Tank - Better For You Lyrics

Imma get this right
If it's the last thing I do, ooh

All she ask for; occasional roses
That romance drug; given in doses
I could hear you, but I didn't listening
I was near you, now you've gone missing
How could I not promise you perfection?
I'm gonna have to answer to my reflection
I'm realising there's way to much on the line ooo

I could be better for you [x8]
I know I ain't close to the man you need me to be
I see
I could be better for you [x4]

She said, don't share what's mine, make me feel special
I wanna feel proud when I stand next to you
Too accessible they think they can grab you
Be respectable or those bitches can have you
How could I not promise you perfection?
I'm gon' have to answer to my reflection
I'm realising there's way to much on the line

I could be better for you [x8]
I know I ain't close to the man you need me to be
I see, oh I see
I could be better for you [x4]

What profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?
How you gone cheat your main girl but treat a hoe
This might be the illest, realist shit I ever wrote
Trust me, I'm taking over
Cause you deserve affection
You deserve a whole lot more protection
I'm realising there's way to much on the line ooo

I could be better for you [x8]
I know I ain't close to the man you need me to be
I see
I could be better for you [x4]

I can be better for you baby
I know you've heard it all before
I know I saw it all
Give me one more chance oooahh

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Tank Better For You Comments
  1. Roslyne _

    “What Profits A Man To Gain The World But Lose His Soul.” Y’all Get Right With God Please. Him And His Son Is The Way.🙏🏾❤️ Praying For All Of Our Souls.🙏🏾

  2. Dom_theZeta

    Who’s listening in 2020💍💑

  3. Clarise Wells

    The reality is when he comes with a song, he comes 💪!!! This man is vocally talented and gets his point across! At the end of the day he cannot be touched lyrically...

  4. Evin Myers

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  5. Biggie Smalls

    fuck y'all

  6. Bubu Z

    Made love to this song 😂😍😆, So intense, I love it 😍❤

  7. Shann M.

    Listening in 2019?❤️

  8. Timothy Givens

    Don't share what's mine, make me feel special wanna feel proud when I stand next to you, and the way the music builds up from the beginning wit just piano then a light string added, then the bass line. This man took two chords and made a hit, AWESOME!!!!

  9. KOD1AK

    That note at the end of the bridge I can never hit 😅🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. KingPrince

    Oh. My. GOD. I have been a Tank fan since 2000/18 years. I have this album I MUSTVE skipped over it. Why am I just now hearing this BLESSING 😫😍🙌🏽

  11. Mary Bertrand

    We need more Tank

  12. N O P E

    AMEN 🙏🏽

  13. Kimberly Leverette

    I loveee this song, just make me think of this song in the opposite way of myself as a woman in a spiritual way to God and for myself and towards my husband and it does make me think how my husband can be for God himself n towards me

  14. Shantel williams

    Tank has an undeniable craft! I absolutely love this song! Y'all please don't sleep on Tank he's the SHIT!

  15. Denisha Riley

    They don't make songs like this anymore

  16. Ma'at Dei

    Don't share my shit...or those bitches can have you



  18. Kiddro22

    ON MY SOUL JOE!!!!!!!

  19. Tre Prince

    1st off there should be no MAIN girl. If ur a one woman man, that one woman is your everything your 👑..... For any man who has a good woman forgets tht they don't deserve her a real NUBIAN 👑! RNS! 💍

  20. Peaches Henry

    Underrated. It Omg love it 😘😍

  21. Armoney Johnson

    only 20 and I feel this, thank god for Tank 🖤

  22. Cynthia Johnson

    Been there my goodness how I felt the same way as the woman in the video

  23. randomgirltv

    dam this is raw and honest how you cheat on your main but treat a ho that's some real shit this i why i love tank i been a fan since 2001 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Mr J

    Incredible and honest.

  25. Trevonthe Coolguy


  26. Kinggreen Carroll

    fuck that dirty cash

  27. Rislawn James

    in real life just letting us know dont play with emotions it will get u hurt

  28. zakina carter

    thought shit was mine made me feel special....👀👀👀

  29. Kavona Gary

    this song is power

  30. Kavona Gary

    this song is power

  31. SatSuiNoGoku

    Tank deserves much more credit

  32. Tanisha Rainey

    tank that is my boy I have every CD that he has came out with even this one. I am going to marry you one day.

  33. Tanisha Rainey

    tank that is my boy I have every CD that he has came out with even this one. I am going to marry you one day.

  34. ishine36

    this song is soooo hot like fire y'all heard this mans runs tho??? took me out of here!!

  35. Rosalyn Nicolee

    It's Too Many Sleep On Tank!!! This Song Right Here is Firee!!!!

    Vanessa Blakes

    MzRosalynNicolee i say the same thing all the time. he is slept on. smh


    I love Tank, idc idc <3

  37. Jonathan McBride

    Someone needs to make a instrumental for this

  38. Samuel Black

    those chords, those vocals, lyrics.... Tank you are the number one Rnb dude I listen to great job.

  39. Christopher Doty

    yah for other people this song is really cool for people like Christopher doty I'm listening to it right now on youtube

  40. Tawana Berkley

    Love This!!!!

  41. Foetus Kojak

    tank = R&b MONSTER

  42. Shaqualla Threadgill

    I love dis song.

  43. Earl Herndon

    this made me call my ex and apologize

    Tyrell Anderson

    Earl Herndon it ain’t that good of a song 😅😅😅😅

  44. nextangel

    the official video for this song goes hard... Tank is super underrated but i must say i love went a great artist like this is underrated bc all they continue to do is bring out the best in them everytime. Every Tank album has been better and better... As an artist and musician I can truly appreciate his consistency. Thanks Tank for keeping REAL MUSIC ALIVE!

  45. Tierra Tilley

    hell nah... he would ave been dangling off the damn balcany

  46. Homer Wilkerson

    sweet mother of god what an album

  47. Nessa Douglas

    This song is everything ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯

  48. Chyna A

    My boyfriend just played this song for me and it spoke to me thank you now I'm in my feelings

  49. Omari Dunbar

    Tank!!!!!!Lord knows we need more of you!!!! soon ad i get off on my way to pick up new album😊

  50. Thickumzkandypoo007

    I Had Watched His Live Listening Album  Party On FB Last night It Was Great !!!!!!!!

  51. John Johnson

    Aye when does the whole album come out??

    Stephanie McCoy

    It's out now

  52. Love Jones

    keep that shit coming... and thank you!!!! Real Black Man Musiq!!! I CAN BE BETTA 4 ya

  53. Tyreece Finch

    I love this song


    "Ima get this right...if it's the last thing I do..." #missionaccomplishedTank!

  55. Ashley Norris

    You keep coming Stronger with the Sex Love & Pain ..Love it.. Do it for us..

  56. Anthony Sharpe

    no one can riff like tank he is a true crooner


    It is sick!

  57. Megan Lawrence

    Love this song.I believe in my ex,that he can be better. And that's gonna happen..Love him more than anything. Just that part though, can't say this whole song relates to us.

  58. Katrina Renee

    this song is dope and deep at the same time!! can't wait for the whole cd to drop!

  59. Monica Atkins

    Beautiful 💯💯💯🎶🎶

  60. Vanessa Atkins

    Tank came hard with this jam!

  61. janese1234

    love this song

  62. Meredith Kensington

    So in love with these lyrics! Real R&B ♥♥♥♥♥ Tank★

  63. Jessica Tippins

    He only releases GREATNESS!!!!!

  64. keturah johnson

    Sex love and pain was the last great album he came out with in my opinion. So glad he came out with part 2. This song is dope. can't wait for the whole album

  65. Lindsay Wil

    Str8t fyre!!! Cant 22 jan baby!!

  66. james weeks

    wow that boi tank talk that shit so underrated!!!!!

  67. daric nd

    beautiful, masterpiece... So underrated... Keep going tank, I feel this in my inner core... You're the greatest vocalist!!

  68. Natacha Ballard

    This is pure fire. I love Tank.

  69. Ms. Chocolate

    The best 👍🏾

  70. Lashanda Sampson

    I love this! ¡! ❤❤❤❤

  71. shawnkeith2414

    I have new tyrese album black rose

  72. Kelton Toles

    Tank delivers raw, honest lyrics. That's what's missing in today's R&B. He and Tyrese are bringing R&B back to what it use to be. Only if people were listening...

    Kelton Toles

    and real music!!

  73. Ashanti Assent

    Yasss Tank bring that heat back!!!!

  74. Vee Owens


    Cherrell Bovain

    You can say that again.

    James Holland

    Cherrell Bovain z

  75. Duchess Indra

    I love this song!

  76. Mayowa Akintola

    Addicted to this song. It's unreal

  77. Phael Carmine

    Tank éo Melhor.

  78. Nyakz

    I am gonna spend my coins!

  79. Crystal Taylor

    Tank is by far one of the greatest R&B singers out. He touches deep to your soul. He speaks TRUTH!!! 💜💜💜 me some TANK

  80. Holli Nixon


  81. Stephanie M

    Super amazing sexy talented artist! Love this track! I will ALWAYS be a fan for life!


    Stephanie M same here sexy ass man amazing voice

  82. Trelerversha Daniels

    He gives me sooooo much life lords 😩😩😩

  83. Terry James


    Jessica Tippins

    I agree 100%


    +Terry James Same here!!!!!

  84. V'NiQue Poetess

    Them lyrics starting at 2:28 and that run at 2:38.."I'm realizing there's way too much on the line"...wow...that dude is crying out....

  85. Luis Cortez

    Tank never disappoints! Real R&B Hopefully after this album we can get TGT 2


    Right tgt 2 would fuck the music game up

  86. phael Carmine

    tank is the Best.

  87. kenyona wilson

    this man gives me life!!!!

  88. Antonio Johnson

    How you gone cheat yo main girl but TREAT a HOE ... Dam


    amazing. how most men treat good women and shell out money, time and d**k for a hoe when a good woman at home


    Elyse never could understand that most men these days

    Shalileha Alford

    Realest shit ever 🎧🎧

    Sebatu Yansane

    Antonio Johnson I felt that!

    TLC 93

    Antonio Johnson period

  89. Julian Newman

    Track and vocals are dope AF yo!!!!

  90. Babyblue1988 Blue

    love the new music, can't wait for TGT's return

  91. Kenya Wilson

    OMG!!!! THIS IS LIFE!!!! I can't wait for the new CD.

  92. MABIALA Chamy Dave

    Tank you're the best

  93. Kris J

    How soon we forget...glad Tank went back to his old ways on this track cause this is tuff! As a fan this is what I needed to hear.

  94. audiodopebeats

    Hope its amazing like the first one! Dope track! #REALRNB

  95. JustSimply Marie

    Cant wait.

  96. NairobiJC1

    Sounds good. Very well done. Can't wait for the whole album.

  97. Dawud Derron

    cant fucking wait!!!!! If its ANYTHING like the 1st one....sheesh! Bro hold us down in the r&b world!!!

  98. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Tank 😍😍😍 I CAN'T WAIT for this album to come out !