Bell

    Who saw him at battle at the bands at Mercedes Benz stadium 🏟

  42. Lina LinaLina

    2020 When we..

  43. Damascus Williams

    Love that I dont play fair....😈

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  45. Ashanti Lattimore

    This song will get you in trouble 😩

  46. 88trapordie

    Every 1 hella freaky in the comment section. Comments more fun the than the song 😂. Tank uniting all the freaks 🙋🏾‍♂️

  47. Gwen Wilson

    January 2020

  48. Gwen Wilson

    This song is sexy affffff

  49. danny fayte

    Whoooo hit the dislike button not me!

  50. Lady Elegance

    😂😂 she Mortal Kombated his shit at the end...getovahere 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Mya Love

    Having sex to this song will definitely get you pregnant 😂😂

  52. M B

    Just had a baby a week ago n I'm jamming to this rn

  53. Carlo Jones

    You gotta kiss every inch of her body when you f**k to this

  54. Stacey Tarpley

    Money bag yo

  55. Shaun Kwele

    😅😅😅 My Girlfriend Loves This Song And Its Choreography By Aliya Janell... She Copied Her Moves.😂😘

  56. Roseanne Ennaesor


  57. Sarina Flores

    Damn I should’ve been in this😈my splits, arch and back bends and all would’ve been good af for this

  58. Darkii Dunn

    I bet sum y’all was make to this song

  59. MrBlactye

    I want a full course meal not just an appetites.

  60. Karlos Gray

    Why did i find this song in '19?

  61. Wa M

    After all these years, he hasn't lost his touch.

  62. Madison Babieker

    Chase Young Saw Blythe Was Ice Skating And Gymnastics At The Ice Rink In The Music Video

  63. Monsta Land

    The whole comment section is horny 😂

  64. Lashawn Barber Barber

    This is that instant panty dropping music

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    Nice song

  66. Rosa Petals

    I got my first vibrator on this song 😄

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    TANK CAN WE 💪😎👍🎤🎼🎼📀📀📀📀

  68. Tyrome Coleman

    TANK HE LIKE IT WEAN GO FAR📀📀👈👈📀💪😎👍🎤🎼🎼🎼🎵🎵

  69. Tyrome Coleman

    TANK IS MY GUY 💪😎👍🎤🎼🎼🎼📀📀📀📀📀

  70. jacquel hubbard

    When we fuck! I'm can be aggressive I can be your savage just say i can have it!

  71. Greg Brown

    This easily could've been the African movie actor cast version of "Fifty Shades of Grey". They left billions of dollars on the table with this song. BILLIONS! I blame Tank, his record label, his manager and the songwriter. Big mistake which I am sure that they've all spoken about in hindsight.

  72. Camryn Walker

    O hey, Mr. Durrell Babbs, I remember hearing this during my 9th grade year and my 12th grade ex crush sung this and I was blushing and embarrassed but this song is really pleasurable. He's graduated and I'm now alone with no boyfriend because they like other chicks at my high school than me because I have time and don't wanna end up with teen motherhood

  73. Cassandra Richardson

    When we f*ck y'all, he's like a savage, omg!!!

  74. Viola Grace Rawles

    Still a hit in 2020 🔥


    I liked all of your songs 🤑😇

  76. Lewis Fortney

    You are my Masterpiece !!!

  77. Kay kay Walker


  78. Tre ._2X

    My virgin ears didnt catch on to what the lyrics was saying until just now 😂

  79. Sonya Washington

    Listening in 2020

  80. revenge of the real 10

    No condoms will be worn to this song

  81. Susan Posca

    Long live Tank,🙏 his music makes me very happy 😃

  82. chaos up

    Child support entered the chat

  83. Morgan Woodard

    Sis why are u in the tub if I was in the tub looking at like that or looking at my bf that way he would have snatch me out of the tub and break my back lmao 🤣💀💀💀

  84. Kingjames james

    Can we fuck in 2020 can we?

  85. Mr Marshall

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    cooney 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Saucy Nahe

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    song don't hit right ever since the dick sucking thing

  90. Fezeka Mkhize

    2020 I’m still here.
    Who’s with me?

  91. Terry Whitney

    Who's listening to this in January 2020???

  92. Meg L

    Think I shocked my x with this once a long time ago ,but he evidently liked my stripper moves . 😂😂😂lol

  93. Felecia Walker

    Just wondering was that his wife in the end

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