Tammin Sursok - Everything Can Change Lyrics

Do do do do do do
There's no easy way to figure out
Why everything we planned gets turned around
Nothing accidental, got it down to a "T"
So why do things never end the way you think there gonna be
If all is for sure is that no one knows that don't be too quick to decide
Cause everything can change when you least expect it
Can't stop what you can't control
Gotta learn how to just let go
Everything can change
No, you can't perfect it
Some things you can't explain
Do do do do do do do
There's no easy way to plan ahead
Can't wait to get there, but we end up here instead
Anything can happen due to what it does
Somethings turned out much better the way it is with us
If all is for sure is that no one knows that don't be too quick to decide
Cause everything can change when you least expect it
Can't stop what you can't control
Gotta learn how to just let go
Everything can (oh!) change
No you can't perfect it
Somethings you can't explain
Everything can change when you least expect it
Can't stop what you can't control
Gotta learn how to just let go
Everything (yeaah) can change
No, you can't profect it
Somethings you can't explain
Everything can change (everything can change)
Can't stop what you can't control
Gotta learn how to just let go
Everything can change, everything can change
Somethings you can't explain
Everything can change

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Tammin Sursok Everything Can Change Comments
  1. calic6 ridl3y

    its been like 10 years and i still know all the words to the songs

  2. Tine Deborah SEMO

    2019 who's here ?

  3. Dyteria Swinson

    10 yrs ago!!!

  4. Cheska C.

    2019 says hi! Wish they replay this movie please or put it online especially the album please put it on spotify I really like to listen to the whole album

  5. Mia Joy Ordeneza


  6. Alondra L

    10 years later I was literally in elementary school and now a college student. How time flies 😬

  7. shirito shiro

    HSM vibes

  8. Kim Hoang Vu

    ometimes it's hard to see
    What's been there all along
    Sometimes we're sure of everything
    Til we find out that we're all wrong
    Now we're standing here, face to face
    Nothing feels the same
    For the first time I realize something I didn't see before
    For the first time, looking in your eyes
    Suddenly there's so much more
    Something we both feel inside for the first time
    How did we ever end up here
    I don't know but it feels so right
    The last thing I ever expected is happening
    It's you and I
    There's something real I can't explain
    And nothing feels the same
    For the first time I realize something I didn't see before
    For the first time, looking in your eyes
    Suddenly there's so much more
    Something we both feel inside for the first time
    I can't find the words
    For how I feel about you
    Just want to be around you now
    I never imagined that someone could make me feel
    The way you do
    For the first time I realize something I didn't see before
    For the first time, looking in your eyes
    Suddenly there's so much more
    Something we both feel inside for the first time
    For the first time

  9. NBA Hustle 0768

    ❤️ nostalgia

  10. Taliana Santana

    I will always will love this song

  11. Kate Malinak


  12. Laura Cristina De La Espriella

    Idk why but they literally remind me of Troy and Gabriella

    Derek Thomas Lirio

    Nah. I'm an HSM fan, but Troy and Gabriella would never sing this song.

  13. Elianna Freed

    2019 anyone??

    Gaby Torres

    Me OMG! i still love thos song

  14. Brylea Cloud

    2009 vibessss

  15. Augustina Effah

    nico's so cute,they're both good together

  16. smilemore xo

    2019!!!!! God I remember this movie !! It was my favorite !!!

  17. Chantae Thomas

    Ok. Like.hunch alert..like I did not know Victoria Justice was even in that movie. Like I cool at the story like I seen it like a half time ago by at Least 2009. And apparently like the songs are obviously stecthy. Like " where's the rythemathic pop up punline in that segment by vibe wise feeling"? Like that song was obviously to 🌟 strucked. Like " what"?.😕

  18. James drifmeyer

    The girl in pink pretty

  19. Mehrin Firdousi

    I was like 8 when this movie came out and I used to watch it all the time omg

  20. Valerie Atencio

    I’m so glad this was recommended to me😍😍
    What a throwback

  21. Shaylee Krabbe


  22. lawn mower expert

    Wait wtf there are no lyrics on the screen lmao

  23. Summer Wcisel

    I did have a crush on nikko on spectacular when it came out still do nolan gerard funk hes yummy

  24. codie morrison-gray

    I was 7 and now I'm 21

  25. Kemberleigh Purvis

    Everytime they looked at each other I kept saying awwww.

    Augustina Effah

    Kemberleigh Purvis yah,me toi

  26. Piratearicat

    I always thought it was so extra they were showing the song in the screens throughout the bowling alley

    Whiskey Marie

    Ikr, imagine how annoying that would be to everyone else in the bowling ally when people who can't sing got up to sing😂

  27. Miriam Rosas

    OMG I knew that I have saw Jenna in some Nickelodeon movie

  28. Underscore_Steph ಠ_ಠ

    Can y'all fuck off with Jenna from PLL and start talking about Sienna (Jackson's gf) from Hannah Montana??😂😂

    (btw I'm not actually upset, just a lil joke lol)

  29. Elizabeth Murphy

    Still know it lol

  30. hadizzy

    Wow so cool

  31. momo the Avatar

    i was obsessed with this movie omggg now i'm 15 lol

  32. Brian The Fanboy

    This reminds me of the Start of Something New from High School Musical.

    Augustina Effah

    Brian The Fanboy yh

    akatsuki no yona

    Pretty much sums it up yea

  33. avarie

    is this like... a bootleg high school musical

  34. Hannah T

    I was 7 when this movie came out

  35. Pam Salinas

    "I'll change it" 😂

  36. Gaylemarie Easton

    back when nick actually had a good movie.

    Augustina Effah

    Gaylemarie Easton oh,are u saying their movies aren't good anymore?


    Augustina Effah yes

  37. Raura Lynch

    this was the perfect moment for them to kiss I ship them so much ♡♡♡♡

  38. Johanna Monzon

    m encanta!<3

  39. Elisabeth Aziz

    my favorite songgg😍😍

  40. Jonathan Guzman

    When I first saw this scene, I thought it was trying to be like high school musical.

  41. Underscore_Steph ಠ_ಠ

    I was just a little 5th grader when this movie came out. Now I'm freshman in college and to this day this is one of my favorite movies ever :') ❤❤

  42. Jenny Doe

    I watched this movie when I was 10, I fell in love with Nico, I'm 18 now and I still think he's daddy

  43. Malia Tate Hill

    Anyone remember having a crush on Nico?

    Augustina Effah

    Malia Tate Hill meeeee❤❤❤😘😍

    Augustina Effah

    Malia Tate Hill Aww,this song always makes me 😭 cry,so romantic (I ship them)

    Augustina Effah

    shania smith really?

    Derek Thomas Lirio

    @Giselle Contreras L. You wanna meet him? I can arrange it for you. I talk to alot of people in show business. I'm actually planning a trip to California soon, wanted to meet Victoria Justice and Hailee Steinfeld. I can try to set up a meeting with him if you want. Let me know.

    Derek Thomas Lirio

    @Courtney If you want to meet him, in person or maybe just talk to him through video on your computer or something, let mne know.

  44. Emily H

    Omg another one. Haha jace jealous

  45. DJ H

    its 2016 and i still now the words OMFG WHAT

  46. Jéssica Dacquarica

    HSM rip of

    Jéssica Dacquarica

    One punch Man well nobody asked for ur opinion about my opinion.

    Star B

    I think camp rock was the hsm rip off. ( even though I love cr )

  47. LJV

    the love song

  48. anyela camacho

    me gusto mucho esa canción

  49. Jade Chloe

    anyone else rewatching this in 2016

    C. M.

    Good times ❤

  50. Senorita Lastnamé

    This reminds me of High School Musical😭

    jessica ArmyBlink

    Senorita Lastnamé 😭😭😭

    Chasity Holmes

    Senorita Lastnamé it was a good movie but they tried to top high School musical and they can't because hsm is an classic

    Dre McGee-Mallet

    Senorita Lastnamé this is far better

  51. raikougal

    "C'mon, I got something to show you." Nico you dawg you ;)

  52. Mikkey Dailly

    when you realise that Courtney is Jenna from pll😱😱❤️

  53. Eric Davis

    this is the difference between fake and real love, yes its a movie but still

  54. Mystical Gamer

    This moment in this movie made me believe in love

  55. Madelyn Rose

    This movie is likes. Copy of high school musical

    Sarah W.

    actually this movie is about a show choir, and they don't burst out into song every five seconds, they only sing when necessary. It is not a copy of high school Musical, it's better than high school Musical in my opinion. Also the plot of high school Musical is breaking out into song every time something happens and suddenly everyone knows the moves. In this there is rehearsals and that's how everyone knows the moves. This movie makes sense, high school Musical doesn't.

  56. brookelyn lord

    does anybody know that he is Colin from awkward

    Twilight fan

    +brookelyn lord Me

    Hannah T

    brookelyn lord he's also Hunter Clarington in Glee

    Kemberleigh Purvis

    When I saw him on Awkward I was like "Yes! It's that one guy from Spectacular!" He ended up being a jerk but I still love him.

  57. TheMSsunshine94

    I looooove this song soooo much!!!! ♥♥♥

  58. Chiara Poppa

    Non ho mai visto questo film ma questa canzone mi piace molto

  59. Erica Muñoz

    I feel old 😂 I was in middle school when this movie came out and now I'm in college

    Ramses Loera

    I was in elementary when this came out, now I'm in college 😊

    I’m Amelia

    Same 😭

    Kemberleigh Purvis

    Same. I just started college last week and I was in 6th grade when this movie cane out. Still an underrated movie and I really enjoyed the storyline. And I still think that Nolan Funk is cute

    andre odell

    Right 😂😂

    Marek Plays

    i was 6 when it came out, how do you think i feel.

  60. Neha Deë

    Omg! I'd seen spectacular ages ago and only just realized Tammin was in it!

  61. jazmín m

    I watched this when I was like 5. I remember having the biggest crush on the boy. Ah memories.

  62. Janneth Corpus

    I love it song

  63. SugaisSweet •

    This movie was my childhood 😭

  64. Brianna and Jonathan Bella

    Nickelodeon movies used to be good now there shitty and boring

    Twilight fan

    +Fashion Bella Yasss finaly someone understands

    Derek Thomas Lirio

    The problem is that now, everything has to be run through a million filters, so they don't offend the super sensitive idiots that lead other idiots. They've even made a movie about a black Cinderella. That's not racially sensitive, that should insult every black person. I'm Hispanic, and I don't want everything adapted to Hispanics. That's condescending and infantile.

    Derek Thomas Lirio

    I know a few cartoonists, and I'm in marketing. I should make a cartoon, for the whole world, in every language, that plays out every racist stereotype. LOL. It will be funny to intelligent people, but no doubt, there will be many protests, demonstrations, possibly petition signings, and who knows, they may even organize a nationwide sensitivity conference. LOL.

    Chasity Holmes

    Fashion Bella I never really watched Nickelodeon movies they are better with TV shows I have to give to Disney with the movies

    Vanessa Lage

    Derek Thomas Lirio are you talking about Rags? If so, that was about a white male Cinderella lol

  65. Marisol

    I'm gonna watch theovie right now. I'm getting a lot of feels from wje I was like 13


    @Marisol Where did you watch it pls :'(

  66. Laura The Nine

    Awkward with Pretty Liars, i¡m trying to asume it  lol

  67. Ali Saleem

    Felicity's boyfriend was doing some weird shit before he got into hacking...

    Nico’s nummer 1 fan


    Nico’s nummer 1 fan

    roland garrelds yeah

    Len Son

    Hahahahaha ikr

    Emily Boker

    God damn it Barry. Stop messing with time

  68. Xhoana Mali

    This is a good song

  69. Ajudzia !!!!!

    Which came first this movie or High School Musical?

    SelenaGomez Fan


    Stan Z-Girls

    @Ahulani Lewis high school musical, but i never got into it, it was too cheesy for me, i liked spectacular better :p

  70. Peanut


  71. Arinka375

    Please, tell me, is it a real old song or it's just an original song from Spectacular??? 


    I love your profile photo and I THINK it's an original.


    @AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique , thank you!)))


    Your welcome!

  72. Jenny Moss

    Omg it's Hunter Clarington

  73. Lisa Agudo

    beautiful song

  74. Isabel Dejesus

    Pretty little liars should do a musical episode. Seriously. All the girls can sing on the show

    Annastasia Herpel

    Ikr they all can so they should do that

    Erykah Courtney

    +Isabel Dejesus actually practically everyone in the cast can sing

    Shallow shadow Fire

    Tbh the entire cast can sing

    Vids By Berry

    Isabel Dejesus ikr and Ian’s singing is hilarious

  75. LadyLion121

    Jenna!! Their voices are amazing. I want a musical episode for pll cuz almost everyone sings there :P But I don't think pll is a musical type, but you never know what the writers can come up with :)

    Allison Frasheski

    right? They should do like a behind the scenes extra where the girls all sing. and keegan and tyler sing too. god that'd be awesome. 


    LOL exactly! I can't get enough of pll lol XD :P


    @LadyLion121 loved Lucy Hale in A Cinderella Story! :)

  76. niko martinez

    esta muy bonita esta cancion por eso la amo

  77. Tina Goedert

    Egal welches Movie, alle sind total klasse und möchten so viele schöne Eigenschaften des Menschen vermitteln (Liebe, Vertrauen, Mut etc.) Spectacular is total super.
    Danke fürs reinstellen

  78. Jenny Zinger

    Ich liebe spectacular :)

  79. Nicole Blake

    U have to sing whatever comes up oh wait no u don't
    Make up ur mind

  80. Mackenzie Cain

    I love this movie and song so much

  81. LittleRed

    I love this movie and this song.

  82. SterolineLight

    Ok, I can't breathe! Where can I watch this movie??? Help meeee! :) <3

  83. Whitney Louis

    For the first I feel in love

  84. das92

    sometimes on TeenNick

  85. Lana Lee

    yes we do get it

  86. Miriam Larson

    Bitch can sing! (Get it? :p)

  87. LeslieMR

    Spectacular is a movie, Glee is a TV show its supposed to be around for a longer time

  88. LeslieMR

    Spectacular! came before Glee

  89. yasmyne Anderson

    they like each other...finally

  90. Shaima 'a

    omg nolan in that hair hahahahaha

  91. team1DandMB

    nolan u bad boy. u just love jennas dont u first it was jenna from preetty little liars now jena from akward u jenna stealer u lol

  92. Briana Honack

    I love this song but I love glee a lot

  93. Briana Honack

    I would sing it with my crush Joey

    Augustina Effah

    Briana Honack aww

  94. Makayla Shevlin

    Lol yeah. (Points down)

  95. Bevyn WhatsItToYah

    Kind of like a nick version of high school musical...

  96. Cassandra Thonus

    i can sing this one to kinda good and bad to but one has listen to me sing before so i dont really know if i am good or bad!!!!!!!

  97. starfire9467

    i love this song and nico i got a huge crush on him

  98. nagisa1223

    roy was mouthin the lyrics a little